In Poli Sci I was so mentally not there. I was nonchalantly writing down notes. I was checking the time a lot.

You know when that annoying guy is coming because you can hear him. With his loud voice and non stop talking. He is usually late anyway. So in my theater class I brought up the new release of the Gwen Stefani’s album. I totally played the Gwen card there. I can totally talk circles around most people about Gwen Stefani, no joke. *puffs out chest* Then the teacher changed the topic to Adelle XP @o@ I know nothing about her!

Ok, so I don’t talk much in there, but I noticed something funny she was having people voluntary do scenes with each other in pairs, and when that annoying guy got up there like nobody wanted to perform with him. *snickers* Does that mean others share my sentiment?

I don’t speak my mind, but I do notice things that possibly others are not.

I picked “Indiana” which was so hard to recite because I really wanted to sing it. It was a good song because it pretty obscure. I read one of the monologues I wrote in class. Which for some reason she was really still impressed with. :/ They can peg me as their resident writer whateves I’m cool with that label.

He was taking over the class and snapchatting something or another. Honestly I refuse to participate in his antics. They are annoying and time wasting! >o< I can’t believe she scolded him. No, really she never tells that guy like anything. *rolls eyes* If it was really that guy’s class his name would have been on the class schedule.

He was reading stage directions! You aren’t supposed to read those! That is like a noob thing! Even I know that!

Perhaps I really should bring this up without looking like a pissy whiney bitch. But how?! Or should I take a Survivor approach to this? You know like not reveal too much about myself and be the sleeper. The sleepers are usually the ones who get really far in the game.