I’ve been working hard on my monologue. Perhaps I need top just mull over it a little while more. Just to think about all the ideas I want to get out an all the inspiration from my former writings. It’s a reason you suck speech. Then I got another idea for a completely different monologue. Maybe I am I better writer than I think I am? Or perhaps I’m becoming too arrogant again? I feel like Anne in the Anne of Green Gables cartoon when she decides to write her own poem about Avonlea. Well I guess whatever I try to write myself I’ll run it by my teacher first. I’ve been so caught up in trying to write something “good”. I forgot today is Pokemon day! X0X @o@

Here is some reminiscing for you Pokemon style. My first exposure to Pokemon was when I was listening to KROQ on the radio it was an ad promoting Pokemon it said that the pikachu car was going to be somewhere I forget where though, and to watch the show at 7AM on September 7th on KCOP. I was very interested to see what this new show was. I saw it and I loved it! I was happy it came on early enough in the morning so I could watch the whole episode without being late to school. I had that problem with Sailor Moon and Samurai Pizza Cats that came on at 7:30AM.

What was my first item of Pokemon merchandise?

I think it might have been the pikachu treasure keeper. I saw a guy at my high school with it on a lanyard. My friend was talking to me or something and I was not really paying attention the guy had a pikachu on the end of it. I had to ask the guy where he got it. It looked like something expensive you would get at the mall or something. So I asked him where he got it, and he said KFC. A KFC toy? Needless to say I had to have it! Then I think I forgot about it. I got it as a Christmas present. I definitely remember the pikachu though because somebody had wrapped it (most likely my father) I still have that pikachu somewhere in a box in my closet with some of my other pikachu figures. I used to play with that particular pikachu so much I rubbed the black off his ears and nose. I had to repaint them with black nail polish. XD

Here is the insert that came with it.

Or was it these stickers? I remember being drawn to that sticker of the pikachu eating a yam. I loved these stickers! I used to put them in my binder. I remember I had to go to an anime store to find them. Remember anime stores? You don’t see those anymore. I got this Pokemon poster at that same store during the same trip.

I think I might have gotten all these items as Christmas presents.