*hums “Enjoy the Silence”* I was thinking about titling this entry “Quiet Sensation”. Speaking of that song Barry Carl wrote it, and it’s his birthday today. I thought his birthday was in May. No, that is when Sean’s birthday is. I think I got their birthday months confused. I didn’t memorize everybody’s birthday in the group former and current members.

In Poli Sci the teacher had job listings. The problem was all the jobs were in LA, the city it’s a bitch to go into from where I live. I want to live somewhere closer. Closer to Pasadena and LA. There are a lot of jobs there. If you are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about just disregard this section. I’ll just stick to local places anyway since I can’t drive. Taking notes on the movie wasn’t so bad since I had already seen it before although it was like a year ago. Plus I had the illegible notes I tried to type up I left spaces for the words I could not read. It looked like Match Game questions. I did manage to fill out some of the words that were missing. But some are still missing and I’m not sure what I was supposed to write in the space. I had also printed out all those supplemental worksheets and movie summaries.

There was some guy walking down the stairs at school playing loud electric guitar music on a guitar. Your crappy guitar music is drowning out the Rockapella song I’m trying to listen to! How’d he amplify the music. Some newfangled device them yougins use?

What is worse than not caring? An INFP who doesn’t care. I came to the class with dead eyes. All my vigor for this class was gone.

I came into class, and did that bottom of the pile paper turning in trick. I’ve been a student for way too long! It was some crappy one page thing I wrote just to make it look like I was turning something in.

Before taking the test I was waiting for something really absurd to happen. I mean I was sort of expecting some type of “disrupting interruption”. Disrupting Interruption sounds like a good name for a band. Since she reminds me so much of my old reporter teacher. Except my reporter teacher’s problem would be that she gave us tests at the end of her lecture and she would talk so much we’d get 5-10 minutes to take a test that normally would take 20-30 minutes to complete. People complained a lot about this in her professor reviews.

Part of me wanted to be really bad and fill out the test in some annoying pen color like pink pen. I usually carry around a pink pen with me. Too bad I didn’t take a really annoying pen color like purple glitter, silver, green apple scented or neon yellow gel pens. Why waste my good gel pens on filling out a test for a class I’m going to drop? It was one of the strangest tests I’ve ever experienced. Not the material or how it was given, but what was happening around me during the test. This is saying a lot since I’ve been in college for so many years and I’m throwing in the K-12 grades in there for good measure. The silence made the teacher feel uncomfortable or something. So she starts telling us some story about an English teacher she had who would give them timed tests and talk to them during the test. She said the teacher also carried around a ruler. She said she wanted to carry a ruler too and hit it on the desk to get our attention. Wouldn’t that be slapstick? :/ Her with something else that would make her even more noisier!? It would be the opposite of the phrase “walk softly and carry a big stick.” I wouldn’t want to compare her to a former US president anyway. Then other people were just yelling out random thoughts and comments. Purely inane banter. But they weren’t answers or anything. That made me remember why I was leaving. That annoying guy said he wanted to throw fliers for the teacher’s play off the roof of a building at the school. She said she would get in trouble for having one of her students littering. I was thinking “Do it! Do it!” That would be so attention getting! I’d love to see that! And all the chaos that would follow it. Partners in crime! Having to recite a monologue from Hamlet is more taxing to me than taking a test. Usually tests don’t bother me that much. I take that back it depends on the subject. Math will make me jittery sometimes. Since I knew it was my last class in there anyway I figured I could have a devil-may-care attitude. I could have literally filled out the test with Rockapella lyrics if I wanted to. But I didn’t I wanted to make it look like I had put some effort into it even if I hadn’t. I didn’t even bother to study. I really want to know is this like the norm for acting classes is to just have people shouting random comments and thoughts all the time even during a test? I usually like written tests because I’m a nerd.

We took a break after the test. That guy was talking so loudly. He was so loud I could hear him talking from the ladies bathroom and there is a building between where he was talking and the bathroom.

That guy was telling somebody from class to go see the teacher’s play and put a camera on a hat to record it. What decade is this? That is so a 1990s pirating move. It sounds like that Seinfeld episode when Jerry had to pirate the movie. Just don’t record over the end of the play with bad dancing.

People in class were saying GoPros are like douchey cameras. I heard those were good inexpensive cameras for budding filmmakers. I’d buy one and make really horrible youtube videos. Not sure of what though. Crafts? Reviews of some sort? I was telling somebody about the GoPro video with the surfing pig. I can’t believe somebody actually wanted to hear what I had to say. But I know a surfing pig when I see it. My mom and I love that video. Well my mom loves pigs. I’ve written about Kama before. Since I love the video so much here it is again.

It was so awkward spying on this guy trying to flirt with this girl on the bus. While they were doing that I was pretending to listen to some Rockapella music. I know I read all that stuff online about being a good conversationalist. But this was pretty painful to watch. And pretty funny too. This was like their conversation:

Guy: You are very beautiful.

Girl: Thanks.

Guy: How long have you been going to (name of school)?

Girl: This is my first semester here. I went to school in some other state

Guy: When is your birthday?

Girl: January.

Guy: January birthdays are the coolest!

I mean this guy was getting nowhere with this girl. Too bad I didn’t get to see this for my scene study. It would have made a great scene.

As of posting I have dropped the class. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The only thing I really feel bad about is letting down my scene partners. We’ll just put this behind me and chalk it off as a bad idea. I got bigger fish to fry at the school anyway I need to find out about my major. Plus I’m still in Poli Sci. I guess I better clean out my backpack.