Everything seemed to be running late today. It was strange. My dad was running late. I hate having to take the early bus to school because the one that is supposed to arrive at the school at 9:30AM is at least 15-30 minutes late. I mentioned the 9:45AM class glut at the school. Because of the late bus I have to get up extra early to get ready. I can’t wait for this semester to end! I want to not have to take any more 9:45AM classes! They really suck! Then the early bus I ride was late. But that was ok I was going to school like an hour early anyway. When I wanted to get off the bus to go to school. I was almost dropped off at the next stop. I didn’t want to be dropped off there. That is a far uphill walk to my class from that bus stop.

In Poli Sci the teacher was complaining about how few people show up to class during the class at the time I have it. I think it really has to do with the newer class scheduling and the “lite Fridays”. The school is almost shut down on Fridays. He said very few people come to his 3 hour Poli Sci class. I couldn’t stand a 3 hour Poli Sci class. I remember that 3 hour science lab class I took. It felt more like 5 hours. Well I was there for about 5 hours. I had the lecture class for about an hour or 2 then the 3 hour lab class on Thursdays I think? It wasn’t as bad as Japanese class that ended with about 12 people. I’ll admit Japanese was really hard.

Usually before class I listen to some Rockapella music, write and sometimes eat, or I don’t feel like eating the food I brought. I just don’t like talking much. It’s not that I don’t like them or anything. So I had a conversation with some of my class mates. When I told them I’m 32 they were shocked. I’m very old. I guess my crow’s feet aren’t that noticeable. I’ve mentioned that I’m over 30 in class a few times. It’s not that important if they heard me say that a few times or not. It’s not that I try to be youthful or immature too much now. Sometimes it will linger. They said that I probably know more about life than they do. *whispers* I probably don’t really. I told them my “college story”. I can have the satisfaction to say that I really am almost finished. Somebody was talking about the properties of a diamond. You are talking to a former science nerd here. And geography too but that never came up. XoX They don’t know how studious I am. They were talking about tattoos I don’t know much about them. I used to think about getting ones, but now that I’m older I’m not sure.

The guys in the class have to perform scenes from a different play. It’s set in the 1930s so they have to dress like that. I suggested that they watch the movie of the play to see how the characters are dressed in that. The people should dress like Rockapella like the way they dressed on World regularly. You know with the shirts, slacks and suspenders or vests.

Somebody else in the class has the same problem I do. They are large and can’t find good thrift clothes for their character. I have a even bigger problem I need to find 1970s style clothes. Well since I’m still not officially in the class anymore I can just wing it. But I really have no idea what to wear not even an inkling. I even saw some clips of the movie of that play and thought of nothing. They are wearing like cotton summer dresses. I don’t own anything like that. Perhaps I could get by with wearing bell bottoms?

I was goofing off in class playing with the playing cards I brought as a prop. I was playing “Card Sharks” with them. I was actually enjoying myself. I could hear Bob Eubanks in my head. Then we practiced our scene for a little bit. I had an idea to put the lines on the cards. I’m always trying to figure out sneaky ways to do things. The practice performance wasn’t too bad.