Song lyrics make great blog titles. Especially since “Bleed like Me” is still my ringtone.

I wore my Harley Quinn shirt again. I wore my hair in 2 odangos one with a red scrunchie and one with a black scrunchie. Red and black get it? I really want to dress up as her, but I’m not sure how I want to make the costume. Because I hardly ever wear odangos my head was itchy all day. Especially where I parted my hair.

In Poli Sci everybody was bummed out because of the early final. Early class early final. Rookies. *chuckles*. Usually that is printed in the catalogue so you know when to take or not take classes. The earliest final I ever had to take was for a math class at CSUF that was held at like 6:30AM. At my school there is a glut of classes held there at 9:45AM for some reason. They scheduled the classes so strangely, and because of that there are a lot of good classes happening at the same time. He wanted us to summarize an article. A lot of people in class did not read it. Perhaps I should not have tried to read it before I was going to watch The Simpsons while listening to Rockapella songs. I can read fast. I just didn’t understand it much.

I met with the department head again. So there is some progression on the major front. Two classes counted towards a journalism degree. One of my classes counted towards nothing. It comes with the territory of taking random classes at other colleges. I need to see how many more classes I need to take for that degree. I’d meet up with a counselor, but it’s the end of the spring semester and people are scrambling to graduate. And the counseling offices are a mad house now. But progress was made so I’m happy. o^-^o

I think my theater teacher likes to hear stories about people getting hit by cars for some strange reason. Maybe that is like her thing? I’m not sure. I thought about this quote from the Seinfeld episode The Andrea Doria. It’s from Jerry to George. “You know, if this tenant board is so impressed with suffering, maybe you should tell them ‘Astonishing Tales of  Costanza’.” She’s never heard Astonishing Tales of (my last name)! I’ve been hit by a car a few times. Not recently thankfully. The worst time was in 1991. I still have scars from it all these years later. Actually I have told this story before to my memoir class almost exactly 6 years ago according to my writing notebook the entry was dated 5-11-10. It was a really popular story. After I finished reading it the class applauded. I thought that was strange they never applauded after my stories. Was it that good? I was no old guy you know. It’s a very long story and I didn’t finish it during class. Or I could do that thing they did in The Office in the episode Grief Counseling when they tricked Micheal and told him the plot of movies to make him think that those things really happened to them. I was thinking about Louise Belcher when she gets really riled up, and gets violent with people like with Millie and Boo Boo. I’d like to dress up as her too. I’m there, but I’m not there I really like it. It’s great! I love it! I’m still speaking a little too softly, but eh. *shrugs* I was there with my Twix bar from the candy lineup. (ok, not really from the candy lineup) That was the only real reason I came to class today. I wanted to ask how long my scene partners want to practice on Wednesday. They should be practicing more. I’m the one with the least lines. Which is to my advantage. Less stuff for me to memorize. And that is not bad! *points* But I still have to miss Card Sharks 😦

It’s Sean Altman’s birthday today. I’m gonna listen to “Follow me to Heaven” and “Indiana”. “Indiana” is my favorite song that Sean wrote, but Scott sings lead on it.