I was feeling lethargic before I woke up. I was not feeling it. I didn’t sleep well.

When I was in Poli Sci I just wanted to lay low in class no talking or anything. Being lethargic really helped. Which is bad because we are having a test on Wed. and I have not even really studied for it. Well besides the notes I had used from my old class and the supplemental material I found online for the movie. I mean I get the concept of the movie, but it’s hard to remember all the different people, and organizations involved.

I went to a very horrible fast food place that I wrote a scathing review of on yelp.

After all the craziness I got myself into I’m not sure of I want to say that I dropped the class. I’m not sure though because my dad is taking some time off work next week and I’ll have to keep up this charade for a month. I hope I didn’t get sick from those disgusting bathrooms I had to use.

Buzzr started Card Sharks week today. It’s Eubank’s version Card Sharks. I used to watch that version as a kid. I usually take a nap when I get home, but I knew if I took a little nap I would sleep through the show.