I didn’t realize that my Greg birthday post was my 200th post. Have I been blogging that much since July?

I have this unrelenting paranoia about being unlikable. I feel invisible in my acting class. Sometimes I like to be invisible, and I’m fine with it. I’m a lot like Fern from Arthur. When I was a little kid I was more like DW though. My mom thinks I don’t have the right personality for an acting class. I do; you just have to get me going a bit a little nudge or get me to wear a costume or something.

I’m still having problems writing my monologues. Since I realized the subject matter of 2 of them are very similar. Perhaps I’ll finish them over the weekend and have the teacher look over them. The first one I was writing (the reason you suck speech) was so long it’s almost 2 pages. I need to trim that down perhaps I should write an outline? I need to funnel my ideas. I hardly ever write outlines to organize my free writing. I’m still thinking about reciting the lyrics to “Indiana” or what about the song “Give”? I really like that song. If I use those songs I will not have to write anything. She told us whatever we choose for our monologue we have to live with for the rest of the semester. I’m cool with “Indiana” and even possibly something I wrote. There was a bunch of horrible performance related things I didn’t live down until I left high school, so this won’t be a big deal. I’m more mature now and I hopefully am leaving college soon by being done with it.

I went to the mall to buy a tv antenna. When security checked my receipt she commented that people don’t really buy “rabbit ears” anymore. Too bad there were no cute Sailor Moon shirts in my size. Perhaps I will have to order them from Hot Topic online? I saw the Easter Bunny was there at the mall. The photo packages are so expensive now. One of the packages costs $40.

I can’t pass up 99¢ pencils at the store that sells fancy stationary. Well they have to meet my pencil criteria to feel good in my hand and take 0.5 mm lead refills among other things.

I got a Happy Meal with a My Little Pony. They are pretty big for Happy Meal toys. Not like the tiny G3 ones they used to give out or that small G2 pony I have. The only G2 pony I have is a McDonald’s pony. The tail is color changing in the sun. Which is reminiscent of the G1 Sunshine Ponies and Sundazzle ponies. You’ve come a long way MLP.

I got a Miss Pommel pony.

The wallet thing I ordered came today it said it was going to take longer. I ate a lot of fruit snacks, cookies, crackers, and cereal to earn that thing. I’m going to put my bus pass in it. The tag on it says “Suggested retail $12.00”.