Before class I was listing to “Tip Taps Tip”. I was thinking about Anemone from Eureka Seven.

In Poli Sci the teacher was saying about being good looking. I should wear a bag on my head like the ugly duckling from the Tom and Jerry cartoon. This ugly duckling ain’t swan-ing. I gotta make up for my ugliness with something else. My mind is all I got. I have nothing else. Good thing we didn’t cover too much in class *whispers* I haven’t finished reading all of the chapter. I hate that gum! I only need to chew it for a few more classes. I chew it while I study or in the lectures and then I chew it again when I take the test. Then I wondered if the awful tasting gum is the new yerba mate. You know the tea the other writers told me in a writing class would make me a better writer. My mom thinks I will do well if I use traditional study methods like reading the book, taking notes, going to lectures, and other stuff like that.

It reminded me of this pinterest pin.

There was hardly anybody on campus was there some school “holiday” I was not aware of?

I came to theater class feeling extra introverted. I talked a little before class. The semester is like half over now? Me and some other girl were sleepy. I used the word “portray” in class. I was tired not because I worked all weekend but because I didn’t get much sleep because of my shoulder problems. I said we should portray sleeping people. That girl who also wrote her own monologue said she wanted to hear mine because I was the only other person who wrote my own. Ummm…ok? I should learn to take complements better. Especially about my writing. Bad me! After I thought about I wouldn’t mind being a playwright. People pretending to be other people. (not like identity theft) This is a thing right? People enjoy doing this? IRL? Not on stage or anything like that. To me that is what the internet is for and my writing and sometimes my art. I can be something else. Not like catfishing though. I think that is mean. This is why I self censor a lot! In my blogs. I have some very “interesting” thoughts, and I wouldn’t dare post it! When I would tell people these thoughts people would literally run away from me. People have before, but not a lot though. Those emotional barriers are there for a reason. Sometimes I feel like Lisa in the summer of 4’2″. Remember quiet people usually have loud minds. She wouldn’t stop talking about the play she was in. She thought one of her audiences was subdued. Here is something about me. If something is not funny I ain’t laughing. The one thing I really find strange about this class is that a lot of people seem to be clamoring for her attention. Whateves you can have my share. She said for me and the other girl with the same name to perform today. So we both go up to perform me and her. This happened the last time I had to perform. I think she just says our name and hopes one of us comes up to perform. Stupid common first name! >o< She reminds me of somebody. Like one of the Bella Twins or some other celebrity. Ok, so I’m up first. XoX She insists I have a scene partner. I’m like “Great!” So I had to act with this guy who I find totally annoying. Not really hostility more like turned off. Disgust? Apathy? Jealousy? I’m trying to think of a good word here. I find him immature and annoying. Is that a good enough reason not to like him? I inadvertently played the Garbage card in class. She said she likes Garbage too. It made me wonder what her favorite song is. Is she trying to win me over? :/ She should have seen me with my red hair 6 years ago. XD He was so bunny ears lawyer there. I guess because he was interacting with me he mostly shut his yap. All the notes I wrote on my script are all scribbly, and I’ll need to decipher them.The best person to play is myself obviously. ^-^ She just gave that annoying guy the part I wanted for another assignment! What?! He didn’t even ask for it. Not that I did either. The whole point is that she gave us an assignment where you have to write a paper about why you want to play the character you chose. The part I really don’t want the loser older sister. I have a feeling that she might give me that one only because I’m the only person in class who is closest to 30. I feel like there might be a sign over my head with the name of that character. I want to be the character who wants to grow up to be a writer.

Wouldn’t it be funny if her favorite song was also “Not My Idea”?