I had a bad dream about mice eating my bed. That means that somebody is trying to bring down my resources.

Later I had a bad dream about an impostor Bob Barker. I kept telling my mom he was fake, but she was telling me I was overreacting. According to this website it means I’m trying to be an impostor myself. I think I might be watching too many game shows again.

I have to write a paper for Poli Sci and all I have is the title and one word. Word count: 4 words! It made me think about when I couldn’t write anything for my memoir class. It’s due on the 6th! XoX

After I thought about it I should have used the song “Follow Me to Heaven” because it reads more like a monologue.

Qubo is showing Stickin Around and Ned’s Newt. Too bad they moved Anne of Green Gables to the weekends.