I had a dream that my cousin was sick. But it made no sense because I was still in high school and she was born 6 years after I graduated.

The bus was a half hour late which was not of my doing. After I thought about it that bus was late the last time. When I was going to pay my fees. This is the 2nd time I was late to the first day of a Poli Sci class. I saw that No Duh is playing locally. They are a No Doubt cover/tribute band. I heard they are really good. I want to see if I can get tickets if they don’t cost too much. As I’m on the bus I’m just hoping for a forgiving professor. I had one that almost dropped me for being a couple minutes late. I was actually on campus that time. It just took me a while to finish up what I was doing in the toilet. Was that too TMI? Oops. *blushes* Because the bus was so late it was very crowded.

When I get there it’s 10AM. I didn’t get chastised for being 15 minutes late. Plus it was hard to find the room. He’s much younger than my last Poli Sci teacher. He doesn’t seem as out of touch as the last one. She was very out of it. She could never tell us anything about our grades ever. XD @o@ XoX When he was going over the syllabus the people were writing it down. Rookies. Heh. He said we have to keep up with current events. I didn’t pick up a strong bias from him for any politicians in particular. Unless it was during the 15 minutes of class I missed. I was ready for the ice breaker. Some teachers like to get really wacky with these. I know a lot of socially anxious people don’t like these, but if they prepared for it just a little it could take a little of the pressure off. So his was hobby and/or favorite food. Ok so I wasn’t going to name my secret hobby (that would be crazy). The good thing about having a last name towards the end of the alphabet is that you can think about what you are going to say. Food is ok. I ♥ ribs! UoU ^-^ Somebody mentioned they liked writing and he said you would like writing class essays. So I thought “Ok I won’t mention writing.” Somebody mentioned adult coloring books. Some guy thought they were erotic pictures or something. I bet those probably do exist. The teacher said he’d have his adult coloring book (not erotic) some wine and politics on the tv. I’d rather have some rum the tv is on game shows or anime and I got my diary scrawling in it about random thoughts or drawing something. ;P For the ice breaker I mentioned the ribs. He said you can bring your computer to take notes, but he will notice if you are goofing off. He says nobody is smiling when they take Poli Sci notes. I do. Only because I’m usually doodling on the paper or writing down some random thought I think would make a good blog or something. Paper. Old School! He said he’s a Dodgers fan and likes baseball.

Right before class I was eating candy. My last bag of Haribo juicy bears. 😦 I need to figure out where to buy more of those not online. I was writing about random things before class and I wrote this down. “Time to get extroverted!” I knew I was going to have a lot of good blog material. Too bad it isn’t a “Method One” (methadone) acting class. Does anybody need me to act out a fire sale commercial? I thought the people in there were going to be a lot more boisterous and showing off their chops like using accents and doing voices and stuff. I had been practicing my accents in the car and annoying my mom. Mostly the Wisconsin one. I also thought their outfits would have been quirkier. I didn’t wear a complicated hairstyle because I thought we might have had to do an acting exercise where somebody might touch my hair. I don’t like people touching my hair in general. I noticed that the boisterous people in there are like really hyper. They are like kids who always speak their mind. Do people really like that? :/ Boisterous or not I need to be a lot less guarded in general. She said we have to perform a monologue of our own choosing. I have a few ideas. Absolutely no Shakespeare! It brings back bad memories of high school English Honors class. XoX Some of the exercises seem like the same things I do for writing, but instead of acting it out I write it. Somebody was saying about how they took a major because their family wanted them to, but they really want to act. I totally understand there are many secret things I pine for that I know my relatives would not understand. Ok mostly my father, but others too. If they knew about all the stuff I’m into that I don’t admit too they’d be surprised. Plus all the wacky stuff I actually admit to. I don’t have an ego about my acting skills. You can read about some of my early acting exploits here, here and here.

I think my mom thinks I’ve gone off my rocker. If I don’t like acting much I’ll just leave it at that and move on. I still have other classes I need to take for my major. After I take Statistics and if I pass Poli Sci. Then all I will have is electives related to my major.

I think I hurt my feet in these new shoes 😦

My dad just found out his daughter is taking an acting class. The horror!