In Poli Sci the teacher told a joke about The Postal Service the band and the USPS. It fell flat on most of them, and I didn’t get it at first because I was not really paying attention in class. I’m so old.  Their songs were popular like in what 2003? I said his joke didn’t reach great heights. Doesn’t KROQ and 98.7 still play their songs into the ground? Along with the same old Offspring, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Blink-182, and Nirvana songs?

He asked who remembers dial-up internet or knew what it was/is. A large majority of people said they didn’t know, or so they claimed. I’m not sure. I know it all too well. I was using it until like 4 years ago. Ironically I just wrote about it.

He was telling us about the people and the Illuminati theories. I was thinking about the Weird Al song “Foil”.

We had to watch some old video explain what the federal reserve does. The cartoons in it looked like the ones from Reading Rainbow or the Drug Avengers. I was going to say that, but I realized saying that would severely date me.

It was cold today, so I wanted something warm to eat and or drink. All I had on me was some candy and some jerky sticks. First I went to the snack shop, but there was nothing good there. I went to the Starbucks. I bought an overpriced sandwich. It wasn’t very tasty. I could have made a better sandwich for cheap. It got cold quickly because they just heat them in a microwave. The sandwich was crummy and they got all over my sweatshirt. It was hard to get the sugar into the tea. So I drank it mostly without sugar.

In theater class I was really downing that tea. Once it got cool enough to drink without taking small sips. Then I realized tea gives me indigestion. I’ll still drink it though. Somebody brought a huge bag of kettle corn to class to share one of those huge 3 foot bags. It brought back memories of the kettle corn I would mooch at CSUF at 11AM when they were giving fresh samples. I was going to mention that but I didn’t. I had a little goes well with tea. I didn’t want to eat too much it gets stuck in my teeth. Plus my nose was running, and I didn’t want to look too gross sticking my hand in a communal bag of kettle corn. Then we did this thing where we had to distract people and make them get up. So I was the annoying one. I told bad jokes and I wanted to sing my rendition of “Ride on Time” poorly. I sang “Don’t Speak” instead. I was gonna make an SNL Spartans reference, but I thought nobody would get it. I used my tea ingestion to my advantage. The some other people did it, and the girl was talking with an accent. I’m so old I was thinking about Mike Meyers’ character Linda from the Coffee Talk skits from SNL, but would anybody else besides possibly the teacher know who that is? She stuffed kettle corn in the other girl’s mouth. Somebody made a snapchat of it, but it was not that guy. The teacher said she didn’t want her name on it. That right there is what I’m talking about folks! Something still doesn’t smell right and it’s not that weird smell those jerky sticks made in my backpack.