I Can’t Hear You! — April 14, 2016

I Can’t Hear You!

I had this strange dream in the morning about ocean waves. The waves were crashing into the street, but I felt more of a sense of calmness than danger.

My computer has been acting up again the CPU is like at 100 and it won’t go down no matter what I do. It keeps freezing up. This is what started to happen when my last one was on its last legs.

I hate not being able to drive my mom just rushes me all over, and then gets mad when I forget things.

I had to go to the school to buy my ticket to see the play. I would not have minded too much except I had broken headphones. They broke right when I got on the bus, and I knew I was going to have a fun bus ride to the school and a wonderful day! I’m surprised those things lasted that long. Headphones usually don’t last me a year. I have to say Rockapella music sounds like total crap on broken headphones.

I had to wait at the school for about an hour for the box office to open up. I could have gone to find a department head I need to find if my mom hadn’t rushed me. All I hoped for was that my headphones would not crap out on me.

The teacher was right the box office was horrible! That was not even a day the show was being held! I can see my teacher approaching in the reflection of the window and I’m thinkin’ “Oh crap!” Plus she is not all that quiet I can usually hear her. Is that a thing among them (actors) who can be the loudest? If you don’t want to live up to your stereotypes then try to break them. I think many actors would make horrible gangsters. So she saw me buying something at the school box office. I’m not sure if that accounts for anything though. Whateves I’m spent mentally. After all I went through to get this ticket it better be the best FUCKING play in the history of the universe. I was so pissed. I was tempted to go to the convenience store and buy some rum. I really needed it. (but I didn’t)

My mom is mad at me because I keep having to go around and do things for this class. She doesn’t even know about the scene rehearsals yet. She is so going to be pissed about that!

I can’t wait to be over with this class and everybody’s nonsense! >o<

My mom wants me to play Powerball, and whatever we won we would split the jackpot. I stopped because I felt I was wasting $2 twice a week and that money I was wasting could be saved to go to that hobbyist education program. Which in my eyes will provide a better grasp on what I’m trying to learn compared to this joke of a theater class. My mom didn’t believe me that it would cost $5000-$8000 to go to (I mentioned the name of the state the program was being held in). The cost of the program itself is $1000. But room and food is included. And what is a vacation without buying yourself a spiffy new outfit? Which I figure will set me back at least $500. I can’t wear just anything. I want something with all the bells and whistles. Plus whatever I find locally for cheap. I miscalculated it seems to be closer to $3000. It’s still $3000 I don’t have!

You can’t Write if you can’t Relate — April 13, 2016

You can’t Write if you can’t Relate

This is what my 2nd blog title in a row that is a song lyric?

I found a misspelled ad at school. Is “hightlightened” a word?

In Poli Sci the teacher said about half the class is showing up to class. I know these types. They never end up dropping the class. Then like in May all of a sudden they appear and negotiate with the teacher to bring up their grade even though they have not been going to class for over 2 months. I’m not sure if the gum is working or not. I almost forgot to chew if for the Poli Sci lecture today. Well at least he explained something I didn’t understand in my former Poli Sci class. My old teacher would just tell us stuff and not explain it or anything. She just wanted us to regurgitate facts for her quizzes. I admitted I took Poli Sci before “With somebody else”. I never said anything like “my last teacher was _______ and she sucked!” but I was thinking it.

This is my theater class face now -_-  She said she can’t play favorites. What!? I had to hold back a lot of laughter there. What a joke a pure and utter joke! She is full of shit! I told myself I was gonna put that in my blog and I did. I went there. You are trying to be likeable to your students, and yet your class is in utter chaos. She plays favorites to another guy as well, but not as much as she does to the annoying guy. In general I feel she does seem to display a favorable bias towards fellow actors. She was complaining about the bathrooms at school. Compared to the bathrooms at my high school these are like comparing a jalopy to like a used 2005 compact car. It’s not the best, but a vast improvement. I thought the paper she was having us write was an argumentative essay about the role we wanted to play. I would have just really wanted to write. “I don’t want to play character X!” for 4 pages. We don’t even get to choose the roles she picked them out for us by observing us and such. That’s some bull! Then why make us write the paper anyway? What is the point? I’m doomed! Now I essentially have to rewrite my paper. She gave us vague instructions on it the instructions were more on formatting it than the content. I feel like George Costanza and Mr. Wilhelm when he had to do payroll. Can somebody write my paper for me? I think once she realized my age and gender was the closest to this character to anybody else in the class. She probably thought “She’s the perfect character X!” I feel that character is a loser and is I think even referred to one in the play. Let’s see what happens if my prediction is correct. My classmates they are a jealous bunch. I should be comfortable with having little to no chops. I think I pretty much am. I feel I am non threatening. “I know nothing!” I was so temped to ask her after class “Am I going to play character X?” Well I guess I better work on my Southern accent. *shrugs*

I saw a “Pokémon lady” on the bus. She was all decked out in Pokémon stuff; Charizard hat, Charizard backpack keychain and a huge Dragonite keychain. I even saw her playing a Game Boy Advance. You don’t see those around anymore. It reminded me of the balding Yu-gi-oh! enthusiast. That is sort of an inside joke with my cousin.

I was trying to buy tickets to the play online. Why does it time you out so quickly? Now I have to go to the school and buy tickets. This play better be good! I’m most likely missing $ale of the Century for it!

I tried those Loaded Po’taters. I think they cheated us on the portion size. I can make my own! I really wish they had a Polish sandwich version.


This is not my Idea of a Good Time — April 11, 2016

This is not my Idea of a Good Time

Before class I was listing to “Tip Taps Tip”. I was thinking about Anemone from Eureka Seven.

In Poli Sci the teacher was saying about being good looking. I should wear a bag on my head like the ugly duckling from the Tom and Jerry cartoon. This ugly duckling ain’t swan-ing. I gotta make up for my ugliness with something else. My mind is all I got. I have nothing else. Good thing we didn’t cover too much in class *whispers* I haven’t finished reading all of the chapter. I hate that gum! I only need to chew it for a few more classes. I chew it while I study or in the lectures and then I chew it again when I take the test. Then I wondered if the awful tasting gum is the new yerba mate. You know the tea the other writers told me in a writing class would make me a better writer. My mom thinks I will do well if I use traditional study methods like reading the book, taking notes, going to lectures, and other stuff like that.

It reminded me of this pinterest pin.


There was hardly anybody on campus was there some school “holiday” I was not aware of?

I came to theater class feeling extra introverted. I talked a little before class. The semester is like half over now? Me and some other girl were sleepy. I used the word “portray” in class. I was tired not because I worked all weekend but because I didn’t get much sleep because of my shoulder problems. I said we should portray sleeping people. That girl who also wrote her own monologue said she wanted to hear mine because I was the only other person who wrote my own. Ummm…ok? I should learn to take complements better. Especially about my writing. Bad me! After I thought about I wouldn’t mind being a playwright. People pretending to be other people. (not like identity theft) This is a thing right? People enjoy doing this? IRL? Not on stage or anything like that. To me that is what the internet is for and my writing and sometimes my art. I can be something else. Not like catfishing though. I think that is mean. This is why I self censor a lot! In my blogs. I have some very “interesting” thoughts, and I wouldn’t dare post it! When I would tell people these thoughts people would literally run away from me. People have before, but not a lot though. Those emotional barriers are there for a reason. Sometimes I feel like Lisa in the summer of 4’2″. Remember quiet people usually have loud minds. She wouldn’t stop talking about the play she was in. She thought one of her audiences was subdued. Here is something about me. If something is not funny I ain’t laughing. The one thing I really find strange about this class is that a lot of people seem to be clamoring for her attention. Whateves you can have my share. She said for me and the other girl with the same name to perform today. So we both go up to perform me and her. This happened the last time I had to perform. I think she just says our name and hopes one of us comes up to perform. Stupid common first name! >o< She reminds me of somebody. Like one of the Bella Twins or some other celebrity. Ok, so I’m up first. XoX She insists I have a scene partner. I’m like “Great!” So I had to act with this guy who I find totally annoying. Not really hostility more like turned off. Disgust? Apathy? Jealousy? I’m trying to think of a good word here. I find him immature and annoying. Is that a good enough reason not to like him? I inadvertently played the Garbage card in class. She said she likes Garbage too. It made me wonder what her favorite song is. Is she trying to win me over? :/ She should have seen me with my red hair 6 years ago. XD He was so bunny ears lawyer there. I guess because he was interacting with me he mostly shut his yap. All the notes I wrote on my script are all scribbly, and I’ll need to decipher them.The best person to play is myself obviously. ^-^ She just gave that annoying guy the part I wanted for another assignment! What?! He didn’t even ask for it. Not that I did either. The whole point is that she gave us an assignment where you have to write a paper about why you want to play the character you chose. The part I really don’t want the loser older sister. I have a feeling that she might give me that one only because I’m the only person in class who is closest to 30. I feel like there might be a sign over my head with the name of that character. I want to be the character who wants to grow up to be a writer.

Wouldn’t it be funny if her favorite song was also “Not My Idea”?


Study Hacks and Telemarketers — April 9, 2016

Study Hacks and Telemarketers

On Thursday I got a really funny call from some telemarketer telling me that I need to change my medicare plan or something since I’m turning 65 soon. I’m nowhere near 65 years old. Sometimes telemarketers are funny like that. When they are that wrong I like to mess with them a little.

I found the pin about chewing the gum.


My mom thinks that really doesn’t work.

Anyway I found another personal study hack for me. The only reason is because my Poli Sci class is watching a film I saw in my last Poli Sci class. When I saw we were watching that movie again on the syllabus I knew I had a bit of an advantage here. I think it was one of the last things I learned about before I dropped the class. By the time I watched that movie I was pretty checked out mentally by that time anyway. The good thing is that he is giving us a test on the movie. I mean having to take a test is never a good thing. Luckily I had my old notes from that movie, and the only reason I saved them was because I had written some inane things on them along with notes about the movie. The only problem was that they were pretty illegible. I got the idea to try and decipher them and type them up while chewing that awful tasting gum while listening to Gwen Stefani music. I’m not sure how well it worked. They were pretty hard to decipher. All the names were scribbled and misspelled. After I finished typing up the notes I thought I look up online if I could find a summary of the movie, and just my luck I found a summary and a worksheet on the movie. I have some great study tools!

Now that I’m back to my old self in the theater class the one thing I’m still doing is dressing a lot less boring. I thought I had to dress boring because I’m very old.

I went to a different Dollar Tree they sell My Little Pony FIM cards there. The Dollar Tree I usually shop at doesn’t stock those for some reason.

10 Years ago is a Long Time — April 8, 2016

10 Years ago is a Long Time

Happy 10th wedding anniversary to my cousin!


When we got there they were throwing out the people from the previous wedding.

My cousin forgot his vows because he was nervous. The thing I liked about that place was that the ceremonies were short. I wore my tie. I love tie humor. It was a pretty wild tie even by 2006 standards.

After the wedding we were walking down the street. My cousin was complaining that the stilettos she wore to the wedding hurt her feet. I was showing her my funny toilet bowl lip gloss.

Then some random guy on the sidewalk complemented my tie and I was very happy.

When we drove back home my dad was looking baseball game on the radio but having a baseball game end after an hour would make no sense.

When we were going to the reception we passed a Wrestlemania 22 billboard on the freeway. I don’t why they kept it up since Wrestlemania was the week before. I still like looking at it because it had John Cena’s picture on it.

At the reception my mom let me wear my John Cena shirt with my tie. I went nicely with my black skirt.

One of my little cousins ate a plate of rice only. I sat next to him, and I was just happy I was not the youngest person at the table. His mom got mad at him and made him eat other types of food. The flautas were really good. I ate a bunch of those. One of my cousins ordered chardonnay at the bar. The bar tender misheard her and gave her a Shirley Temple instead. It was funny when they were getting on my case about drinking underage. I was 22 at the time.

There was a mishap in the bathroom at the reception. And I was involved with it. They didn’t know at first until my aunt recognized my voice.

They had a fancy cake that they cut, but we got sheet cake. Then when the cake was served they played disco music. My another cousin wanted to know why I wanted a piece of wedding cake. I knew it was a superstition about it by sleeping with a slice of it under your pillow. He said that I would have a dream about John Cena.

His wife danced to “My Humps” before the bouquet toss. That is one thing I’ve always wanted to do at a wedding, but never have. Catch the bouquet.

For them not liking rap music they sure played a lot of it at the reception or maybe that was his wife’s taste? My cousin mostly listens to 1950s music. He also listens to Madness, and Weird Al. Although no Madness or Weird Al was played or at least from what I heard.


NO INTERWEBZ?! — April 6, 2016


At 12 noon on Saturday I noticed that my internet was down. I was really upset I really wouldn’t have cared, but I have a paper due soon and I need the internet to finish it up.

I was going to call the company since it switched from Verzion to Frontier.

I gave the company 3 hours to fix it. When I tried to call again it was closed! I was just hoping for it to come back.

I was so bored! I made handy crafts. Here are some picture frames I made. I think I saw a variation of this craft in a youtube video. These were my 1st tries, so they are not that great.

I had some strange thoughts like “what is the best Rockapella song to get drunk to?” “1st Night”?

It really made me want to get rid of my cheap crappy phone and trade it in for a smart phone. I can give my old phone to one of my parents. They could sure use one.

I came up with a great Carmen fan fiction story it’s almost done, but I need to fact check it. I want it be a little educational in the spirit of the franchise.

The computer was working by itself, but just the internet was down. My dad thought it was completely broken.

It finally came back online when I noticed at 9:30PM Pacific Sunday night.

So I watched a lot of Match Game good thing that was on or I would have gone crazy.

Baseball Odango Atama —

Baseball Odango Atama

The title translates to “Baseball bun/meatball head”.

I wanted to wear odangos to school to go along with my Sailor Moon shirt. I realized I used my cheap rubber bands so I was afraid they would fall. They were also a bit messy. So I made a bun of both of them held by a scrunchie.

I thought odangos that looked like baseballs would be really cute. With white or light blond hair especially if it had red stitching like a baseball. Like that kind of artsy photography you find on Pinterest. Although that thought came to me later in the day.

I was going to post a blog yesterday about not having the internet over the weekend then I realized I was goofing off online, and I didn’t have the pictures for the blog entry I planned to post. I ended up watching a bunch of Bin’s Toy Bin videos and hockey. After my paper was finished. I wanted to relax and watch internet videos.

I had my paper with me I checked my backpack at least 3 times to see I had it. All I’m hoping for is a “C” or better. I’m still surprised that he let me write about Halloween. I did ask if I could use Halloween as a topic before I started my paper though. The thing I’m most worried about is the formatting. I have a college paper formatting guide book, but I think I lost it somewhere in my room during that horrible summer I had last year. I really need to find that if I have to write more papers this semester.

He said he was in a good mood because the Dodgers won both their games.

He gave a pop quiz and said if somebody volunteered that he would not grade it. I was feeling pretty confident. Since I read the assigned reading. And I got the question right. @o@ After I thought about it I should have done better on that quiz. I’m a communications major! What an embarrassment! XoX I did read the assigned reading and some Sailor Moon manga. I do need to get caught up on my reading for that class. I was not trying to show off or be cocky. He claimed I was the hero of the class, and that I should win a prize. Now where is my trip to anywhere in North America?

He was asking me if I knew that the Dodgers and Giants were from New York. I said about Boston having 2 baseball teams at one time. I told him I remembered when the Dodgers used to train at Vero Beach in Florida. I like already know that stuff. I was ready to tell him about the Bridegrooms. I was telling him about that my dad watches that old Home Run Derby show, and that the Senators team is in that show. I know a bunch of obscure baseball facts that I’ve picked up here and there.

The French Club was selling snacks again. From what I could see I could not what else they were selling very clearly, but I did see some kind of pastries. They had a bucket with Perrier for sale or “Peru” as the mother in Better off Dead would call it. Last time they played lyric less cafe style music. This time they were playing from what I could tell French rap music. I got a hankering to listen to “Sacre Français”, but I decided to listen to “Presents” instead. For some reason I had “Presents” stuck in my head all day.

In theater class the teacher said to see some theater students acting in some health related plays at 1PM. If I had more time I would have stayed to watch it. It sort of made me think of Seinfeld. She would give you a lot of extra credit for it. She wanted you to take pictures. I have a crappy camera in my phone. She would have gotten some grainy photo of some actor or something. After I thought about it she really seems like my reporter teacher in another form. It seems like most everything I seem to say to add to the discussion falls flat. Then I get really tense. XoX Now I have mentioned 3 different game shows in class. Were reading a play that is taking place in the 1930s one of the characters wears knicker pants. People in the class said the character was dressed like a hipster. I already read that play before the class did. I started reading it a little at first and after about reading for about an hour a week I read all of it. The story was good and I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m watching the movie. I hoped to finish the movie over the weekend, but couldn’t because I had no internet. I think because of the health play she let us out early. If I didn’t have to catch the bus I would have totally stayed for the extra credit and to make fun of it.


Tropeariffic blog Entry — April 4, 2016

Tropeariffic blog Entry

I had a lot of great ideas for fan fics. I plan to post 2 blogs today one about school (this one) and one about not having internet for the weekend.

My mom told me she thinks that gum thing is not going to work and that I should just stick to going to the lectures and reading the book and stuff like that. I’m just wondering am I like seemingly the only person who doesn’t like or think Cornell notes are effective? That is like the only “study hack” I don’t utilize. That is one thing I don’t like is to be forced to take my notes in certain style. They are for me and not the teacher or whoever.

I wore 2 My Little Pony clips to school. I didn’t want to lose them.

I was hoping the annoying guy did not come to class today. He was not there Wednesday and that was a nice vacation, but 2 classes would be lovely. UoU

In Poli Sci the teacher said he said he wanted the Dodgers to have an undefeated season. They play over 150 games a season and that is not including preseason and post season. I guess I was the only one who got that baseball joke. I don’t really follow baseball, but I know a lot about it. When I wrote down the date on the notes I noticed it’s 4-4-16. Then I had a nerdy math thought. 4×4=16. XD I tried that gum thing. I’m not really sure if it worked because that gum tasted really awful and I chewed it during the wrong lecture. @o@ XoX I think I’ll chew it when I read the book the test is on, during the lecture, and during the movie we are also being tested on. I’ve already seen that movie before in my old Poli Sci class. Was that the last thing I learned in class before I dropped it? I plan to go over my old notes to see if there is anything usable. That awful tasting gum made me long for good quality gum. It was so horrible I wanted to eat it. I forgot to do the homework, but I knew most of the answers anyway. I forgot to ask my mom the survey questions. So I just faked it, and I think a lot of people in class faked it. We were just BSing our way through it. He said he saw a lot of John Cena shirts yesterday. I muttered “he’s injured”. I  should so wear one of my John Cena shirts to class. Maybe next week. I have a few to choose from. He said about how he hates the show The Big Bang Theory. Maybe I should get a “Soft Kitty” shirt. That got me thinking about Professor Proton. I’d really like a Professor Proton shirt.

After class I got rid of the gum I was chewing.

For some reason I kept thinking about random song lyrics today. First it was “Fliptop Twister”, “Excuse Me Mr.”and then “I Wanna sex you Up”. I remembered when I told my mom last week that I wrote down some of the lyrics to “Big Wet Rag” from memory. She wondered why I could remember Rockapella lyrics, but not lectures. She does like to listen to that song in the car a lot and it’s pretty easy for me to learn song lyrics. This is sort of how the gum came into play. In my defense it was during theater class and I was really bored/frustrated. She doesn’t know how dissatisfied I am with that class.

Before theater class I’m just in the zone doing my thing. Writing and eating my licorice. I remembered I need to buy more. It reminded me of how much I’m like a character from one of the plays we are reading. I’d really like to play him, but I think she is going to make me play a female character. For some reason that guy is always offering the teacher food. :/ IDK it seems like he’s overcompensating for something. Well except for a few select people I really turn on the charm. He was talking about Deadpool again. XoX I was feeling very dandere in class. I knew the opposite of love is apathy I was thinking “It’s how feel in this class now”. She was talking about dreaming big and for what ever reason I was thinking about JD from Scrubs. If I told you what I really wanted and dreamed about you’d back away from me slowly with your hands up in fear. If you think that other guy is crazy I am too I just don’t talk about it. You are talking to an INFP here! I’m surprised nobody said they wanted to EGOT.

I feel like Sleepy Lagoon is class. This class could be Yankee Doodle Daffy. All I really need is a giant lollipop.

And Smeller Productions.

I realized I bought myself more time now I really need to rewrite my monologue. I really should have tried over the weekend I didn’t even need the internet for that. I doodled a sleeping face with a snot bubble. I was so bored and I doodled a drawing of Louise Belcher. I kept thinking about Sailor Moon Crystal and looking forward to watching it, and writing down random non-Sailor Moon related things.

What the hell is going in that class!? Maybe I need to act up too? I go to class for material only like when Jerry went to see Tor Eckman in the Seinfeld episode “The Heart Attack. I’ll need to bring some Chuckles to class. He was snapchatting again in class! >o< I’m not sure if she is just not paying attention to what he is doing or just doesn’t care. He was talking so loud over her nobody heard what she said. XoX

When he is ready to perform she tells him “Let’s start you don’t have a lot of time!” I had to LOL at that! Ok so this guy is not a bunny ears lawyer. Or at least I don’t see it. She keeps saying about what a great performer he is, but I feel his chops are lacking. He really just more describes things more than acting. I think he’d be a horrible scare actor or at least not a Knott’s from the videos I’ve seen of what they are looking for they want people who show and don’t tell. “Yeah, I’m a ghost miner and this is a haunted mine you know how in Scooby Doo how when they find that haunted mine?…” It would stand out among all the jump scares and people snarling at you. It would definitely clog up the maze.

Perhaps if he funneled that descriptive energy into writing it might work for him. Like purple prose stuff.

He’s such a time waster! >o< And because of that I missed my bus. Thanks a lot!

Now if my former speech teacher taught an acting class I’d be like the 1st person to sign up! ^-^

No Joke Blog Entry — April 1, 2016

No Joke Blog Entry

I guess I should write a blog about quitting school or some other absurd notion that came over me recently and then proceed to say April Fools! I’m not in the mood for that. >o<

I’m still stumped on my paper. I thought I’d take a challenging topic that not a lot of people would pick, but I’m having a hard time writing it. Although I have 48 words instead of 4. So that is an improvement. Perhaps I’m just psyching myself out? Perhaps I need to get into the groove of writing it.

I did get caught up on my reading for theater class. I wasn’t that behind for that class. I think I need to make arrangements to see the play later in the month. The teacher said some of the accents were bad. They are portraying British characters. Detective Conan did an adaption of it.

That Love Live! anime is ok I guess. I don’t hate it or anything. Some parts of it look more computer animated than others. The ending song of the first episode was good; it was very ska sounding. The only real complaint I have with it is that the subtitles are so tiny! I had to sit up in front of the tv to see them. I guess it will help me with circle time. They are running a lot of commercials for Amachan during the show. I guess because that series has to do with Aki wanting to be an idol. And they ran a lot of Love Live! commercials during Amachan this Monday.

Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 is premiering soon! But it’s going to premiere on Mondays 😦 I guess I can watch it on Monday or Tuesday as a reward for a job well done in class. I already broke out my book 7 of the Mixx manga. I still never bought myself the rest of the missing Mixx manga volumes 4-6. I should give that to myself as a end of the semester gift. Or at least 1 book. But only if I do a good job. I did go a little overboard buying those Rockapella CDs. I forgot why I wanted them at first then I remember I bought them to play in my parents’ new (to them) car.