I decided to take this to a whole new level of apathetic bad ass (for me) Most of the time I’m a big studious nerd >o< I thought I’d take the approach I did with the deranged reporter teacher. Maybe I should wear really heavy eyeliner? I went back to listening to Garbage. Who knows I might even dye my hair red again with red dye #42. I’d wear that braided hairstyle I stole from Shirley I wrote about before, but my hair is too short! I can’t be too apathetic. I still need to really care about Poli Sci and enough about that other class to actually pass it.

In Poli Sci somebody brought donuts! Free donuts! “Mmmmm donuts!”*drools* (Homer Simpson style). I’m not adverse to that. It was a review day today, so there wasn’t much I was really thinking about besides how to approach my theater class and some crazy silly ideas for some fan art and fan fiction.

Perhaps all I needed was a new perspective. Look at theater class with fresh eyes. Fresh apathetic eyes. I wondered if other people can’t stand that annoying guy too, but are too afraid to say. I wonder how far she would let him go? Like could he set something in the classroom on fire? Or would that be too much? I’m not even going to take care of my voice anymore.

I don’t talk to the people before theater class. I never did not even on the first day. I usually listen to my music and eat. It’s what I refer to as my “introvert time”. Sometimes I like to write too. It depends how I feel.

So I’ve decided to go back to the old me; the quiet me. I said one sentence in class today. I thought it was a good sentence. I wanted to leave like George did in the Seinfeld episode The Burning when he would want to leave on a high note. I was so tempted to just leave the room. Wouldn’t it be funny if we had to act out diseases in class? Of course I will talk if I have to for an assignment. I feel defeated my confidence is crushed.

Everybody else they can talk and make all the noise. I’ll let the ramblers ramble in a Rambler.

I got a lot of material in there, really. I figure if I’m stuck in here I should try to make the best of it. It’s funny when the teacher said me and this other girl are budding playwrights or something like that and that were sitting next to each other. XoX I just sit towards the front because usually that annoying guy doesn’t sit in that area of the room. I’ve enjoyed writing for years. I bet we probably have different writing styles. Compared to what I wrote she wrote something completely different from what I wrote.

I was having really good luck today. ^-^

Buzzr showed a Eubanks episode of Card Sharks I think they have not shown a Eubanks episode since the channel began. His version was the one I watched as a kid.