It’s Not in the Cards — May 30, 2016

It’s Not in the Cards

I’ve had the most horrible luck while trying to watch Eubanks’ Card Sharks ’86. It seems like every time I try to watch it my mom is bothering me. It happened today. Then in the afternoon, and just my luck they cycled back to the beginning! >o< They said they were going to show it for 10 weeks. Actually I thought it was going to be 2 weeks of episodes shown 5 times. Instead it’s 5 weeks of episodes shown 2 times. Buzzr is a good channel and all, but they need a lot more episodes than the small handful that they repeatedly show over and over. They are really hemorrhaging viewers. All those products for the elderly commercials don’t bother me like they do to some people.

I was thinking about music personality types. A lot of people think certain bands and musicians are only for certain types. Of course that would mean that the INFPs would like “sensitive” music. Rockapella, I would not say the group as a whole is a group that would appeal to INFPs as a whole (old or new original material). But the song “Indiana” is so INFP fodder. The longing, nostalgia, and optimism.

I guess I don’t look at things that way. Music is music. I don’t really see it for personality types. INFJ, ISTP, ESFP, ESTJ, and EFPQ (that last one it not a real personalty type)


Sunday Crafting — May 29, 2016
COLLEGE IS GOD! — May 27, 2016


You might think that title looks a little strange, but there is a lot of reasoning behind this. The way people believe in college helping you is like at religious levels. When I was in high school all I was told was that if I didn’t go to college I’d be barefoot and pregnant living in a ditch, or maybe a van down by the river!

First off when people find out you didn’t finish college they do the *does the shame on you finger motion*

Everybody has heard this. You finish high school, go to college, get a degree and you will magically get a high paying job when you graduate. You are practically spoon fed this information all through high school and sometimes junior high.

Except there are a few holes in this “master plan” now. First off now a college degree is the equivalent of like a high school diploma. Most entry level jobs won’t hire you without one nowadays. McDonald’s, Starbucks, or selling car wax door to door. But isn’t the door to door model outdated now?

I mean once I had been convinced to follow this so called “master plan” I expected to finish college in 4 years and by the 5th year I’d be livin’ it up with a fancy new sports car and living in a swanky neighborhood.

Or you can tell somebody a person who didn’t go to or finish college and they are pretty successful. Then the person arguing towards college will say it doesn’t matter that person is an entertainer or something like that.

Now you can show me all the statistics under the sun. About how college graduates earn more and they are more successful and when they poo it smells like cherries and roses. I seen and heard it all before. If anybody knows about the last one being true leave a comment below.

I really didn’t want to finish only because it was going slowly and a large portion of my family was mad at me. Honestly now I’m doing it out of necessity because I know I can’t even get entry level jobs without one. I feel for me it’s a necessary evil of life.

I was looking at the college catalog. That thing is a bitch to look up in PDF. A communications degree looks good. After I found out all the equivalency of them. Well I’ll see. I really should meet up with a counselor this summer when they open it back up again. (this is actually good news)


Doodling and a Proposed Dance Off — May 25, 2016

Doodling and a Proposed Dance Off

I looked up that chicken scare story and it’s an old story from like 2013, so I’m back to eating chicken again. If the chicken was contaminated I would have gotten sick like about 3 years ago.

I noticed one hobbyist who wanted to go around the world to go to educational programs and conventions. That person started a gofundme campaign. I’m pretty sure that person earned under $100. Recently they suspended their campaign. I mean the page is gone. When I see things like that it makes me wonder if I did start something like that if I would end up earning even less.

I had a great idea about making my own photo holder out of duck tape. Why didn’t I think of this before!?

I decided I’ll keep identifying myself as American. Unless something changes otherwise. ♪♫”When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside, ya’ gotta take a stand, it don’t help to hide…”♪♫

On the ride to school the bus seemed really crowded for some reason. I’m not sure why.

In Poli Sci hardly anybody came to class. Hardly anybody turned the extra credit in, including me. I really wasn’t paying attention in class. I need to get caught up on the reading. He was talking about the Bernie and Hilary rallies that were held near here. He said the Bernie supporters looked like they were under 25 and the Hilary ones looked like they were seniors. All I could think about was this skit. The broom looks really fun!

I had a silly thought in class if Wally George was still alive I wonder how he would react to this presidential election. For anybody reading this who didn’t grow up watching his show or knowing of him. He was this guy who hosted a show on channel 56 KDOC that was sort of like Jerry Springer before Jerry Springer. But he was a conservative figure. Loved Reagan and had a picture that said “USA is #1”. In all seriousness just put that guy’s name in youtube, and you can see a lot of old clips of his show. But very retro none the less. The teacher was getting weird and preachy again or whatever the hell he was doing during the last lecture. I was bored in class again and doodling. I drew some funny things including; Keroppi, Pyonkichi, a poorly drawn Hello Kitty, 2 pikachu and Luna.

Then I noticed the doodle was very noticeable, so I was trying to hide it with the printed out notes I had. Since the teacher needed to leave early to drive to LA. Which he should have left before class started to get there at a reasonable time if he was departing from the school. Because of that he let class out early. So I took the time to just write. Then I realized I should be studying for my Poli Sci final, and I did just a little. Perhaps I should look over my lines too.

In theater the teacher asked me if I wanted to sign up for the audition notification email list. Me? That ship sailed a while ago. I’ll stick to writing thank you very much! I’m a content writer. It was funny because when she asked I was writing.

When her class is over I want everybody collectively to sing “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. That idea came to me while I was cooking breakfast this morning.

The teacher said that she cries on the last day of class and gives the class some kind of speech. Usually the teacher giving a farewell speech is pretty common. Then she started reciting it she said something about great professors. You aren’t that great, in my eyes. She’s just sort of there. *shrugs* All joking aside she was memorable for conducting the strangest test I’ve ever experienced in all years of schooling so far, poorly disciplining her class, and the absurd amount of material I got in there.

It reminded me of something my 5th grade teacher did. She cried when the class left at the end of the year. I’ll tell you that lady had it in for me. Everything in her class seemed rigged. I think that teacher cried because I was moving onto the 6th grade, and she didn’t have me there to be her chew toy anymore.

Somebody asked if it is a bad thing if your pee smells like coffee. Do I really need to know about your urine? Whoa TMI! Gag me with a spoon! Personally I would never say that to somebody in a class. But I’m weird like that.

That annoying guy was complaining about some bad food he ate. I guess he can eat a lot because he was a football player. And like always he went into a long story about what he ate, and how he got sick and all that. Eating up my time like Pac Man eating the pills. No, that is disrespectful towards Pac Man to compare him to Pac Man. Then he was complaining about his legs like always. He skates and gets a lot of bruises and complains about them. Then the teacher left to go to the bathroom. The room went crazy! That place was a mad house! How old are we? Sometimes I feel like the only sane person there. That annoying guy was lobbying for a dance off in class. He claimed to have been asking for one since the class began. Eh! *shrugs* Then he starts playing this weird song I’ve never heard before and says it’s an old song. It was like office skit level absurdity. I’ll participate in the dance off, but only if I can dance the Pongalusi.

I added this picture of Chief and Greg dancing just for fun!

That girl brought her cane again and people kept playing with it.

I was thinking about doing something else for the last day of class, but I’m not sure what. The teacher said on the day of the final we are going to get a substitute for part of it. Who knows we might even get Mr. Schwemphf.


Personality Journal Blog Entry 13 — May 24, 2016

Personality Journal Blog Entry 13

I had another topic I was going to blog about, but I didn’t have enough time to finish it. I know promising to post a blog later is a sign of bad blogging, but I’m gonna do this.

I’m back posting something from the personality journal. I haven’t posted anything from that in a while. According to my writings since March.

This entry is writing about your favorites.

Movie: Sailor Moon R movie & Disney’s The Little Mermaid (tie)

Store in the mall: Do I have one? I hardly go to the mall anymore.

Guilty Pleasure: Anything related to my secret hobby.

Board game: I haven’t played any in years.

Favorite room in the house? Wasn’t I asked this question before? Yes I was.

Magazine: I haven’t read a magazine in a long time either.

Book: Sailor Moon manga

Day of the week: I don’t know. Saturday?

Snack: I’m not sure I have a lot.

Pepperoni, Pimp Canes and Potatoes — May 23, 2016

Pepperoni, Pimp Canes and Potatoes

I was having problems on the bus. When I wanted to get off the chain wouldn’t work on either side and I pulled it hard! I got in trouble with the driver. When I got off I said “the chain doesn’t work”.

In Poli Sci I guess the teacher was a little pissed off because he hurt his back and the school computers were broken. Today he just seemed more I don’t know like snobby or condescending. More than usual for him.

So once the teacher started ranting about college, the poor, and other stuff I tuned out and thought about this song.

Then I was doodling. I doodled a picture of Pepperoni from Stickin’ Around. I cleaned it up a little in paint. My highlighter was fat tipped so I didn’t color it in very well.

Here is a picture of the real Pepperoni from the cartoon.

He was telling us about the chicken scare. But it didn’t matter to him because he doesn’t eat meat. So I thought I lay off chicken for a while. I wasted a lot of beef during that pink slime scare, and boy was my mom pissed.

But it’s SOS (same old shit) if you don’t finish college you are going to end up being a hobo who lives in a ditch or something like that. It’s always the same. *rolls eyes* He said you could have an advantage if one or both your parents went to college. I did not with my dad. It’s not that I don’t know about it. It’s that the person who told me what to do was so far removed from it didn’t know what to do. He was like Austin Powers or something. Like when he would complain about the cost of things in college. It makes a little more sense to me now when I watch those early 70s Let’s Make a Deal on Buzzr. Stuff was so cheap back then. I just don’t get why he doesn’t see that prices inflated in other areas like food and cars. Why would college prices stay the same?

That lecture was very awful! Really truly awful! It was quite depressing too.

I thought you were cool man! Or at least semi-cool for a Poli Sci professor. Well now I don’t. You’re in the “eh professors” pile now. He did tell me some other pretty strange things before like that I’m not American. I mean I was born in America, but I can’t identify myself as an American because I’m not a Native American. I need to identify with my heritage instead. Which reminds me I should rewrite my youtube profile.

After I thought about it I really have enough good material for another blog entry.

Before theater class this girl was showing off her cane. It’s a fold-able one. They asked why she bought it. She said because it made her happy, and not for orthopedic reasons. Sometimes I wish I could be quirky like that. I probably am, but I don’t see it. The other people in class said it looked like a pimp cane. All I could see in my mind was that girl dressed like Kramer in the Wig Master episode. Why is everything in that class pretty much lead to me thinking about Seinfeld? Like almost every class. I said she should get it monogrammed. They told her to put rhinestones on the cane. To use a BeDazzler on it. I said I have one. I don’t know what happened to it I think I lost it when I moved I haven’t seen that thing in like 4 years.

They said she could be like a pimp and have a swag bag. But they really meant a dollar sign money bag from the cartoons.

Just like the one Porky Pig is holding in this cartoon.

I had almost the same problem with the bus chain on the ride home. At least one side of it was working.

At home I refused to touch any of the chicken there. My mom just thinks I’m acting strange for no reason. Or I could forget by the end of the week or something. Sometimes I do things like that.

I thought that Arthur cartoon about them going into the 4th grade was really funny. Especially the MC character or Mr. Cramp. The part about the potatoes was funny.


A Horse Walks into a Market — May 20, 2016

A Horse Walks into a Market

So I went to the local Aldi market. I was pretty unimpressed with it. What is so great about those stores? I mean practically all the store is their own brand and they really make it look like the real brand they are copying.  You have to inspect it really closely. They are all the rage on the mommy and saver blogs. The problem that I found with the place is that they charge 25¢ per cart and charge you for bags. They nickle and dime you to pass the savings along to you somewhere else. They also do this at the Japanese supermarket, but I put up with that because they sell things that are hard to find anywhere else or I will have to pay outrageous prices online. I bought some lemonade it was on sale from their already low price. I figured if it tasted bad I could just add some alcohol to it. It tastes pretty good, but I’m still not sold on this place. I need to try more food from there to see if it’s that good.

I am very saddened by the death of Alan Young. I thought something was up when closed down his Mister Ed website. He was the last living cast member of the show. I loved his book and even did a book report on it. Besides playing Wilbur Post he also was the voice of Scrooge McDuck.




Late Talk — May 18, 2016

Late Talk

Everything seemed to be running late today. It was strange. My dad was running late. I hate having to take the early bus to school because the one that is supposed to arrive at the school at 9:30AM is at least 15-30 minutes late. I mentioned the 9:45AM class glut at the school. Because of the late bus I have to get up extra early to get ready. I can’t wait for this semester to end! I want to not have to take any more 9:45AM classes! They really suck! Then the early bus I ride was late. But that was ok I was going to school like an hour early anyway. When I wanted to get off the bus to go to school. I was almost dropped off at the next stop. I didn’t want to be dropped off there. That is a far uphill walk to my class from that bus stop.

In Poli Sci the teacher was complaining about how few people show up to class during the class at the time I have it. I think it really has to do with the newer class scheduling and the “lite Fridays”. The school is almost shut down on Fridays. He said very few people come to his 3 hour Poli Sci class. I couldn’t stand a 3 hour Poli Sci class. I remember that 3 hour science lab class I took. It felt more like 5 hours. Well I was there for about 5 hours. I had the lecture class for about an hour or 2 then the 3 hour lab class on Thursdays I think? It wasn’t as bad as Japanese class that ended with about 12 people. I’ll admit Japanese was really hard.

Usually before class I listen to some Rockapella music, write and sometimes eat, or I don’t feel like eating the food I brought. I just don’t like talking much. It’s not that I don’t like them or anything. So I had a conversation with some of my class mates. When I told them I’m 32 they were shocked. I’m very old. I guess my crow’s feet aren’t that noticeable. I’ve mentioned that I’m over 30 in class a few times. It’s not that important if they heard me say that a few times or not. It’s not that I try to be youthful or immature too much now. Sometimes it will linger. They said that I probably know more about life than they do. *whispers* I probably don’t really. I told them my “college story”. I can have the satisfaction to say that I really am almost finished. Somebody was talking about the properties of a diamond. You are talking to a former science nerd here. And geography too but that never came up. XoX They don’t know how studious I am. They were talking about tattoos I don’t know much about them. I used to think about getting ones, but now that I’m older I’m not sure.

The guys in the class have to perform scenes from a different play. It’s set in the 1930s so they have to dress like that. I suggested that they watch the movie of the play to see how the characters are dressed in that. The people should dress like Rockapella like the way they dressed on World regularly. You know with the shirts, slacks and suspenders or vests.

Somebody else in the class has the same problem I do. They are large and can’t find good thrift clothes for their character. I have a even bigger problem I need to find 1970s style clothes. Well since I’m still not officially in the class anymore I can just wing it. But I really have no idea what to wear not even an inkling. I even saw some clips of the movie of that play and thought of nothing. They are wearing like cotton summer dresses. I don’t own anything like that. Perhaps I could get by with wearing bell bottoms?

I was goofing off in class playing with the playing cards I brought as a prop. I was playing “Card Sharks” with them. I was actually enjoying myself. I could hear Bob Eubanks in my head. Then we practiced our scene for a little bit. I had an idea to put the lines on the cards. I’m always trying to figure out sneaky ways to do things. The practice performance wasn’t too bad.



Get Your Cutie Mark in Writing — May 17, 2016

Get Your Cutie Mark in Writing

The title sounds like some kind of contract negotiation.

I’ve been fretting I was going to end up being a “blank flank” for the rest of my life. Maybe I don’t need a speaking voice. I have a voice; my writing voice. I can and do speak; I’m not a mute.

I was thinking about when I was younger like early high school age; about 14 I would tell people that when I grew up I wanted to be a writer. But since I don’t communicate too well through speaking nobody really understood what I was trying to say. A “writer” is such a broad description. It is such a hard business to break into maybe even harder than singing or acting.

Like my secret hobby a lot of people think it is such an easy thing to do. That anybody can do it. You get the supplies, and well you are pretty much good to go. I think for both you have to have the right kind of mindset to be good at either of them or even both!

So now that I found my talent the world is good, and everything is happy, and there’s a rainbow and a My Little Pony who flies over it (G1) and a Care Bear thrown in for good measure.


Clandestine Snapchat — May 16, 2016

Clandestine Snapchat

In Poli Sci the teacher told a joke about The Postal Service the band and the USPS. It fell flat on most of them, and I didn’t get it at first because I was not really paying attention in class. I’m so old.  Their songs were popular like in what 2003? I said his joke didn’t reach great heights. Doesn’t KROQ and 98.7 still play their songs into the ground? Along with the same old Offspring, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Blink-182, and Nirvana songs?

He asked who remembers dial-up internet or knew what it was/is. A large majority of people said they didn’t know, or so they claimed. I’m not sure. I know it all too well. I was using it until like 4 years ago. Ironically I just wrote about it.

He was telling us about the people and the Illuminati theories. I was thinking about the Weird Al song “Foil”.

We had to watch some old video explain what the federal reserve does. The cartoons in it looked like the ones from Reading Rainbow or the Drug Avengers. I was going to say that, but I realized saying that would severely date me.

It was cold today, so I wanted something warm to eat and or drink. All I had on me was some candy and some jerky sticks. First I went to the snack shop, but there was nothing good there. I went to the Starbucks. I bought an overpriced sandwich. It wasn’t very tasty. I could have made a better sandwich for cheap. It got cold quickly because they just heat them in a microwave. The sandwich was crummy and they got all over my sweatshirt. It was hard to get the sugar into the tea. So I drank it mostly without sugar.

In theater class I was really downing that tea. Once it got cool enough to drink without taking small sips. Then I realized tea gives me indigestion. I’ll still drink it though. Somebody brought a huge bag of kettle corn to class to share one of those huge 3 foot bags. It brought back memories of the kettle corn I would mooch at CSUF at 11AM when they were giving fresh samples. I was going to mention that but I didn’t. I had a little goes well with tea. I didn’t want to eat too much it gets stuck in my teeth. Plus my nose was running, and I didn’t want to look too gross sticking my hand in a communal bag of kettle corn. Then we did this thing where we had to distract people and make them get up. So I was the annoying one. I told bad jokes and I wanted to sing my rendition of “Ride on Time” poorly. I sang “Don’t Speak” instead. I was gonna make an SNL Spartans reference, but I thought nobody would get it. I used my tea ingestion to my advantage. The some other people did it, and the girl was talking with an accent. I’m so old I was thinking about Mike Meyers’ character Linda from the Coffee Talk skits from SNL, but would anybody else besides possibly the teacher know who that is? She stuffed kettle corn in the other girl’s mouth. Somebody made a snapchat of it, but it was not that guy. The teacher said she didn’t want her name on it. That right there is what I’m talking about folks! Something still doesn’t smell right and it’s not that weird smell those jerky sticks made in my backpack.