On Thursday I got a really funny call from some telemarketer telling me that I need to change my medicare plan or something since I’m turning 65 soon. I’m nowhere near 65 years old. Sometimes telemarketers are funny like that. When they are that wrong I like to mess with them a little.

I found the pin about chewing the gum.


My mom thinks that really doesn’t work.

Anyway I found another personal study hack for me. The only reason is because my Poli Sci class is watching a film I saw in my last Poli Sci class. When I saw we were watching that movie again on the syllabus I knew I had a bit of an advantage here. I think it was one of the last things I learned about before I dropped the class. By the time I watched that movie I was pretty checked out mentally by that time anyway. The good thing is that he is giving us a test on the movie. I mean having to take a test is never a good thing. Luckily I had my old notes from that movie, and the only reason I saved them was because I had written some inane things on them along with notes about the movie. The only problem was that they were pretty illegible. I got the idea to try and decipher them and type them up while chewing that awful tasting gum while listening to Gwen Stefani music. I’m not sure how well it worked. They were pretty hard to decipher. All the names were scribbled and misspelled. After I finished typing up the notes I thought I look up online if I could find a summary of the movie, and just my luck I found a summary and a worksheet on the movie. I have some great study tools!

Now that I’m back to my old self in the theater class the one thing I’m still doing is dressing a lot less boring. I thought I had to dress boring because I’m very old.

I went to a different Dollar Tree they sell My Little Pony FIM cards there. The Dollar Tree I usually shop at doesn’t stock those for some reason.