So I’ve come to the conclusion my best route would be to save up and go to a hobbyist education program. Because obviously taking cost effective classes at the community college is not the answer. But how would I get the $3000 to pay for the hobbyist education program besides trying to win some type of lottery prize?

I thought one solution would be to get some kind of internet funding like a gofundme, kickstarter, indiegogo or some other site like that. Usually those people don’t earn enough to go. I’ll have my little donation website saying “Help me go to (name of hobbyist education program)!” And proceed to flood the internet with pleas, links, and youtube videos of me begging people to donate. I don’t understand why they always ask the other hobbyists. Aren’t you like competing against those people anyway?

I think my real best bet would be to get a summer job.

I started reading these articles about bad classes and teachers. A few things really stood out to me.

“s/he is more concerned about being liked”

I would say it’s not like a camp, but that seems to be one of her concerns. She pretends like it’s not, but I can sense that.

And this too

2. You don’t like the teacher’s style, instruction, or attitude. Again, after you have participated for at least three or four months, are not inspired, feeling the improvement, or now dislike the teacher, it is probably time to leave. This way you know you have given it the time needed to make an informed decision and an opportunity to work through the discomfort of being in a new training environment.  

3. You don’t respect the other students or teacher policies. If this is the case, you should move on to another teacher. When you research and audit always ask about the policies.”

Part of me wouldn’t care as much but it’s a class and I’m getting a grade on it.