I looked up that chicken scare story and it’s an old story from like 2013, so I’m back to eating chicken again. If the chicken was contaminated I would have gotten sick like about 3 years ago.

I noticed one hobbyist who wanted to go around the world to go to educational programs and conventions. That person started a gofundme campaign. I’m pretty sure that person earned under $100. Recently they suspended their campaign. I mean the page is gone. When I see things like that it makes me wonder if I did start something like that if I would end up earning even less.

I had a great idea about making my own photo holder out of duck tape. Why didn’t I think of this before!?

I decided I’ll keep identifying myself as American. Unless something changes otherwise. ♪♫”When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside, ya’ gotta take a stand, it don’t help to hide…”♪♫

On the ride to school the bus seemed really crowded for some reason. I’m not sure why.

In Poli Sci hardly anybody came to class. Hardly anybody turned the extra credit in, including me. I really wasn’t paying attention in class. I need to get caught up on the reading. He was talking about the Bernie and Hilary rallies that were held near here. He said the Bernie supporters looked like they were under 25 and the Hilary ones looked like they were seniors. All I could think about was this skit. The broom looks really fun!

I had a silly thought in class if Wally George was still alive I wonder how he would react to this presidential election. For anybody reading this who didn’t grow up watching his show or knowing of him. He was this guy who hosted a show on channel 56 KDOC that was sort of like Jerry Springer before Jerry Springer. But he was a conservative figure. Loved Reagan and had a picture that said “USA is #1”. In all seriousness just put that guy’s name in youtube, and you can see a lot of old clips of his show. But very retro none the less. The teacher was getting weird and preachy again or whatever the hell he was doing during the last lecture. I was bored in class again and doodling. I drew some funny things including; Keroppi, Pyonkichi, a poorly drawn Hello Kitty, 2 pikachu and Luna.

Then I noticed the doodle was very noticeable, so I was trying to hide it with the printed out notes I had. Since the teacher needed to leave early to drive to LA. Which he should have left before class started to get there at a reasonable time if he was departing from the school. Because of that he let class out early. So I took the time to just write. Then I realized I should be studying for my Poli Sci final, and I did just a little. Perhaps I should look over my lines too.

In theater the teacher asked me if I wanted to sign up for the audition notification email list. Me? That ship sailed a while ago. I’ll stick to writing thank you very much! I’m a content writer. It was funny because when she asked I was writing.

When her class is over I want everybody collectively to sing “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. That idea came to me while I was cooking breakfast this morning.

The teacher said that she cries on the last day of class and gives the class some kind of speech. Usually the teacher giving a farewell speech is pretty common. Then she started reciting it she said something about great professors. You aren’t that great, in my eyes. She’s just sort of there. *shrugs* All joking aside she was memorable for conducting the strangest test I’ve ever experienced in all years of schooling so far, poorly disciplining her class, and the absurd amount of material I got in there.

It reminded me of something my 5th grade teacher did. She cried when the class left at the end of the year. I’ll tell you that lady had it in for me. Everything in her class seemed rigged. I think that teacher cried because I was moving onto the 6th grade, and she didn’t have me there to be her chew toy anymore.

Somebody asked if it is a bad thing if your pee smells like coffee. Do I really need to know about your urine? Whoa TMI! Gag me with a spoon! Personally I would never say that to somebody in a class. But I’m weird like that.

That annoying guy was complaining about some bad food he ate. I guess he can eat a lot because he was a football player. And like always he went into a long story about what he ate, and how he got sick and all that. Eating up my time like Pac Man eating the pills. No, that is disrespectful towards Pac Man to compare him to Pac Man. Then he was complaining about his legs like always. He skates and gets a lot of bruises and complains about them. Then the teacher left to go to the bathroom. The room went crazy! That place was a mad house! How old are we? Sometimes I feel like the only sane person there. That annoying guy was lobbying for a dance off in class. He claimed to have been asking for one since the class began. Eh! *shrugs* Then he starts playing this weird song I’ve never heard before and says it’s an old song. It was like office skit level absurdity. I’ll participate in the dance off, but only if I can dance the Pongalusi.

I added this picture of Chief and Greg dancing just for fun!

That girl brought her cane again and people kept playing with it.

I was thinking about doing something else for the last day of class, but I’m not sure what. The teacher said on the day of the final we are going to get a substitute for part of it. Who knows we might even get Mr. Schwemphf.