Can you believe somebody pilfered my Pokemon blog entry? It was one of those blogs that pilfers other blog entries to promote their whatever. There was a stolen entry by somebody else who wrote about Oscars fashion.

My drunken neighbors were singing loudly at 3:30 AM. I hate the warm weather! Perhaps I should be drinking nightcaps? It gives me the opportunity to work on my monologue unwillingly. It’s as good of a time as any.

The Oscars don’t interest me. So I did my nails and try to read more Poli Sci. I like this new book it seems a little easier to digest. When I used to read my old book I would fall asleep reading it. Or perhaps because this part of class is review for me right now. I forget how far I got in the last class? I didn’t get to the different branches of government in that class. I think I got up to political parties? Or was it campaign strategies?

So we have to do this sort of show and tell thing for acting class which is fine. Actually I was supposed to do it if I had stuck with that other acting class last semester back then the first item that came to mind was emails from my pen pal. *blushes* The problem is now I thought of 3 different things I want to bring, and I can’t choose. I assigned each item a number. An item about my dead friend which I called #1, the emails from my pen pal was #2, and #3 was a secret hobby item. I used to help. It kept giving me #3 which is the number I assigned to my secret hobby item. So I guess I will talk about that. I think I’ll pre-prepare something to say it’s due on Wednesday unless she moves the due date. Then I thought if I write a paragraph about each item and whichever one seems like the best one to share with the class wins. With the paragraph idea item #2 is winning. If worse comes to worse. I’ll just bring all 3 items and choose at school. They are all pretty small and can fit in my backpack.