I’ve had the most horrible luck while trying to watch Eubanks’ Card Sharks ’86. It seems like every time I try to watch it my mom is bothering me. It happened today. Then in the afternoon, and just my luck they cycled back to the beginning! >o< They said they were going to show it for 10 weeks. Actually I thought it was going to be 2 weeks of episodes shown 5 times. Instead it’s 5 weeks of episodes shown 2 times. Buzzr is a good channel and all, but they need a lot more episodes than the small handful that they repeatedly show over and over. They are really hemorrhaging viewers. All those products for the elderly commercials don’t bother me like they do to some people.

I was thinking about music personality types. A lot of people think certain bands and musicians are only for certain types. Of course that would mean that the INFPs would like “sensitive” music. Rockapella, I would not say the group as a whole is a group that would appeal to INFPs as a whole (old or new original material). But the song “Indiana” is so INFP fodder. The longing, nostalgia, and optimism.

I guess I don’t look at things that way. Music is music. I don’t really see it for personality types. INFJ, ISTP, ESFP, ESTJ, and EFPQ (that last one it not a real personalty type)