I forgot I took this funny picture in the bathroom yesterday.

It’s strange it seemed my good luck rolled into the next day even if it was for a short while. I don’t really consider myself lucky. I have a few lucky cousins on both sides of the family. I think bad luck goes after my immediate family; my parents and I. I know a lot of people say you make your own luck, but I really don’t believe that. Now if there would have only been that one thing I really wanted to happen it would have been the cherry on top! o^-^o

I was wondering if my theater teacher could manage to find this blog. I think she could use deductive reasoning to find it like match writing styles, instances that happened in class, and all the inane things I wrote about Greg Lee and Gwen Stefani. Or she could look up that opening line from what I wrote that ripped off my own blog. This is my little soap box. This is my little slice of the internet. I should not burn bridges; I think taking a knife to a rope bridge would be better.

I forgot to mention I got some new Converse low tops in peach on Tuesday! I only got them because they were on sale. I really don’t like light colored shoes usually. Now since I’m a size 9 ladies in shoes it’s a lot easier to find shoes…Usually. I found a Rainbow Dash blind bag pony at the store. I think the only 2 blind bag ponies of the mane 6 I don’t have now are Rarity and Twilight Sparkle(unicorn or alicorn). Although I do have ponies in the Rarity mold.

Speaking of cartoons with toy lines I had been watching those Super Hero Girls shorts I think the boarding school element makes it a lot like Winx Club. Most people like to compare it to Monster High and Ever After High. Although all those series are all the same concept. Harley’s design is ok I guess. I always liked her original design with the black and red hooded suit, black mask and white face paint. They turned her into more of a prankster or more like Pinkie Pie.

What is it with performers and bringin’ on the drama!? No really! This has nothing to do with my class though. This has to do with something else.