The title sounds like some kind of contract negotiation.

I’ve been fretting I was going to end up being a “blank flank” for the rest of my life. Maybe I don’t need a speaking voice. I have a voice; my writing voice. I can and do speak; I’m not a mute.

I was thinking about when I was younger like early high school age; about 14 I would tell people that when I grew up I wanted to be a writer. But since I don’t communicate too well through speaking nobody really understood what I was trying to say. A “writer” is such a broad description. It is such a hard business to break into maybe even harder than singing or acting.

Like my secret hobby a lot of people think it is such an easy thing to do. That anybody can do it. You get the supplies, and well you are pretty much good to go. I think for both you have to have the right kind of mindset to be good at either of them or even both!

So now that I found my talent the world is good, and everything is happy, and there’s a rainbow and a My Little Pony who flies over it (G1) and a Care Bear thrown in for good measure.