There is something locally I want to do this summer related to my secret hobby, but I don’t want to say what it is because I don’t want people to make a big deal about it if I don’t do the thing I want to do. Nothing has been posted about it on the internet yet anyway. I think April is too early anyway. I think that thing I want to do happens in July I want to say mid to late July.

After everything that happened I think I really need a hobbyist mentor. I know I mentioned that before, but after feeling really soured on that class. I think that is just the thing I need. The real problem is I don’t want to quit school for it.

When I go missing they can ask what happened to me then the teacher says “JeJeJe!” I don’t know why she is talking like a character from Amachan. I’m not going missing without officially dropping the class. The longer I stay in there the bigger hole I dig for myself.

I was thinking about all those study hacks again. I remembered the one about putting your paper in google translate to check for errors. I have a half finished paper for theater class that is due tomorrow. I started goofing off and putting other things in there just to check for errors including my Carmen Sandiego fan fics. Those sounded really funny in there! Not that the grammar is very bad or anything. I just like to write the stories in chunks scene by scene so a lot of them are incomplete. Perhaps I should google translate my blog entries?