I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot. Plus I had an embarrassing accident. I’m not that hurt or anything. I’m just sore. I fell.

If my dad wants to do a music tribute to Prince I’m pretty sure none of us have any. How could I forget about “Waiting Room”? Now is that going to be every No Doubt fans favorite song for a while? For some reason that song gets a lot of hate among the No Doubt community. That song is ok I don’t hate it or anything, but it is also like not my favorite song of theirs ever. Actually I like “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”.

You know those hobbyists they are trying to piggy back on some event. You know if they really wanted some better PR they would try to get the people who head their big organizations to see if they could get some type of mention or something like that. Instead they pick their usual scapegoats. The ones who don’t fit their preconceived image. This is why you have such bad PR! I think they need to make their image a little more hipper. That’s why they seem to cater to old people.

Because of stress or guilt or something I’ve been having really strange dreams. I had a strange dream about Astro Boy and pizza. I had another dream about goggles.

I had a really funny idea I could just show up to theater class like George did in that Seinfeld episode The Revenge where he quits his job and comes back to work like nothing happened. I’d do that too. Larry David actually did that in real life!

If they are really desperate they can send out the milk carton guy from that Blur video to look for me.