If the title makes no sense to you it’s wrestling fan jargon.

I can get a cheap pop by cutting a promo in class in saying “It’s great to be here in theater class again!”.

There was this guy sitting in front of me on the bus to school with overly gelled hair. I mean like Vic the Slick or Schemer from Shining time Station. There’s a bit of PBS nostalgia for you! I was afraid that the bus would suddenly stop and my face would hit this guy’s overly gelled hair. If it would have I would have screamed. A face full of hair gel?

I got my paper back from Poli Sci and it was a good grade it was an 89 that is a high B! I got marked down for a few minor things. I really need to find that book to write better papers. He complemented me on my writing. Perhaps I still got it. So I essentially have a B in there right now which is way better than the grade I was getting the last time I took it. If I calculate my paper plus the test I already took in there my grade averages out to 85.5.

I had to take an essay test in class. I figure I’d get my results by the end of the semester. I hope I did well that my answers were well thought out and succinct. The test was sort of like more about understanding concepts than regurgitating facts. It was not that hard or at least I thought it wasn’t. I never like to be the first person to turn in a test. Only because I was told back in junior high or some time around then that the first person to finish their test either has an “A” or an “F”. Is that really a thing? I forgot the gum! I took the test without the gum. I can’t stand that gum it was making me gag! I think I’m going to throw it out.

When I went looking for the department head’s office. I met this lady who complemented my Hello Kitty backpack.  I let the lady poke the plush Hello Kitty bow on the backpack. She showed me to the department head’s office. Thank you Hello Kitty! ^-^

The department head told me she understands that it’s hard to find what you need. All I need to know is what counts for the classes I took at other schools and have I really worked towards any degree? And what else do I need to take there to finish up?

After all that I decided to leave. Why should I stay there? I dropped the other class.

When I thought about it there are a few snags in my plan. First I have Poli Sci with one of the people from my theater class, and I sit near the guy. I’m having a hard time trying to find places I can loiter at for an hour or 2.

The teacher should really check her roster again which I recommend she should. Or she would have noticed that I dropped the class last week. I wonder if she’ll notice by next week? The last day to drop is Friday April 29th. She would be well advised to check her updated class roster next week at least during the first week of May. I assumed this on Monday, but the text I got from one of my scene partners confirmed it! The text said something like are you ok you have not come to class for a week. How can I get in trouble for a class I dropped? I mean attendance wise? If I officially dropped it wouldn’t my attendance not matter anyway? I’m having a hard time trying to wrap my mind around this. What should I do just show up to class Larry David style? Or go to class and perform the scene with them and then leave. I really don’t want to say why I left. It’s a “bad/silly” reason I’m not a diva. I just don’t like teacher’s pets and rude people. Why did I have to give my real number?! I should give a standard fake like Elaine from Seinfeld did and give a number to some betting place.

I went back to that corner store by the library to get a teryaki jerky slab. When I walk into the store it’s pretty barren. The owner shoos me out! I saw people coming in and out of there. How was I supposed to know it was closed or something? There was no sign on it that said something like “store closing” or anything like that. Now where am I going to go to get my jerky slab fix?! Too bad too I had my mouth all set for a jerky slab. 😦 Checked yelp and it says the place is not closed yet. Maybe I should go by there in like a month and see what happened to the place like if it is all boarded up or something like that.

Then when I was walking back to the bus stop I got a compliment on my Pinky and the Brain shirt. I get a lot of complements on that shirt when I wear it.

I was thinking maybe I do want a Tony or an Oscar, but not for acting but for script writing. Plus I’ve been on a creative feedback high I also got a complement on my artwork ♥0♥

I’m not sure how long or if I want to keep this up. I think I have to for at least another week because my dad is taking a week off of work. >o< That is going to be fun!