I was thinking about combos. No, not the food! >o<

I was thinking about this particular combo in particular. That annoying guy + that teacher = bad class atmosphere. Why am I so angry about this? I was really thinking about it. What is really happening here? No control that’s what! I’m in professor annoying guy’s class instead.

Why did I sign up for this? Only because I’m too poor/cheap to afford to go to a hobbyist education program.  If I had $5000-$8000 to drop on such a thing including airfare both ways I totally would. I’d say “Shut up and take my money!”. I guess in this sense “the cheap come out expensive”. I need to trust my “N” better. The “N” I’m referring to is the i”n”tuition from the INFP personality.

I remembered my mom told me that if I took an acting class I could not complain about it. I feel like I got the Zonk door. Most likely it’s gonna be a long 2 months.