This entry has nothing to do with the website of the same name. I love that site BTW.

We had a pop quiz in Poli Sci, but he said he was going to throw it out if somebody answered a question from the quiz of his choosing correctly. Somebody else volunteered to do it, but I knew the answer about a senators term is 6 years. He used me as a life line. The guy high fived me really hard. >o< Right now a lot of this stuff is review to me. Then the teacher was complaining about people taking his photo in class. He told us he was not going to make us memorize dates about when different constitutional amendments were passed. My other Poli Sci teacher was like that. @o@ I like him he’s like an old man who complains about things. Maybe because I’m an old lady who complains about things.

I didn’t realize it was club rush week. Then when I was trying to get to the bathroom a bunch of club people were bothering me. I would not have really cared but I have to go through where they set up the club tents to get to my theater class and the nice bathroom near it. I decided that since my secret hobby is taking a break, and being worked on intermittently I have no desire to join a club this semester. I really need to pass Poli Sci and have the right mindset to.

In acting class we were doing exaggerated walking styles. I spoke a little bit when I was not really told to for assignment reasons. I feel a little more comfortable in there just a smidgen. How many weeks are we into this class now like 3? I didn’t wanna perform my scene because I thought it sucked. There were like no words. I was feeling lazy and just picked something at random. There were 2 other people who did similar scenes that were much better than mine. We are reading a play about a character who is turning 30. I know that feeling. She was explaining about it to the people who are younger than 30. I think the only other person who knows about that would be the teacher. I just giggle in there a lot. There are a lot of funny things said. Really. Or maybe there is a little nervous energy mixed in there too? I told the class in a previous session that I was 29 in 2013. I would assume they would think I’m 31 or 32. I haven’t said that my birthday was in January. I like being a little older than the people in the class sometimes. I got a little more life experience on them…sometimes. I had her read 2 of the monologues I wrote. Surprisingly she liked them. I was like What? Really? Ok! Thanks! I told her that I like to write, but I wondered if she sees me writing before class if she is going to think I’m writing about her. I wonder if writing really is my talent? She told me I have to find another monologue that was written by somebody else. Then I thought “I’m gonna miss my bus.”

I forgot about the exaggerated walk of Vince McMahon. A lot of wrestlers have exaggerated walks. I dropped my backpack in the bus and it got all dirty. It was closed though nothing fell out of it.

I had my mom listen to the part of that Greg Lee interview. I had her listen to the part about the kid that wants to go to Iowa. She thought that was funny. I also had her listen to the part when he talks about when the kid puts the criminal of the day in jail and how a lot of people tell him that was their favorite part of the show. She says she remembers that Popeye cartoon Greg describes in the interview. Well she is 5 years older than Greg. How’d she know the GILOs/office skits were my favorite part of the show. Did I tell her that? I guess a mother knows.

My mom wanted to know why I was acting so hyper today. It wasn’t the soda talking (I didn’t have any) I boosted my self esteem; you know just a smidgen. ^-^