I can’t believe I haven’t used this title for a blog since I moved to wordpress. I’m really shocked.

I kind of like living in a big metro area. It’s kind of nice being impersonal. Most people don’t know who you are and all your business. There is less gossip. You are not known as the something of the town. You know like Franny the baker or Dean the mechanic. Or even Sky who works at the Starbucks. It’s funny when the hobbyists brag about how they are the best in their town or region or even state. I guess they could be if they came from a state that is not very populated. I would not consider myself the best in the state since my state is the most populated in the country, and that would be a very big title to fulfill. Perhaps I could be someday, but that is not my ultimate goal or anything. If they are not from or have lived in an area like this it’s very hard for them to relate.

On Monday I would have been watching Amachan for a whole year! It’s still not over yet. I reached the halfway point in late December. I’m at episode 104 I only have about 50 more to go.

The Price is Right college rivals episode reminded me of College Mad House.

I made this lollipop out of an old pen decoration. It was very hard to cut the wire without wire cutters. I guess it could pass for a wand too. It’s really heavy and hard for the dolls to hold. After I looked at that picture it kind of looks like a wand. I bet I could try and pass it off as a Mythix wand or Heart Moon Rod doll prop.

I thought I should get a head start on my writing assignments for theater class. Although I’m having a hard time with them. The one thing I should really do is study for my Poli Sci test. Perhaps I should make a posting from the personality journal next and get to studying.