I think I finally watched all the episodes of Dear John (US version of the show) Antenna tv has to offer.

I was cooking my breakfast singing the song “Presents” this morning.

Today is Star Wars day. I didn’t see a lot of people at school with their Star Wars shirts and stuff. Why don’t other franchises have their own day like Sailor Moon day?

I was thinking about how some people say theater class is like playing. It’s not that I don’t like to play. I do just not with some of those people.

I need to get caught up on my reading. I haven’t read the chapter for Poli Sci. My mind was wandering in class I was thinking about making more fan art.

That department head helped me a little she told me one of the classes I took count towards a journalism degree. But we need to find out about another class.

I like this I feel like I have immunity now. I could have spent 20 minutes in the bathroom. Not that I would want to though. Bathrooms are smelly! When I get to the building somebody tells me to go and look for something around campus that makes you happy. I’m looking at this with a skeptical eye. I’ve taken enough classes to know that. I may not be a seasoned actor, but I am a seasoned student. I think this is the 3rd time I’ve done this assignment. I did it twice for 2 different communications classes. So whateves I just got a sugar packet from the Starbucks. She doesn’t realize how hyped up on sugar and caffeine I would be when I came to class. Not so much anymore, but who cares. You know what really makes me happy? Emails from my pen pal, but I mentioned that before. Too bad I didn’t have any on hand. I was gonna give a cop out answer and say the music in my MP3 player. I’m just sort of there and I like it! I feel more free and less reserved. I shout out things more even if she still ignores me. What is she going to do? I’d really like to play spotlight. It’s a game where you sing a song and then when you can’t finish it another person can complete it for you or sing a new song. I know the class would love to hear me belt out a few verses of “Cake for Breakfast” or “Follow me to Heaven”. I got my test back. I thought she was going to throw it out. I essentially got a B on it. A “B” on a test I really didn’t study for. Perhaps it was a good idea I didn’t fill it out with joke answers like using Rockapella lyrics. My scene partners want to know why I dropped. I can’t say I really can’t say. The real reason they can’t handle. It really has nothing to do with me being a bad student. It’s not like that time I was failing math last semester. With all those “F”s. It was the atmosphere, and how I was treated in there. Rash decisions and hurt feelings. Plus I have to do the thing I don’t want to do and meet up later at the school next week.

Lesson learned! XoX


Here is one of the few times I’ll mention politics. I’m so upset about what happened with Trump! That all my support is going to Hillary. I might even see if I can get some type of volunteer job for her or something as long as it is not all the way in the city. I’m so riled up about this I might even change my party affiliation. I was never a Republican to begin with anyway. NO TRUMP AT ALL COSTS!