90s song lyrics make great blog titles!

I was hoping to get my paper back from Poli Sci. He said he took on another class. The problem is that they end up teaching like 17 classes and forget things. More classes=more money. We got into a discussion about rude proposition/petition people at the school. They are so rude I just started ignoring them. Back when I went to school in 2010 I didn’t sign some guy’s petition and he told me I supported cancer. What a fucking jerk! I ♥ my headphones. I know for a fact they are paid by the signature. It’s in the craigslist ads they use to recruit those people. It will usually say something like “$$$$$$collect petition signatures $30 per signature$$$$$$” or something like that. You can’t forget all the “$”s in the ad. Well if I can find the old entry I’ll post the link here. I’m so sick of chewing that gum. It’s making me gag. *gags*

No matter what happens with theater class I gotta get out of there by the 29th of April or I’m stuck in that class! *gulp* Until the end of the semester *gulp, gulp* Mentally I can’t handle that. I just can’t. I realized I stopped caring in late March early April. I should have left back then. My answer about how I liked that long ass play was that the sets and props were well made. That was my answer that I’m sticking to. Honestly that play didn’t do it for me and I was really stretching for something good to say about it. And it moved so slowly. My mind wandered so much during it I blocked a lot of parts out. It was that bad.

That annoying guy disrupted class by phone! It wouldn’t be a disruption by him without an elaborate story to accompany it. It just wouldn’t! People were saying about how he could do it mobile-ally. I think some of the other students share my sentiment, but for whatever reason nobody speaks up/out about it. Maybe it’s because she said not to mess with her students or she would go “mama bear” on you. Does that mean fellow classmates too? I don’t get this? Are pets on a pedestal a totally different thing? “This is my pet. Don’t fuck with them or feel my wrath!” Except you are the one who is getting fucked over by the whole thing. Plus the more and more she lets him “take control” and play favorites the more and more I hate the class. That is “theatrics!” That is what make things interesting? I think? :/ That got me thinking about teachers and professors in general, and that the ones who play favorites usually pick the ones who mirror themselves or at least that’s what I noticed from my observations from my many years of schooling. We got our scene parts which I was hoping I wouldn’t get today. I was like damn! Well I didn’t get character X; I got character Z. Kinda surprised by that one. Not that it is a bad choice. I still feel the teacher gets me and the other girl with the same name confused with each other. I don’t know how we can get confused with each other. She looks like one of the Bella Twins from wrestling and I don’t. Part of me feels that she can’t distinguish us. If she didn’t then why would I have to keep working with her? Not that I have anything against her. I seriously stopped caring. I don’t care if I become “defamed” or anything like that. Or even made an example of. I’m not looking for being cast in roles at the school.

If I really had my way I’d throw an American Idol audition gone wrong tantrum. Probably I would not do that. I’d just like to fade away like a ghost.

I’ve been so stressed I was having crazy stress dreams again and the advice I got in the dream was to do what I feel is best for me and not to lose my spirit. This seems like the kind of advice my pen pal would give me, and I always treasure their advice. *UoU*

When I was watching Amachan I was thinking I feel like Yui when she was mad because she could not go to Tokyo, had to take care of her sick father, and her mother ran off. Then she becomes upset because she can’t become an idol singer so she becomes a delinquent. So I’m not going full delinquent or anything like that.