Writer’s Nightmare — March 31, 2016

Writer’s Nightmare

I had a bad dream about mice eating my bed. That means that somebody is trying to bring down my resources.

Later I had a bad dream about an impostor Bob Barker. I kept telling my mom he was fake, but she was telling me I was overreacting. According to this website it means I’m trying to be an impostor myself. I think I might be watching too many game shows again.

I have to write a paper for Poli Sci and all I have is the title and one word. Word count: 4 words! It made me think about when I couldn’t write anything for my memoir class. It’s due on the 6th! XoX

After I thought about it I should have used the song “Follow Me to Heaven” because it reads more like a monologue.

Qubo is showing Stickin Around and Ned’s Newt. Too bad they moved Anne of Green Gables to the weekends.


Silent Serenity — March 30, 2016

Silent Serenity

I stayed up late to watch John Cena on Fallon. I love when he comes on the show. I just love to watch Cena! He’s so dreamy! ♥o♥

When I woke up in the morning I had the song “Holiday Groove” stuck in my head for some reason.

My Poli Sci teacher was late. I got my test back and I got a low “B”, but it’s still a “B”. I’m happy with it even if I was studying on the DL. Or trying to. I was so upset I got the question about federalism wrong! I listen to the song “Capital” a lot. Then the teacher said to cancel your Wrestlemania plans to work on your paper. Which I’ll admit still have not really started. I was like the only person in class who laughed at that joke. I thought he was going to mention a match or something. I was thinking about wearing one of my Cena shirts today too, but I didn’t. 😦 I also remembered that my cousin’s 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and in 2 years his daughter will be 10! I was upset because I forgot the mango flavored gum I bought to chew during the lecture. I hate mango and mango flavored things! I heard that chewing a weird flavor or flavor you don’t like helps you remember better. I tried a similar hack when I was studying for Psych class while listening to Rockapella music. Which I feel kinda helped. I also tried the taking notes in blue pen thing. He was telling this story about working at a supermarket before the strike happened. Which was in like 2003 I think. It was when I went on vacation to Vegas and I was taking that film class. So he has to be about my age by revealing that info. He said he doesn’t like the show The Walking Dead. I think I’ve never even seen an episode of that show. During class I had a craving for bacon.

I think I have to rewrite my monologue again. I’m still not satisfied with it. 😡 I revealed I know French. So another layer of the onion is unpeeled. I said what somebody else said in English, but I think the teacher didn’t notice. That annoying guy didn’t come to class. Couldn’t she tell? It was much quieter in there. She seemed kinda sad when she mentioned that while taking roll. Like in a thoughtful remorse way. It made me really think… He comes to class late most of the time so I figured he’d just stroll in anywhere from 15-50 minutes late. Since he wasn’t there I felt more free and relived. I need to catch up on my reading for both of my classes. This one guy in class reminds me of Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99 like they have the same voice or something. She asked us if we knew what a Schadenfreude is. I mentioned it was mentioned in an episode of The Simpsons, but I think she didn’t hear me. It made me think of this old blog I wrote. She said something about Capricorns and most of the Capricorns got offended. The strange thing was I laughed it off. I know a lot of people think Capricorns are moody and cold. There are so many pinterest pins on that. I was just thinking about my sign earlier in the day anyway. Plus that is the personality I’m trying to play up in here. I don’t feel comfortable, so I got real quiet. I’m going to guess she is not Capricorn. If I’d venture a guess I’d think Cancer or Pisces.


This girl was wearing this really cute  dress with daises on it. It was so 90s looking! @o@ XoX If I was a lot thinner and younger. Like 20 years younger. I would wear something like that. I like my cartoon shirts. They are like my thing since like forever!


I’m a lot like this.

I had vegan bacon it was ok but I could tell it was not meat. A lot of times when something is not meat they put other flavors to compensate for the lack of meat. It was good and smoky, but definitely not bacon. For some reason things that are not meat cost a lot more than actual dead animals.

I spoke more than one sentence today I spoke like four! ^-^


Personality Journal Blog Entry 12 — March 29, 2016

Personality Journal Blog Entry 12

This one was hard to fill out because form some of these I really can’t think of my favorite from the items prompted. Some of them I didn’t even bother with because I could not think of a good answer.

Way to relax: napping?

Season: Fall?

Food: I don’t know I have a lot. Maybe ribs?

Fruit: pluots

Vegetable: broccoli

Animal: pug dog

Ice cream flavor: Cookie Dough

Holiday: Halloween?

Athlete: John Cena? (is he more of an athlete or an entertainer? :/)

Slupree flavor: Woo-Hoo Vanilla Blue “Squishee” it’s was The Simpsons Movie promotional flavor.

Someday in the Rain — March 28, 2016

Someday in the Rain

I messed up my hair this morning. I tried to give it a lot of body, but it ended up being a frizzy mess instead. So I quickly hid it in a bun. The gloomy weather didn’t help.

It rained today, but it only seemed to rain when I was going to school. I really feel that a rain cloud follows me and my parents.

I had my Poli Sci midterm today. I was studying before class. I made sure I had all the right supplies. When I was taking the test I kept thinking about Astro Boy for some reason. The questions were pretty ambiguous, but not as ambiguous as the tests/quizzes my last Poli Sci teacher gave. I’m hoping for a “C” or better.

I finished early so I had time to just write for a half hour or so. And I wasn’t rushed before class. I had a lot of “introvert time”. After I thought about it that annoying guy seems like a mix of Shawn Spencer, Barry Goldberg and Pinkie Pie.  What if that guy and all those characters were in the same room together? I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see that!

When I get in there I see he is there early for a change with a big box of TCG cards. Some other guy was there holding a box of MLP cards with a picture of Trixie on the box. He was asking a group of people that I was sitting in if they were bronies. I pretended I didn’t hear what he said; that I was so engrossed in my Rockapella music, but I heard what he said. I think I’ve seen somebody else (a guy) with a Fluttershy shirt in class before. Good thing I didn’t wear my MLP hair clips today. I guess it’s more acceptable for women to like My Little Pony anyway. Plus I go all the way back from G1.

She walks in and sees this box of cards on a table, and yells at him to clean them up. I was pretty surprised she did. I seriously thought it was going to be a TCG class today. Really. Shows how much faith I have in her authority over that guy.

After I thought about it I think I’ll be “the quiet one”. It doesn’t deviate too much from my personality. I’ll be bland. Bland is good in this situation. I spoke 1 sentence before class and one after. I did not speak at all during class. It sort of reminded me of Japanese class where I did not want to show my true personality. What do they know? I’m a gumshoe who likes No Doubt/Gwen Stefani music, writing and the show Frasier. And that I’m “very old”. I used those words to describe myself. Whatever else they can pick up from what I wear and eat.

She used the word “adore” to describe him. *rolls eyes* I think he is really trying to win her over, but he already has what more does he need? :/

We have to see a play at the school and review it. I think she is directing it or something. After I thought about it maybe this class is not that different from my Mass Media class from 2004. It made me feel a little angry and duped. 😡


Strawberry Eggs — March 27, 2016

Strawberry Eggs

I remembered the school used to have this contest were students could write a play and the drama department would act it out. I’m not sure if they have this contest anymore. I heard about it around 6 years ago when I took that memoir writing class. If they still do I would love to submit something.

So it looks like Love Live is going to be subtitled. Why didn’t UTB show the commercials for that show like last week? It starts April first.

I was thinking about Easter commercials. I have already mentioned hotlines a few years ago. But then I was thinking about dye commercials. When I was a kid there was a commercial that they used to show for an egg dying kit called “Glitter Eggs” that I desperately wanted as a child. The strange thing is I cannot find this video online. All I find is tutorials on how to make glitter eggs and not the old ad. But here are a few Dudley ads to hold you over.

I really like that inflatable egg toy. I used to have one like that, but it was a generic one and not Dudley. I think it had a picture of a rabbit, a chick and, a deer on it. I think they were very “anime” looking.

I was watching World online again. A little while after I watched it I took a nap and had a strange dream about Chief and Sean. I was going to a strawberry farming class. I think it was just some mind clutter. I happened to be drinking a strawberry smoothie while I was watching the show.

I think I should have spent more of this weekend studying. I’m not going to lie some of this stuff is sort of review to me.


Miscellaneous Blog #1 — March 25, 2016

Miscellaneous Blog #1

I can’t believe I haven’t used this title for a blog since I moved to wordpress. I’m really shocked.

I kind of like living in a big metro area. It’s kind of nice being impersonal. Most people don’t know who you are and all your business. There is less gossip. You are not known as the something of the town. You know like Franny the baker or Dean the mechanic. Or even Sky who works at the Starbucks. It’s funny when the hobbyists brag about how they are the best in their town or region or even state. I guess they could be if they came from a state that is not very populated. I would not consider myself the best in the state since my state is the most populated in the country, and that would be a very big title to fulfill. Perhaps I could be someday, but that is not my ultimate goal or anything. If they are not from or have lived in an area like this it’s very hard for them to relate.

On Monday I would have been watching Amachan for a whole year! It’s still not over yet. I reached the halfway point in late December. I’m at episode 104 I only have about 50 more to go.

The Price is Right college rivals episode reminded me of College Mad House.

I made this lollipop out of an old pen decoration. It was very hard to cut the wire without wire cutters. I guess it could pass for a wand too. It’s really heavy and hard for the dolls to hold. After I looked at that picture it kind of looks like a wand. I bet I could try and pass it off as a Mythix wand or Heart Moon Rod doll prop.

I thought I should get a head start on my writing assignments for theater class. Although I’m having a hard time with them. The one thing I should really do is study for my Poli Sci test. Perhaps I should make a posting from the personality journal next and get to studying.


Happenstance — March 24, 2016


I forgot I took this funny picture in the bathroom yesterday.

It’s strange it seemed my good luck rolled into the next day even if it was for a short while. I don’t really consider myself lucky. I have a few lucky cousins on both sides of the family. I think bad luck goes after my immediate family; my parents and I. I know a lot of people say you make your own luck, but I really don’t believe that. Now if there would have only been that one thing I really wanted to happen it would have been the cherry on top! o^-^o

I was wondering if my theater teacher could manage to find this blog. I think she could use deductive reasoning to find it like match writing styles, instances that happened in class, and all the inane things I wrote about Greg Lee and Gwen Stefani. Or she could look up that opening line from what I wrote that ripped off my own blog. This is my little soap box. This is my little slice of the internet. I should not burn bridges; I think taking a knife to a rope bridge would be better.

I forgot to mention I got some new Converse low tops in peach on Tuesday! I only got them because they were on sale. I really don’t like light colored shoes usually. Now since I’m a size 9 ladies in shoes it’s a lot easier to find shoes…Usually. I found a Rainbow Dash blind bag pony at the store. I think the only 2 blind bag ponies of the mane 6 I don’t have now are Rarity and Twilight Sparkle(unicorn or alicorn). Although I do have ponies in the Rarity mold.

Speaking of cartoons with toy lines I had been watching those Super Hero Girls shorts I think the boarding school element makes it a lot like Winx Club. Most people like to compare it to Monster High and Ever After High. Although all those series are all the same concept. Harley’s design is ok I guess. I always liked her original design with the black and red hooded suit, black mask and white face paint. They turned her into more of a prankster or more like Pinkie Pie.

What is it with performers and bringin’ on the drama!? No really! This has nothing to do with my class though. This has to do with something else.

Think You’re Such a Bad Ass — March 23, 2016

Think You’re Such a Bad Ass

I decided to take this to a whole new level of apathetic bad ass (for me) Most of the time I’m a big studious nerd >o< I thought I’d take the approach I did with the deranged reporter teacher. Maybe I should wear really heavy eyeliner? I went back to listening to Garbage. Who knows I might even dye my hair red again with red dye #42. I’d wear that braided hairstyle I stole from Shirley I wrote about before, but my hair is too short! I can’t be too apathetic. I still need to really care about Poli Sci and enough about that other class to actually pass it.

In Poli Sci somebody brought donuts! Free donuts! “Mmmmm donuts!”*drools* (Homer Simpson style). I’m not adverse to that. It was a review day today, so there wasn’t much I was really thinking about besides how to approach my theater class and some crazy silly ideas for some fan art and fan fiction.

Perhaps all I needed was a new perspective. Look at theater class with fresh eyes. Fresh apathetic eyes. I wondered if other people can’t stand that annoying guy too, but are too afraid to say. I wonder how far she would let him go? Like could he set something in the classroom on fire? Or would that be too much? I’m not even going to take care of my voice anymore.

I don’t talk to the people before theater class. I never did not even on the first day. I usually listen to my music and eat. It’s what I refer to as my “introvert time”. Sometimes I like to write too. It depends how I feel.

So I’ve decided to go back to the old me; the quiet me. I said one sentence in class today. I thought it was a good sentence. I wanted to leave like George did in the Seinfeld episode The Burning when he would want to leave on a high note. I was so tempted to just leave the room. Wouldn’t it be funny if we had to act out diseases in class? Of course I will talk if I have to for an assignment. I feel defeated my confidence is crushed.

Everybody else they can talk and make all the noise. I’ll let the ramblers ramble in a Rambler.

I got a lot of material in there, really. I figure if I’m stuck in here I should try to make the best of it. It’s funny when the teacher said me and this other girl are budding playwrights or something like that and that were sitting next to each other. XoX I just sit towards the front because usually that annoying guy doesn’t sit in that area of the room. I’ve enjoyed writing for years. I bet we probably have different writing styles. Compared to what I wrote she wrote something completely different from what I wrote.

I was having really good luck today. ^-^

Buzzr showed a Eubanks episode of Card Sharks I think they have not shown a Eubanks episode since the channel began. His version was the one I watched as a kid.

A Bad Combination — March 22, 2016

A Bad Combination

I was thinking about combos. No, not the food! >o<

I was thinking about this particular combo in particular. That annoying guy + that teacher = bad class atmosphere. Why am I so angry about this? I was really thinking about it. What is really happening here? No control that’s what! I’m in professor annoying guy’s class instead.

Why did I sign up for this? Only because I’m too poor/cheap to afford to go to a hobbyist education program.  If I had $5000-$8000 to drop on such a thing including airfare both ways I totally would. I’d say “Shut up and take my money!”. I guess in this sense “the cheap come out expensive”. I need to trust my “N” better. The “N” I’m referring to is the i”n”tuition from the INFP personality.

I remembered my mom told me that if I took an acting class I could not complain about it. I feel like I got the Zonk door. Most likely it’s gonna be a long 2 months.


The Sleeper — March 21, 2016

The Sleeper

In Poli Sci I was so mentally not there. I was nonchalantly writing down notes. I was checking the time a lot.

You know when that annoying guy is coming because you can hear him. With his loud voice and non stop talking. He is usually late anyway. So in my theater class I brought up the new release of the Gwen Stefani’s album. I totally played the Gwen card there. I can totally talk circles around most people about Gwen Stefani, no joke. *puffs out chest* Then the teacher changed the topic to Adelle XP @o@ I know nothing about her!

Ok, so I don’t talk much in there, but I noticed something funny she was having people voluntary do scenes with each other in pairs, and when that annoying guy got up there like nobody wanted to perform with him. *snickers* Does that mean others share my sentiment?

I don’t speak my mind, but I do notice things that possibly others are not.

I picked “Indiana” which was so hard to recite because I really wanted to sing it. It was a good song because it pretty obscure. I read one of the monologues I wrote in class. Which for some reason she was really still impressed with. :/ They can peg me as their resident writer whateves I’m cool with that label.

He was taking over the class and snapchatting something or another. Honestly I refuse to participate in his antics. They are annoying and time wasting! >o< I can’t believe she scolded him. No, really she never tells that guy like anything. *rolls eyes* If it was really that guy’s class his name would have been on the class schedule.

He was reading stage directions! You aren’t supposed to read those! That is like a noob thing! Even I know that!

Perhaps I really should bring this up without looking like a pissy whiney bitch. But how?! Or should I take a Survivor approach to this? You know like not reveal too much about myself and be the sleeper. The sleepers are usually the ones who get really far in the game.