I remembered the school used to have this contest were students could write a play and the drama department would act it out. I’m not sure if they have this contest anymore. I heard about it around 6 years ago when I took that memoir writing class. If they still do I would love to submit something.

So it looks like Love Live is going to be subtitled. Why didn’t UTB show the commercials for that show like last week? It starts April first.

I was thinking about Easter commercials. I have already mentioned hotlines a few years ago. But then I was thinking about dye commercials. When I was a kid there was a commercial that they used to show for an egg dying kit called “Glitter Eggs” that I desperately wanted as a child. The strange thing is I cannot find this video online. All I find is tutorials on how to make glitter eggs and not the old ad. But here are a few Dudley ads to hold you over.

I really like that inflatable egg toy. I used to have one like that, but it was a generic one and not Dudley. I think it had a picture of a rabbit, a chick and, a deer on it. I think they were very “anime” looking.

I was watching World online again. A little while after I watched it I took a nap and had a strange dream about Chief and Sean. I was going to a strawberry farming class. I think it was just some mind clutter. I happened to be drinking a strawberry smoothie while I was watching the show.

I think I should have spent more of this weekend studying. I’m not going to lie some of this stuff is sort of review to me.