I had another topic I was going to blog about, but I didn’t have enough time to finish it. I know promising to post a blog later is a sign of bad blogging, but I’m gonna do this.

I’m back posting something from the personality journal. I haven’t posted anything from that in a while. According to my writings since March.

This entry is writing about your favorites.

Movie: Sailor Moon R movie & Disney’s The Little Mermaid (tie)

Store in the mall: Do I have one? I hardly go to the mall anymore.

Guilty Pleasure: Anything related to my secret hobby.

Board game: I haven’t played any in years.

Favorite room in the house? Wasn’t I asked this question before? Yes I was.

Magazine: I haven’t read a magazine in a long time either.

Book: Sailor Moon manga

Day of the week: I don’t know. Saturday?

Snack: I’m not sure I have a lot.