When I was working on one of my monologues I realized that one of the monologues I’m writing reads almost word for word from an old blog I posted back in 2009. I just hope that she doesn’t think I stole what I wrote from the blog because it’s my blog! Maybe I won’t use that one. I’m not so sure now. I guess I can have her read it. What I wrote might just be contrived drivel anyway. I decided to use it and if she does ask I will totally prove it’s my old blog. It’s my intellectual property anyway.

I got an idea for a 3rd monologue. The reason you suck speech one got a little long and is about 2 pages now. I really need to cut that one down if I find it usable.

I’m still really nervous about the presentation I have to give tomorrow. Maybe I’m just worried they won’t get my item or think it’s stupid or something.

I forgot it’s national pig day. I remember I celebrated that holiday back in 4th grade one year. Here is a picture of a random pig.