I messed up my hair this morning. I tried to give it a lot of body, but it ended up being a frizzy mess instead. So I quickly hid it in a bun. The gloomy weather didn’t help.

It rained today, but it only seemed to rain when I was going to school. I really feel that a rain cloud follows me and my parents.

I had my Poli Sci midterm today. I was studying before class. I made sure I had all the right supplies. When I was taking the test I kept thinking about Astro Boy for some reason. The questions were pretty ambiguous, but not as ambiguous as the tests/quizzes my last Poli Sci teacher gave. I’m hoping for a “C” or better.

I finished early so I had time to just write for a half hour or so. And I wasn’t rushed before class. I had a lot of “introvert time”. After I thought about it that annoying guy seems like a mix of Shawn Spencer, Barry Goldberg and Pinkie Pie.  What if that guy and all those characters were in the same room together? I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see that!

When I get in there I see he is there early for a change with a big box of TCG cards. Some other guy was there holding a box of MLP cards with a picture of Trixie on the box. He was asking a group of people that I was sitting in if they were bronies. I pretended I didn’t hear what he said; that I was so engrossed in my Rockapella music, but I heard what he said. I think I’ve seen somebody else (a guy) with a Fluttershy shirt in class before. Good thing I didn’t wear my MLP hair clips today. I guess it’s more acceptable for women to like My Little Pony anyway. Plus I go all the way back from G1.

She walks in and sees this box of cards on a table, and yells at him to clean them up. I was pretty surprised she did. I seriously thought it was going to be a TCG class today. Really. Shows how much faith I have in her authority over that guy.

After I thought about it I think I’ll be “the quiet one”. It doesn’t deviate too much from my personality. I’ll be bland. Bland is good in this situation. I spoke 1 sentence before class and one after. I did not speak at all during class. It sort of reminded me of Japanese class where I did not want to show my true personality. What do they know? I’m a gumshoe who likes No Doubt/Gwen Stefani music, writing and the show Frasier. And that I’m “very old”. I used those words to describe myself. Whatever else they can pick up from what I wear and eat.

She used the word “adore” to describe him. *rolls eyes* I think he is really trying to win her over, but he already has what more does he need? :/

We have to see a play at the school and review it. I think she is directing it or something. After I thought about it maybe this class is not that different from my Mass Media class from 2004. It made me feel a little angry and duped. 😡