Personality Journal (blog entry 7) — February 19, 2016

Personality Journal (blog entry 7)

I’m revisiting the personality journal. I haven’t posted an entry from it in a while. Some of the questions on this page were pretty strange and I didn’t feel like answering them.

How strict are my parents? They are still strict and I’m 32! I think it’s because I’m an only child, and because I live with them.

The longest I have been grounded for and what I did: I rode a bunch of buses into LA to meet Shirley Manson. Let’s just say I was not allowed to ride a lot of buses into the city to meet a rockstar for a long time.

My relationship with my siblings is : nonexistent (I don’t know why this question popped up again on a different page)

If I am an only child what do I like about it? Attention which can be good or bad.

I’m looking forward to the next entry it’s something a little different. After that entry I move onto school related topics.


My Top 10 Office Skits from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? — February 18, 2016

My Top 10 Office Skits from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

The office skits were my favorite part of the show. But after listening to that interview should I refer to them as GILOs? Greg in Lynne’s Office. It’s what Greg said they were called. When you knew that Greg was going into The Chief’s office for whatever reason (invited or uninvited) you almost expected something strangely absurd was going to happen. I guess that type of humor appealed to me as a child and then again as an adult. I even dissected the skits. I heard that when you dissect humor sometimes it loses its impact, but for some reason these skits did not. Or perhaps it’s the nostalgia speaking. I’m not sure.

Honestly I found this list hard to compile. It was hard to pick some of these there were a lot of good skits performed on the show over the years. So I thought I should make some loose criteria to narrow it down. Anything I liked and remembered from childhood immediately made the list. I disregarded the fact if the list leaned heavily towards one season or another. But I made sure to pick at least one skit from each season. As the seasons went on they became more and more and more absurd.

1. Slides (season 1) The Chief is out of her office and Greg comes in to see her gone. Then he starts to imitate her. He makes fun of her slide show and the Acme Triangle of Excellence. Until he gets caught by her.

2. Novelty Items- (season 2) The Chief has a bunch of novelty items that work for Greg, but not for her because she doesn’t believe.

3. Office Intruder- (season 4) Chief is scared because she thinks there is an intruder in her office. She asks for Greg’s help. They find out it’s really Sean in pajamas getting ready for bed. The addition of Sean’s teddy bear with the matching hairstyle makes the skit so much funnier.

4. Pretzel farm- (season 4) Greg plants a pretzel farm on The Chief’s desk. He even has a small tractor. I find this skit funny in hindsight since Greg went on to be a pretzel spokesman after hosting the show.

5. Soup Contest- (season 5) Chief and Greg are entering a soup making contest. Greg makes something called Industrial Gumbo. These were the kind of skits I really liked where Greg would do some mundane activity in a bizarre way. I mean who would make a soup out of squash, a harmonica, a grated sneaker sole, armpit sweat and pencil shavings? In my opinion that’s what made him very silly, likable and relateable on camera.

6. Trade Day- (season 3) It’s trade day at ACME Crimenet. Where you bring a special snack to trade with your friends. Greg’s snack is a watermelon and Vienna sausage sandwich with peanut butter and mayonnaise on white bread. He trades with Chief whose snack is Shiitake mushrooms with en croute with new potatoes. After that they trade desserts. Chief has petit fours and Greg’s dessert is not revealed.

7. The basement- (season 3) The Chief needs some files that Greg goes downstairs to the basement to find them. She says there is no basement. Chief realizes Greg is just crouching behind her desk until Greg really goes downstairs, and gives her the files. This is one of the 2 skits that I would reenact as a child by myself. I would go “downstairs” behind the couch. I would get in trouble for playing behind the couch. My family moved to a different house in the summer of 1994, and butted the couch up against a wall.

8. ACME Fortune Teller Foldy Thing- (season 3) Chief has an ACME Fortune Teller Foldy Thing. It scarily predicts what her and Greg are going to do. This is the other skit I reenacted I made one like Chief’s and wrote meats on it and everything. Nobody at school got the reference and just thought I was annoying. The one is pretty funny since it accurately predicts what they are going to do. Chocolate Waffles!

9. Greg’s 3 hands- (season 2) The Chief is having a headache so Greg finds three specific pressure points to make her headache disappear. He ends up having 3 hands. He tells Chief to keep the extra hand.

10. Breakfast Club (season 5) Jokes about the anti car theft device called The Club jokes were so common back then. Greg tells Chief that her breakfast is susceptible to theft and puts the Breakfast Club on it to demonstrate and ruins her breakfast in the process. Chief’s breakfast did look delicious before Greg ruined it.

Old Hair — February 17, 2016

Old Hair

I had a dream I was bald according to this website it means lack of self esteem and fear of getting older. That I have lost my strength like Samson. Well I would eat honey I found in a lion carcass.

I was trying out some new hairstyles for my first day back at school. I was trying to make odangos, but it looked like an old timey hairstyle like from the 1940s or 50s. But I could not replicate it on the other side of my head. Too bad too. It was really cool looking.

I finally found where I wrote about the song “When I Get Old” It was back in October in my paper writings. I was thinking about people fading away.

I was looking for something else and I found this. I don’t know I think it’s very funny! XD I guess I can stop drinking wine coolers and watching Dinosaur Train.


Forbidden Classes — February 16, 2016

Forbidden Classes

Actually I really wanted to take an improv class instead of a regular acting class.

One of my books arrived today. The Poli Sci one I think I got it for cheap because it will be obsolete once incumbent president takes office. Since it was about $10 that is like 1970s prices. I know my dad is gonna be mad once he finds out I’m taking Poli Sci again. Let’s not forget he still doesn’t know about the acting class.

The heat is driving me nuts! I want to cut my hair so badly.

I saw Lynne Thigpen in an episode of Dear John. In the first episode she is in (its a 2 parter) you only hear her voice You might want to watch that episode it she’s in it and the episode has doo wop music.


Wrestling and Discount Candy — February 15, 2016

Wrestling and Discount Candy

I wore my WWE Raw shirt. The cashier at the dollar store brought up it being on tonight. Which is kind of funny since I thought about that when I was putting it on. He said he saw the Royal Rumble when Stone Cold fought Vince. I wasn’t sure what year that was, but I knew it was when I wasn’t following wrestling. Especially since I know the Royal Rumble hasn’t been held locally since I was following wrestling.

The candy wasn’t really that discounted. But I bought some anyway.

My mom really likes the Rockapella song “Big Wet Rag”. I guess she had to find a song she liked. It’s not that she is gonna convert to be a Rockapella fan or anything.

My mom still thinks I’m crazy for trying out my new idea. I just need to be a little less embarrassed.  I think this is a result by conditioning to my father.

Gwen’s music video was ok it reminded me of other music videos hers and other peoples. Like “Let Forever Be” by The Chemical Brothers. It seemed like her other 2 videos “Spark the Fire” and “Baby Don’t Lie”. I thought it was funny when she fell skating. I know that is bad right? I’m a bad fan! *UoU*

For my dad not liking the Grammys he sure likes to watch it. It wasn’t a good idea for him to watch it because he got more ideas for 10 more music tributes. *shakes fist at the tv*


The Youngest Person at the Table — February 14, 2016

The Youngest Person at the Table

I was thinking about my cousin’s wedding which happened about 10 years ago. His wife wanted a big Valentines wedding. You know with red bridesmaid dresses and all that stuff.

My mom said I was acting like Stella from Winx Club while I was getting ready for the wedding. It took me a long time to style my hair. When I saw a lot of people wearing red I though I should have worn something red too.

After the wedding we went home and I watched the Arrested Development episodes I recorded.

At the reception I was stuck at a table with old people! I was the youngest person at the table, and my mom was the 2nd youngest! I would have been happier to be sent to the kids table or something. Was there a kids’ table? It reminded me of an old Teen People radio ad that used to air in wither the late 90s or early 2000s. It was about this girl who was at some family gathering and it was really boring because it was filled with old people. So the magazine saves the day or something like that. Too bad I can’t find that ad online. It was so funny! I would have wanted a Teen People magazine. I think my family of 3 people was the leftovers so we got stuck with the widows and old people. They crammed 10 people at a tiny table. (My family and 7 old people) To try and entertain myself I was thinking about cases from The People’s Court about wedding mishaps.

For the wedding toast they poured everybody champagne, and I mean everybody even kids! I thought that was kind of funny. XD I tried to eat something, but I was feeling sick so I didn’t eat much. I was bored and sick which made it doubly worse.

When we were leaving my mom and two of my cousins saw a bridesmaid fall holding beers going up a flight of stairs. She fell flat on her face still holding the beers. My cousins thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

It was just too stuffy! I hope that if I get married my wedding is not that stuffy and I would be kind enough to not sit younger people with old people.

When we got home I watched some of the 2006 Turin or Torino Winter games they could not agree on the name. I had a high fever. I slept it off and woke up at 11:30 PM.

Valentines 2016 —
It Starts with Self Love — February 13, 2016

It Starts with Self Love

Valentines Day is so sad and depressing. I see all these people complaining about how they don’t have anybody and their life sucks and all that. There is New Years Eve/Day where people lament about this too, but not as much as Valentines Day. Because they think if they get somebody it will make their life better. I think you should like yourself before you throw yourself into a relationship. Maybe I’m just crazy. I’m against to being in a relationship. It would be how the situation presented itself to me.

Here are some retro valentines for you to enjoy.

Especially since Valentines Day is coming up. Why not listen to Rockapella’s version of “Candyman”?

Or if you are feeling a bit more cynical. Why not listen to Garbage’s “I Hate Love”?


Sailor Moon shirt and scrunchies? What Decade is this? — February 12, 2016

Sailor Moon shirt and scrunchies? What Decade is this?

An acting book is almost $100 used!? Too bad I can’t use the same Poli Sci book I had from before. 😦 Luckily the new book only cost like $11 on amazon without shipping. I think I might have paid more for my Carmen Sandiego soundtrack CD. Now I gotta figure out what to do with that other book. :/ And I have to find a cheaper version of that acting book.

I was having computer problems in the morning, and I was freaking out. I went to the mall today.

I went to Claire’s I got $9 worth of scrunchies. I got some other hair accessories. It was just what I was looking for! Although I think I paid a little too much for them. I guess gone are the days of the $1 scrunchie. I haven’t worn a scrunchie in over 15 years. I remember I still had long hair. I remember I had 2 Pochacco ones. The first one I lost in my screen print class and the second one was a replacement one. After a while they started to look pretty grungy.

I gotta stop shopping at that Payless Shoe store at the mall the people who work there are really annoying. The lady who worked there was all “Look at my shoes!”. You reek of desperation and a bad sales woman. I’m not buying anything anymore from that location.

I bought a Sailor Moon shirt at Hot Topic. I’m totally wearing odangos with that shirt! ^-^ I think I’ll wear it my first day back. I need something quirky. *UoU* They also had some cute pikachu shirts, but they were either dirty or too small. I was joking with my mom that I should buy a new pikachu plush there.

I tried the mozzarella sticks at McDonalds. They are not as good as the ones that Burger King used to sell like 10 years ago. They were not worth the $1.41 I paid for them. I only got 3 of them for that price, and they were pretty small. They tasted good though. I think they would go good with Pizza Hut’s Wing Street garlic parm wings. I really miss those ones from Burger King.

A Sailor Moon shirt? Scrunchies? What decade is this? On the ride home I listened to Rockapella music.

The Comforting Lie In My Head — February 11, 2016

The Comforting Lie In My Head

My mom is mad because she doesn’t want to go and have to see me perform at the school because of the acting class. I can’t change it anyway. I’m just gonna roll with it and see where it takes me. Perhaps I should have tried to take French again? My mom has to just wait all this strange behavior and nonsense leads to something. She just doesn’t see it yet because it hasn’t come together. It relates to my secret hobby and a bunch of other things. I just want to build my self confidence. I built it up a little and now I want to build it up some more. I heard acting classes help build self confidence.

My social skills are not good it’s not where I want to be. My mom claims that people who are boisterous most other people find annoying. What? Really? I thought people liked those people those people are “the life of the party!”. I find those kind of people freak me out, and I thought that I was overreacting and freaking out about this.

I thought I need a really good ice breaker. Like some kind of performance skill. Like magic or something. At first I thought this idea was really really dumb until my mom said it was too, so I changed my mind. What does she know? I need to step out of my comfort zone because I’m there and miserable in it. Is it really that comforting if I’m miserable? :/

She was reminding me about this guy I was friends with in high school. We only met because of my knowledge of rotary phones. He claimed anything that was old was from “the 1970s” even like Art Deco stuff. He had really bad social anxiety. His idea of dancing was tapping his foot to the music and staring off into space. My mom thinks I picked it up from him. But I had it way before I met him and carried it with me into college. I never really talked to that guy after that anyway he moved to another state. He told me I used the band No Doubt as a crutch to meet people. There were hardly any No Doubt fans at my high school and most of the ones who were I already knew them.

I was thinking about when I first met the No Doubt fan community online around 2002 they thought I was a No Doubt noob or something. It was really hard! I had to learn a bunch of song title abbreviations. It depends on who you are and if you can hold your own and the fandom community of the thing in general. The problem I’ve had with many No Doubt fans I’ve met online and IRL they can be a bit snobby. Not all of them just some. It made me think about when I was a freshman in college and my dad was mad because I wanted to talk to the No Doubt fans I met online. So he had this “bright idea” for me to go seek out other No Doubt fans at the college. Like most of my dad’s ideas it failed horribly! I eventually clammed up.

Sometimes I feel like my mom is a big hypocrite herself. She doesn’t understand that I can’t talk to people. She only sees what she sees, and assumes that is how I am all the time. When I’m with her she’s like my wingman? Wingwoman? When I’m alone I’m creepy, quiet, in my head too much, and talk in a stilted manner. Well at least she isn’t as bad as my father. I still don’t know what his deal is.

Perhaps I should stop reading reddit and other social anxiety sites? Maybe I was right before I’m being suckered into getting my self some “social skills snake oil“.