So I had to see that play for my class. I saw a couple people from my class there watching.

The play didn’t start off too late. I noticed there was a lot of “Ooh, me accent’s slipping” here and there. During the first intermission I realized they don’t sell snacks there. That kind of soured the experience for me more.

I think the people who were sitting around me were a bit more interesting than the play itself. This one guy who was sitting next to me was really reacting to the play. Every time something would happen he would shout out in astonishment. Things like “Oh Shit!”, “Damn!” and “What the Fuck!?”. The funny thing was towards the end they were trying to figure out who the murderer was and the people in the audience were talking so loudly they were saying things like “Is it the lady or the guy?” These people were mostly in their late teens. Back in 5th grade when my class and I went to LA and went to see a play somewhere. Since we were 5th graders they taught us theater etiquette. We were uncouth 5th graders from the suburbs. It is bad theater etiquette to yell at the performers. They can hear you on the stage. It’s not like when you yell at a movie or something. I mean there were no little kids there. None that I saw. I think there might have been a disclaimer that the play was not suitable for people under 10. I have experienced this at shows that cater to families and little kids.

There were some elderly ladies who were like stereotypical elderly ladies. I know it’s bad to do that, but you should have seen them.

I was getting really bored watching it. I felt like Elaine from Seinfeld when she had to watch The English Patient. And I was thinking about the Elaine character since I saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus host SNL yesterday. If the school performs “Sack Lunch the musical”I might see it there. I had a great idea for a rock opera. No Doubt should make one. I was so bored and my mind was wandering.

I think if I would have had to take the play a little more seriously I would have taken better notes, but I could always consult supplemental material. Plus there were note moochers there. I don’t like to share my notes because they are pretty strange and well they were mostly about the audience anyway.

That play wasn’t over 2 hours! It was close to 3! Like 2:50. That upped me dropping the class to 95%. Three hours I’ll never get back from my life.

I got an email from the school that I was nominated to apply for some scholarships. (I really need to check my school email more frequently.) The problem is that it makes you go to their award ceremony if you win the scholarship. I figured what the hell at least I’ll try. See what happens and not be so pessimistic all the time.