Today is the 4 year anniversary of the death of Monkee Davy Jones. I’m going to listen to some of my favorite Monkees songs.

I should make some sort of mention of the song “Buttons and Bows”. Ok, I’ll admit I recycle this joke every 4 years, but isn’t 4 years a long enough span? I think I have been since 2000? That means I saw that Fraiser episode 20 years ago! I feel so old writing that! I found my old entry from 2008 and posted it in myspace archives blog.

It’s Pochacco’s birthday today!

I listened to “Star Collector” before my Poli Sci class. Which is my favorite Monkees song.

I couldn’t stop admiring my fancy glitter nails. Ok so maybe I’m getting a little more loose with my self expression because of that acting class, but not too much though. In my old age I have been dressing a little more conservative, but not much. The glitter nails made me nostalgic. It was like how I used to wear them in junior high. Back when I communicated with dress.

In Poli Sci at least the teacher doesn’t assume that everybody in the class is like over 40 or something. I remember my old teacher wanted us to remember the Reagan administration. I was probably one of the oldest students in her class and I was born during his second term! He mentioned Friendster. Isn’t that a really old social media site? He also said he’s never seen a Star Wars movie. By the things he says I think he is somewhere between older Millennial or late gen-x. It’s still as boring as ever but he makes it a little less boring than my last teacher did. The only reason I really remembered it’s Super Tuesday is because it cuts into my tv shows.

I’m pretty sure I decided on my item. I’m picking item #2. Which was emails from my pen pal. It just had the most interesting story in my opinion. The other 2 items were good. But the emails were the best choice. I made the choice in the time between Poli Sci and my acting class.

When I asked my teacher about writing my own monologue she was glad. Impressed even. Really? Ok then… She doesn’t know that I’m a writer yet. Writing and acting sort of go hand in hand. I’ll let her approve it first anyway. It needs some work. I was secretly working on it during Poli Sci. She said that after a few weeks we will be talking to each other a lot before class. Not me. Usually. I like to keep to myself and listen to my music and write before class. It puts me in the right mind set. I was like that in speech class too. I think I didn’t become very talkative before class until like the last few weeks. Of course that class was 4 days a week though this class is only 2 days a week. That guy I find annoying is like a boisterous version of Abed from Community. Not, Cool. Cool. Cool. IDK I just don’t like him he’s really annoying. I wonder how old he is. Like 20 or something? I know what a Greek Chorus is that means I’ve been reading tv tropes too much. @o@ She made a reference to the Wizard of Oz and somebody shouted that out. Like are we supposed to like yell that out or something? I’m confused. :/ I got ignored again in class during a group activity. That’s what bothered me last time. *pouts* Sure I’m not boisterous or particularly extroverted, but I’m not invisible either. *pouts more*. We were telling this story about a balloon. I was planning on making a reference to the Eatliz video for “Hey”, but how many people had really seen that video? Is it a popular song?

So I made a reference to the song “99 Luftballons” I think the teacher was like the only one who got that joke. :/ Oh well! Whateves! I was planning to make a reference to the song “Buttons and Bows” in my acting class, but the right opportunity never came up. ūüė¶

First I thought that guy rubs me the wrong way because of this. But sometimes annoying is annoying there is no other way around it. I remember I was like that and I was so annoying back then. Those tendencies tend to come back here and there sometimes, but I really try to control them and my mom gets on my case about them. Personally I find the best solution to this is silence.

I got pretty much everything I need for it now. I printed out my hard copies of the emails and stuff and packed them in my backpack. It might be fun to do this or embarrassing or scary! XoX