Like I’ve mentioned many times before 90s song lyrics make great blog titles.

I was thinking about the Running Man Challenge. I guess I’m old and I don’t get it. The song and the dance don’t match. I guess those things are really not to get. I love the song “My Boo”. It was so popular when I was in junior high 20 years ago. Maybe last year it made it’s way into my MP3 player. Such an exemplary song of the Miami Bass sound. Too bad too that was such a good song. Now it will be forever associated with that meme! Eventually it will go away like all the others nobody seems to be talking about “Damn Daniel!” anymore. I’m not with it anymore. I feel old like; extra super old. While I watch old game shows and have a bottle of Geritol. I’ll end up being like Pops from The Goldbergs and call it “dancing man contest” or something like that.

I was thinking about what I want to do this summer I always say or think I’m going to get a lot done, but never seem to. Here is something productive; go to the dentist. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while anyway. And get a summer job, but get a summer job is always on my list. As for my secret hobby I’m not gonna say anything. My lips are sealed here. I don’t want any of them ruining my summer. That hobbyist is gone. The one who bossed me around and ruined my summer last year. That person faded away from the hobby due to “personal issues“. As long as this person doesn’t rear their ugly head. Maybe it was just a phase with them.

My dad is mad that I want to buy my own laptop. I’m so sick of sharing a computer with him. Actually it was worse when all we had was one PC with dial-up. Then my parents would get mad at me because I would be up at 3AM using it. It should not take anybody 3+ hours to answer emails even on dial-up. I’m not sure if I want to buy it because I want to save up for that hobbyist education program and be more of a miser than I already am. And for me IRL that is pretty drastic. No ponies or Shopkins! 😦

Too bad Grandfathered got canceled. That was the only show of the list of cancelled shows I really liked. I imagined that if my dad was ever a grandfather he would act like Jimmy.