I stayed up late to watch John Cena on Fallon. I love when he comes on the show. I just love to watch Cena! He’s so dreamy! ♥o♥

When I woke up in the morning I had the song “Holiday Groove” stuck in my head for some reason.

My Poli Sci teacher was late. I got my test back and I got a low “B”, but it’s still a “B”. I’m happy with it even if I was studying on the DL. Or trying to. I was so upset I got the question about federalism wrong! I listen to the song “Capital” a lot. Then the teacher said to cancel your Wrestlemania plans to work on your paper. Which I’ll admit still have not really started. I was like the only person in class who laughed at that joke. I thought he was going to mention a match or something. I was thinking about wearing one of my Cena shirts today too, but I didn’t. 😦 I also remembered that my cousin’s 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and in 2 years his daughter will be 10! I was upset because I forgot the mango flavored gum I bought to chew during the lecture. I hate mango and mango flavored things! I heard that chewing a weird flavor or flavor you don’t like helps you remember better. I tried a similar hack when I was studying for Psych class while listening to Rockapella music. Which I feel kinda helped. I also tried the taking notes in blue pen thing. He was telling this story about working at a supermarket before the strike happened. Which was in like 2003 I think. It was when I went on vacation to Vegas and I was taking that film class. So he has to be about my age by revealing that info. He said he doesn’t like the show The Walking Dead. I think I’ve never even seen an episode of that show. During class I had a craving for bacon.

I think I have to rewrite my monologue again. I’m still not satisfied with it. 😡 I revealed I know French. So another layer of the onion is unpeeled. I said what somebody else said in English, but I think the teacher didn’t notice. That annoying guy didn’t come to class. Couldn’t she tell? It was much quieter in there. She seemed kinda sad when she mentioned that while taking roll. Like in a thoughtful remorse way. It made me really think… He comes to class late most of the time so I figured he’d just stroll in anywhere from 15-50 minutes late. Since he wasn’t there I felt more free and relived. I need to catch up on my reading for both of my classes. This one guy in class reminds me of Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99 like they have the same voice or something. She asked us if we knew what a Schadenfreude is. I mentioned it was mentioned in an episode of The Simpsons, but I think she didn’t hear me. It made me think of this old blog I wrote. She said something about Capricorns and most of the Capricorns got offended. The strange thing was I laughed it off. I know a lot of people think Capricorns are moody and cold. There are so many pinterest pins on that. I was just thinking about my sign earlier in the day anyway. Plus that is the personality I’m trying to play up in here. I don’t feel comfortable, so I got real quiet. I’m going to guess she is not Capricorn. If I’d venture a guess I’d think Cancer or Pisces.


This girl was wearing this really cute  dress with daises on it. It was so 90s looking! @o@ XoX If I was a lot thinner and younger. Like 20 years younger. I would wear something like that. I like my cartoon shirts. They are like my thing since like forever!


I’m a lot like this.

I had vegan bacon it was ok but I could tell it was not meat. A lot of times when something is not meat they put other flavors to compensate for the lack of meat. It was good and smoky, but definitely not bacon. For some reason things that are not meat cost a lot more than actual dead animals.

I spoke more than one sentence today I spoke like four! ^-^