You might think that title looks a little strange, but there is a lot of reasoning behind this. The way people believe in college helping you is like at religious levels. When I was in high school all I was told was that if I didn’t go to college I’d be barefoot and pregnant living in a ditch, or maybe a van down by the river!

First off when people find out you didn’t finish college they do the *does the shame on you finger motion*

Everybody has heard this. You finish high school, go to college, get a degree and you will magically get a high paying job when you graduate. You are practically spoon fed this information all through high school and sometimes junior high.

Except there are a few holes in this “master plan” now. First off now a college degree is the equivalent of like a high school diploma. Most entry level jobs won’t hire you without one nowadays. McDonald’s, Starbucks, or selling car wax door to door. But isn’t the door to door model outdated now?

I mean once I had been convinced to follow this so called “master plan” I expected to finish college in 4 years and by the 5th year I’d be livin’ it up with a fancy new sports car and living in a swanky neighborhood.

Or you can tell somebody a person who didn’t go to or finish college and they are pretty successful. Then the person arguing towards college will say it doesn’t matter that person is an entertainer or something like that.

Now you can show me all the statistics under the sun. About how college graduates earn more and they are more successful and when they poo it smells like cherries and roses. I seen and heard it all before. If anybody knows about the last one being true leave a comment below.

I really didn’t want to finish only because it was going slowly and a large portion of my family was mad at me. Honestly now I’m doing it out of necessity because I know I can’t even get entry level jobs without one. I feel for me it’s a necessary evil of life.

I was looking at the college catalog. That thing is a bitch to look up in PDF. A communications degree looks good. After I found out all the equivalency of them. Well I’ll see. I really should meet up with a counselor this summer when they open it back up again. (this is actually good news)