I guess I should write a blog about quitting school or some other absurd notion that came over me recently and then proceed to say April Fools! I’m not in the mood for that. >o<

I’m still stumped on my paper. I thought I’d take a challenging topic that not a lot of people would pick, but I’m having a hard time writing it. Although I have 48 words instead of 4. So that is an improvement. Perhaps I’m just psyching myself out? Perhaps I need to get into the groove of writing it.

I did get caught up on my reading for theater class. I wasn’t that behind for that class. I think I need to make arrangements to see the play later in the month. The teacher said some of the accents were bad. They are portraying British characters. Detective Conan did an adaption of it.

That Love Live! anime is ok I guess. I don’t hate it or anything. Some parts of it look more computer animated than others. The ending song of the first episode was good; it was very ska sounding. The only real complaint I have with it is that the subtitles are so tiny! I had to sit up in front of the tv to see them. I guess it will help me with circle time. They are running a lot of commercials for Amachan during the show. I guess because that series has to do with Aki wanting to be an idol. And they ran a lot of Love Live! commercials during Amachan this Monday.

Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 is premiering soon! But it’s going to premiere on Mondays 😦 I guess I can watch it on Monday or Tuesday as a reward for a job well done in class. I already broke out my book 7 of the Mixx manga. I still never bought myself the rest of the missing Mixx manga volumes 4-6. I should give that to myself as a end of the semester gift. Or at least 1 book. But only if I do a good job. I did go a little overboard buying those Rockapella CDs. I forgot why I wanted them at first then I remember I bought them to play in my parents’ new (to them) car.