At 12 noon on Saturday I noticed that my internet was down. I was really upset I really wouldn’t have cared, but I have a paper due soon and I need the internet to finish it up.

I was going to call the company since it switched from Verzion to Frontier.

I gave the company 3 hours to fix it. When I tried to call again it was closed! I was just hoping for it to come back.

I was so bored! I made handy crafts. Here are some picture frames I made. I think I saw a variation of this craft in a youtube video. These were my 1st tries, so they are not that great.

I had some strange thoughts like “what is the best Rockapella song to get drunk to?” “1st Night”?

It really made me want to get rid of my cheap crappy phone and trade it in for a smart phone. I can give my old phone to one of my parents. They could sure use one.

I came up with a great Carmen fan fiction story it’s almost done, but I need to fact check it. I want it be a little educational in the spirit of the franchise.

The computer was working by itself, but just the internet was down. My dad thought it was completely broken.

It finally came back online when I noticed at 9:30PM Pacific Sunday night.

So I watched a lot of Match Game good thing that was on or I would have gone crazy.