You know song lyrics make such good blog titles.

After I thought about it long and hard my only real solution to all this chaos and joke of a class would be to drop it. Just cut my losses. The last day to drop is on the 29th of April. Once I realized I still had time to drop it a glimmer of hope shined in my eye. There are a few problems along the way. I had promised my mom I would not drop anymore classes after I dropped that math class. She doesn’t even know about what happened during the 1st time I took Poli Sci. Three semesters with 3 dropped classes!? Which is a pretty bad track record for me. Especially since I dropped all those classes after my 5 year absence from school. I’m 80-90% sure I want to drop it.

I just want to subtly leave. Although the word “subtle” is not in my teacher’s vocabulary. My classmates can all be “What happened to her?” I went to every class so far. It just wasn’t my bag man! I’m not getting a pardon here. *whispers* I’m not a favorite. It’s ok I’m cool with that. No matter what I do I still have to see the play since the tickets are non-refundable. Ugh! Oh well I can just have fun with it.

I thought if I do drop it; “What am I going to do with these extra 2 hours?” Should I confess that I dropped it or should I just do a little acting of my own and fake going to acting class for about a month or so. I could also spend that time looking for a job. I could use a summer job. Usually at about this time companies are looking for people anyway. Nothing full time though I’m still committed to Poli Sci which I need to pass to get out of college.

I would like to try and take another acting class under different circumstances and with a totally different teacher. People always say that if you are shy acting or improv classes will help you be more social. I feel it didn’t help much. I’m a writer at heart. I think it might have just been the class environment. I would not be opposed to taking a diction class Which I think she doesn’t teach I think it’s taught by a man.

I think there are a few things I took away from it. Oh well! It’s back to the blanket fort for me.