I wore a scrunchie to school. It holds my hair tighter than the hair elastic I regularly use. I also wore some mascara. Only like 2-4 coats and I’m good.

I was listening to that Greg Lee interview podcast again. I put it in my MP3 player because it’s over an hour and it gives me something different to listen to while I ride the bus or something. So I can listen to it throughout the day at school.

I took an earlier bus to school and it was better than riding that late one. Which is really late for some reason.

In Poli Sci this guy strolls into class 15 minutes late with nothing but a phone and a pencil. He sits in front of me, and the first thing he does is ask for a sheet of paper. It reminded me of when I was in 7th grade math class I had one of those binders with the clear front pocket. It had some Sailor Moon stickers in it and a picture of No Doubt in it. I used to love to stare at the picture of No Doubt. So I kept the binder on the desk while I took notes. It made math a little less boring. There was this guy who was always mooching off paper from everybody, but especially me because I had the binder looking at the picture of No Doubt. They would like to brag about how little school supplies they could bring it was like a contest or something.One day I just got so fed up with that guy I yelled “I’m not a tree!”. It took a few months to live that down. I forget what happened to that guy. Funny since I left high school I don’t even use binders for college anymore unless they tell me to. Having a binder was a school rule at my junior high and high school. They would have their little assembly at the beginning of the year about school rules like no hats or fireworks, and that you must have a hard binder that was at least 1 inch in width. Back to the guy in my class. Then he asked for another sheet of paper. He was lucky I was feeling generous the 1st time. I like that he gives us time to read the book and stuff. My old Poli Sci teacher wanted us to read the book like 2 weeks before the class even started. He made us take a quiz to see how much the class as a whole knew about American politics. He asked who are the president and the vice president. I was thinking about Greg and Biden. XD He asked who the speaker of the House is. All I remembered was that he was Romney’s running mate and he looks like Matthew Morrison. I totally forgot the guy’s name. He asked if we knew who the former speaker was. The only reason I remembered that was because when he left he cut into The Price is Right episode I was watching. I even wrote about that. I have a weird mind association. Supposedly that is a gift. IDK works for me sometimes. He asked who one of the 2 Senators from California are. Somebody thought that Governor Brown was one of the Senators of California. And if you know a little about the Senate you would know there are 2 per state. He asked who the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is. I was so tempted to write “the dead guy”. I wrote Sotomayor she was the only other person I could think of besides the dead guy. He was talking about how the court is structured. A bunch of that stuff I remembered from watching the World episode “Swiping the Supremes”. He asked who ran against Obama in the 2012 election. He asked who the Secretary of State is. A bunch of people still thought it was Hillary. It’s Kerry now. He asked how many branches are there in the US government. Somebody yelled “2!”. I think I might have snickered at that. That is like high school stuff! I’ll admit I didn’t pay attention much to my social science classes in high school, but I know there are 3 branches of US government. I mean sure I’m taking Poli Sci again because I did poorly at it the 1st time. If I’m around these people I’ll do fine. As the semester progresses he’ll recognize my scribbles.

This guy comes to theater class with this large Styrofoam container of Chinese food. At first it smelled really good. But after it got cold it got smelly in an unappetizing way. For the warm up exercises I think I did ok; I was out of my head, but I think I can get out of my head even more. Oh well it’s only my 2nd class. I can still suck. @o@ XoX Strangely enough we didn’t have to act like a tree. We were talking about actor stereotypes. I thought about all the ones I learned from my dad. That’s all he ever talks about when he mentions actors and why he doesn’t like them. We talked about the history of theater. When she mentions method acting all I think about is Tobias from Arrested Development. I got a great idea for another Carmen fan fic though. I think the teacher knows that I know more about theater than I’m willing to reveal at the moment. Like I said before I read you know; like stuff…