Happy birthday to my favorite ACME Agent. Greg Lee.

I wonder what he did to celebrate? Maybe he had cake for breakfast? XD I didn’t want this to read like an inane fan girl post, but don’t they pretty much all read like that? I know he’s humble about the role he had on the show saying he was not the star of it and stuff like that. But he is still my favorite! ^-^ ♥o♥

Can you guess which characters these bows are based off of?

I got some new craft supplies I got some Teflon coated scissors and my first box of Mr. Sketch markers that were on sale for a dollar.

Now I can make more duck tape hair bows. Or just bows I still haven’t taped them to anything to attach to my hair.

For that show and tell type assignment perhaps I should have brought my Tecna doll instead? Well if I have to do that assignment again or some other version of it I’ll bring that doll. There is a meaningful and somewhat sad story that goes along with it.