Happy Birthday Mom? — March 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom?

I woke up early accidentally and my mom could hear me watching tv. How can she hear that so well? I thought I’d stay up to watch Gwen on the CBS Sunday Morning program. It was a good story about her. Mostly for a person who knows practically nothing about her. Whateves! I’m just happy to see Gwen on tv. I remember seeing a story about No Doubt when they released “Push and Shove”. Is it just me or does anybody else find that an ironically named program for them to be on?

I’ve been neglecting my listening to Gwen only because I have a midterm coming up and I don’t want to fail it. The last time I took poli sci I didn’t fail the midterm, but I got a D and all those quizzes she made us take like every class session which I usually got bad marks on. After I thought about it I think my test is on the 28th.

When relatives are visiting you know it’s gonna be trouble. Real trouble! It’s like you can sense it. I can sense it like my bad ankle that senses rainstorms. Then I get people calling me on the land line phone because my parents don’t have a cell phone. I really want to get rid of my ancient phone and get a better one. My parents can have my old one. Seriously the only reason I keep it is because it’s cheap to have.

I wanted to make my mom a birthday card, but I forgot. I just really wanted to have an excuse to draw her a picture of a chibi version of Greg Lee on a birthday card. Played “Cake for Breakfast” for her. ;P Oh well I guess don’t need an excuse to draw a picture of chibi Greg if I want to… :/

I did get her a birthday pizza.


More Thoughts on “This is what the Truth Feels like” — March 19, 2016

More Thoughts on “This is what the Truth Feels like”

I had a lot of problems with my computer recognizing the new Gwen CD then I remembered it had a hard time recognizing “Vocobeat” by Rockapella.

I feel like I should be doing more. Like I should be crying because she released a new album or something.

I thought I should write more about some of the other songs. “Rocket Ship” reminds me of Nu Shooz I can’t wait. She mentioned rocket ships before in the song “Gravity”. “Where Would I Be” has a great reggae beat it could possibly be mistaken for a No Doubt song by the untrained listener. Love the guitar solo in “Splash” very 80s sounding. “Asking for it” the song featuring Fetty Wap song. My dad was pretending he knew who that was. Apparently he’s not familiar with his hit song of the summer last year “Trap Queen”. I’m not sure why like everybody in the 3 different apartment buildings were playing it all summer.

Although I think she has untapped merchandise potential by releasing fashion dolls for this 3rd album. She did for her last 2 although those were released within a few years of each other.

You know once she makes her appearance on the April 2 episode of Saturday Night Live she will be a member on the 5 timers club.

Who knows I’m might play the Gwen card in class. I’m not sure. They don’t know how highly I think of Gwen.I don’t wear my Gwen fandom on my sleeve like I used to, but if somebody said she sucked. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty. Or should I move on in that situation?


Shut Up and Take my Money! — March 18, 2016

Shut Up and Take my Money!

I got my physical copy of  “This is What the Truth Feels Like”. The Target edition. It was really hard to get out of the package. I realized I’ve been listening to her music for 20 years. No Doubt and solo music. The CD is ok I guess. There are a few songs that I like. “Red Flag” is very vengeful lyric wise. I think I should like it more. Maybe I’ll write a comprehensive review of it. I’m not sure. People were saying it’s been 10 years since she released an album “The Sweet Escape” was released in 2007. Just think about that there was 11 years between the release between “Rock Steady” and “Push and Shove”. I don’t know how much longer I can wait for these musicians to release albums. Then they wonder why their fans if they still have them move onto other musicians. It’s special and you will cherish the album because you had to wait many years for it. And thank your lucky stars Gwen even wanted to release an album you ungrateful fan. You know all that good shit. It was funny when my dad saw the cover and thought I drew all over it. To my recollection when have I ever drawn on an album cover? I think like never.

Besides the Gwen CD I also bought a Harley Quinn shirt. I hope when I wear it to school people don’t think I’m a poser. :/

I tried one of those Burger King hot dogs and they are pretty good. I did not get one with all the fixings. I ordered it with nothing on it. The regular one comes with onions, mustard, kastup, and relish. I don’t like relish on my hot dogs and I hate yellow mustard with happens to be everywhere in fast food meals for some reason. I hate onions on my hot dogs. Which is funny since I ordered the hot dog with a side of onion rings.

Speaking of Burger King they knocked down the building of the one that was near where I live. Honestly I thought nothing was going to take that place down. People kept saying since it was a franchise one even complaints to corporate could not remedy the extremely poor service there. I’m not sure who or what closed it down, but I’m glad to see it gone. I wonder what will be in it’s place?

Beef, Bad Hair Cuts, and Basketball — March 17, 2016

Beef, Bad Hair Cuts, and Basketball

No Doubt/Gwen fans can be so snobby! I used to like talking to them online, but a sizeable population of them can be real jerks. I think their snobbery and drove/scared the fans away online. I’m not sure why you are allowed to hate on the song “Waiting Room”. Which I like BTW. They are very butthurt that her album is getting bad to mediocre reviews. They are mad about this album review which personally thought was funny. Another thing has anybody else noticed that “Make me like You” is very similar to “Tragic Kingdom” song “You can do it”?

I finally cut my hair, but I cut it too short again. Oh well I can fix it with creative hair styling.

I did have my corned beef this year, but I think I ate too much! @x@

Caught some basketball today. I think I didn’t even watch a whole game though. I’m not wagering on it or filled brackets or anything like that.

I noticed now that Fresh off the Boat seems to be more inaccurate as the episodes pass on. They seem to be making the 90s references like a catch all like The Goldbergs which is not set in a specific year. Like were people in 1995 really talking about Kid n Play?


My Morning Soda Waltz — March 16, 2016

My Morning Soda Waltz

The time change finally got me! Either that or I should not have stayed up watching Dear John at 1AM.

Because I kinda like to be prepared a little for my theater class and look up what activity she has in the syllabus and then look it up online. The activity we did is mostly for little children.

I was falling asleep on the bus on the ride to school. I remembered I did not have my morning soda this morning. My dad doesn’t like me drinking morning sodas. I really don’t see the difference between a caffeinated soda and coffee; which I don’t like anyway. I had to go and buy and overpriced school one! >o<

Before Poli Sci I was thinking about my theater teacher she is not really taking control of her class. She is letting that guy do it. Then I remembered that was the problem with my memoir class. I’d like to complain about it, but not make it look bad for me. How would I go about doing something like that? That is my problem here.

In Poli Sci I didn’t write a story in there or attempt to. I did write something else though. He said the class is thinning out. Poli Sci is pretty boring or at least to me it is, so I guess a bunch of people dropped it. I told myself to exhibit more drive this semester towards the class. I need it to graduate. And well it’s my second try…

When she tells us to exhale with sound the sound I make sounds a lot like Tina Belcher’s groans. The activity was that she played music and you moved along with it. She played some music that sounded like dragon dance music. I was writing about Reading Rainbow. The episode when LeVar goes to Chinatown. Some of the music she played reminded me of stripping/stripper music. I was thinking about when Shirley said strippers told her they strip to Garbage music.

People were getting all into it jumping off furniture and stuff like that. I was not going injure myself for the sake of the class. Especially my knees and ankles. There is no elevator where I live so I need my knees and ankles to go up the stairs to my 2nd floor apartment. So I also had to be aware of the other people jumping off stuff to make sure they didn’t hurt me.

Then she started playing Irish music. Including “Waltzing Matilda”. The only reason I recognized this song was from watching an episode of World. I remembered the song is associated with Australia. I wrote down in the notes she made us take “I was thinking about World way too much LOL XD”

She played the James Bond theme. So I was thinking about Bond Girls. Because like nobody was portraying them they all wanted to be Bond or the bad guy. Too bad she didn’t play the Selecter’s ska version of it.

According to the teacher she just wants to be in that guy’s head. Um…ok? :/ He just says like every random though that pops into his head. But when does one draw the line? Is it somewhere between crazy fun idea and batshit crazy?

She didn’t really seem to notice people doing the subtle things. If there is no audience who will watch anything!?

Some people were trusting other people to have them lift them above their head. I could see Erica Goldberg and Geoff from the Dirty Dancing episode. I remembered it didn’t end well. I could see Erica falling onto the table of food. I’m heavy, and I don’t know how strong this guy is anyway. He doesn’t look all buff like a pro wrestler type or anything. Of course at the end of the episode it works out because it’s a tv show. Me, I wasn’t taking any chances.

Of course if I had been wearing a costume it would have been a different story. Or when I’m at home with my dolls and stuff or writing my stories. Not crammed in a small-ish room with around 20 people with some of  them have no personal space boundaries even if they are performing. I was seriously afraid of getting whacked in the face.

Since we did that I was not able to use what I had up my sleeve, but no worries I plan to use it next class.

Personality Journal Blog Entry 11 — March 15, 2016

Personality Journal Blog Entry 11

I was too tired from reading my Poli Sci book which is pretty boring, but less boring than the last one. *yawns* Anyway I decided to use the personality journal. A lot of these pages had questions I didn’t want to/feel like answering. So I filled out like 3  pages

Personality Journal Blog Entry 11

Things that I thought I’d likely do:

Marry a celebrity, write a book, be a fashion designer, be a news anchor (possibly), end up on MTV, Win the Nobel Prize (possibly; the book did not mention a category), marry for money (possibly? ;P), change the world

Most important qualities to have in a friend: to be funny and to “get” me

I have broken off a friendship because: of the Rose Parade

Long-lost friend I miss: my dead friend because she is dead.

A cool present I got from a friend: I can’t think of anything; Sailor Moon stickers?

Feelin’ Nerdy — March 14, 2016

Feelin’ Nerdy

I realized today is Pi Day, so I wrote this tweet early in the morning. I thought it was funny. XD Because I was goofing off on Twitter I was a little under packed for school.


I saw this funny corrected graffiti in the bathroom. The graffiti says “don’t forget to wipe you’re ass”. Somebody corrected it by writing “your”. My dad hates nerdy graffiti. Once I saw graffiti that said “E=MC²” which I thought was funny for some reason; I’m weird.

In Poli Sci mentally I was not there. It was funny when the teacher brought up it was Pi Day. You expect that in a math class, but Poli Sci? We were learning about federalism and he said it is a boring topic. This other text book is a little easier to digest. Although the song “Capital” helped me understand the concept of federalism a little better. Well I kinda knew about it from the last class I took. I remember listening to it for the 1st time and thinking about that. I was busy not really taking notes and coming up with 2 different story ideas for 2 different stories at the same time. These stories are shaping up nicely. (o^-^o)

When is the new Gwen album coming out? Friday right? My mom says I’ve been preoccupied about that for the past week or so. I’m just ready for some new Gwen songs. ^-^

When I get to my theater class there is a group of students huddled together in the front of the room frantically trying to do the homework. Which I did before watching Astro Boy. XD I liked sitting in the back of the room it made me feel bad ass. All I needed was some tall hair and a long pleated skirt. I’d be lookin’ all delinquent like. Well at least I had my homework done. And we got to use the desks this time. We played this game called “typewriter” each person has one or more letters. So if the word is “fart” so we would clap the letters and then all clap at the end of the word. So if there are 2 words like “red velvet” you clap for the space between the words. The game was ok I guess. *shrugs* I would have rather played this game. It sounds more fun. I volunteered to read part of the play we are reading. The play has characters from the South. I had planned to use my Southern accent, but when I tried nothing came out! I sounded like me! That was kinda disappointing. I’m very mad at myself for that. I know I can do a Southern accent! maybe I need to practice more. Well my throat has been hurting. That annoying guy just won’t shut up! >o<  How I am supposed to hear her talk/give instructions if he is going to talk loudly over her? It’s very rude! There is more than one way to act in an acting class. *shifty eyes*  I don’t know why I keep talking about my age in class. I’m not even trying to brag about my age or work it into the conversation it just sort of comes up. He reminds me of some guy I used to know in high school. Of course it’s not the same guy. That guy from high school would be in his early 30s.

I was reading about these “Comfort Zone Crushers”. Some of these things are really dangerous. Like it says to yell in a public place. Another one says to sing loudly in a bank. The funniest piece of advice was to do it in a city you don’t live in. If these are supposed to help you so much shouldn’t they be able to be executed seemingly anywhere? “Supposedly” they work. But maybe I should be a little more reserved?

Robots, Odangos and Babies in Space! — March 13, 2016

Robots, Odangos and Babies in Space!

I was watching Astro Boy and he joined a robot circus where the performers and animals were robots. They should have robot animals for the circus today if the animal right activists are saying to get rid of the elephants. They could have like robot ones.

Speaking of anime UTB is going to show Love Live! except the website doesn’t say if it is going to be subtitled.

I realized I took that horrible creative writing class to years ago. There was not much room to be creative in there. :/ I used to be so into wearing odangos back then. Although I was 22.

I forget who told me to stop wearing them and odangos after age 25 or something. I think I read it on a website or something. I’ve been very worried about dressing age appropriate. Although I execute it poorly. I think I should be dressing like Amy Farrah Fowler or something like that.

I’m not sure why those layered haircuts were so popular that and dancing curls. Maybe my old high school was stuck in the 1960s?

I want to say something about this PSA. Why is the baby in space without a space suit!? They show it a lot where I live and it really bothers me. >o<


Bad Haircuts and Old Newspapers — March 12, 2016

Bad Haircuts and Old Newspapers

I realized my last blog was a reference to this old blog in my archives. There were a few archived blogs I had been looking for that I had posted. But some of them are posted now.

Since it’s going to get warm and I was thinking about having to cut my hair which should be right on schedule around my mom’s birthday/the beginning of spring. I keep it short for about 9-10 months out of the year.

I was thinking about all the bad layered haircuts I saw in high school. (circa 1999-2001) They looked so ugly and like almost every girl at my high school had one except for me and a few other girls. It didn’t matter their hair type they all had the same cut and usually with those platinum frosted layers. I remember thinking “if my hair is going to look like that I think I’ll leave it long and ‘messy’.”

I was going to look through my old junior high year books. The trend was starting to take hold maybe back in 97 or 98. I couldn’t find my old junior high year books. You know what is worse? I’m not that upset or worried. @o@ XoX

I did find a bunch of my old high school newspapers I like the ones from my senior year because another teacher took over advising it. All they would ever do was paste a bunch of pictures off websites and slap them on the front page; remember this is like 2001 and 2002. I don’t know much about newspaper layouts, but they looked pretty bad.


Screams Quality Item — March 11, 2016

Screams Quality Item

I went to the Japanese supermarket today.

I found these weight loss tights or something. I’m not sure I thought the picture of the pig on them were cute.

If I did try to put them on I’d look like this. Tom looks so funny trying to squeeze in that inner tube.

I went there to stock up on surgical masks. Not just the disposable kind but the gauze ones too. I’m not some insane lady who is stocking up on surgical masks. I heard they help with keeping your mucous membranes from drying out. Plus the weather has been strange. I need to take care of my voice.

I got a Pokemon soda. I think the soda doesn’t taste very good, but I buy it for the Pokemon on the bottle. I have another Pokemon bottle I bought a while ago. They didn’t photograph too well.

This is the old bottle.

This is the new one.

I got a clip board at the 99¢ store and they put a sticky label on it! >o<