Driving Goals — May 15, 2016

Driving Goals

My dad wants me to take driving lessons this summer. I would really like to add learn to drive on that list. The written test wasn’t too hard. I’m not sure I did fail the written test the first time I took it. I remember because I showed it to my senior English teacher and my mom and they said they didn’t know the answers to those questions and that they had both been driving for years. I got a bunch of tricky questions about transporting hazardous waste for some reason. This was not for a commercial license. I took those horrible driving lessons. I was really good at steering, and that was about it. I never made it to take the driving test. That was one of the reasons I loved the pilot for The Goldbergs.

My theory still stands that the hobby is not all that popular in my immediate area. There was a very local education program I could have gone to as a commuter. But I think it closed down 2-3 years ago. For sure it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not trying to get into prestigious acting schools or anything like that. You can tell me whatever you want it’s similar, but it’s not the same. I know there is a glut of actors here. Maybe I should move to a sparely populated state where it is more popular.

The website Experience Project closed last month I was like…Eh *shrugs* There were a lot of pervs and trolls on that site anyway. I won’t really miss it or anything.

What is the deal with people who abandon their youtube channels for a long time then they make an “I’m back!” video?! Then they stop making videos. What was the point of making that!? Wouldn’t it have been better to abandon the channel? I mean I get it life gets in the way and stuff.

Never Burn out not Fade Away — May 13, 2016

Never Burn out not Fade Away

Like I’ve mentioned many times before 90s song lyrics make great blog titles.

I was thinking about the Running Man Challenge. I guess I’m old and I don’t get it. The song and the dance don’t match. I guess those things are really not to get. I love the song “My Boo”. It was so popular when I was in junior high 20 years ago. Maybe last year it made it’s way into my MP3 player. Such an exemplary song of the Miami Bass sound. Too bad too that was such a good song. Now it will be forever associated with that meme! Eventually it will go away like all the others nobody seems to be talking about “Damn Daniel!” anymore. I’m not with it anymore. I feel old like; extra super old. While I watch old game shows and have a bottle of Geritol. I’ll end up being like Pops from The Goldbergs and call it “dancing man contest” or something like that.

I was thinking about what I want to do this summer I always say or think I’m going to get a lot done, but never seem to. Here is something productive; go to the dentist. I haven’t been to the dentist in a while anyway. And get a summer job, but get a summer job is always on my list. As for my secret hobby I’m not gonna say anything. My lips are sealed here. I don’t want any of them ruining my summer. That hobbyist is gone. The one who bossed me around and ruined my summer last year. That person faded away from the hobby due to “personal issues“. As long as this person doesn’t rear their ugly head. Maybe it was just a phase with them.

My dad is mad that I want to buy my own laptop. I’m so sick of sharing a computer with him. Actually it was worse when all we had was one PC with dial-up. Then my parents would get mad at me because I would be up at 3AM using it. It should not take anybody 3+ hours to answer emails even on dial-up. I’m not sure if I want to buy it because I want to save up for that hobbyist education program and be more of a miser than I already am. And for me IRL that is pretty drastic. No ponies or Shopkins! 😦

Too bad Grandfathered got canceled. That was the only show of the list of cancelled shows I really liked. I imagined that if my dad was ever a grandfather he would act like Jimmy.


Nostalgic Teriyaki — May 11, 2016

Nostalgic Teriyaki

My mom is still mad about the theater class. I still haven’t told her I dropped it. She said I don’t need to change just because I think people like loud chatty people. This is still something I can’t wrap my head around. Why do a lot of people hate quiet people? Why are the non-stop talkers valued over everybody else?

I got my test back in Poli Sci and I got an 85 on it. So I’m happy! I’m doing so much better in this class than I was in my old class. According to my calculations my grade is a 86.3 which is still a B. I asked and he said if I do well on the final and do some extra credit I could raise my grade up a few points.

In theater class I was just sort of there writing, and watching people perform. I’m like a spectator; an observer. Somebody in class was wearing a Louise Belcher shirt in class. After class I chatted with some people. They aren’t so bad. I just hurry up and leave to catch my bus if too much time has not been wasted. I was talking about how my mom says I act like all 3 of the Belcher children, and the Spaghetti Western & Meatballs episode.

I decided to hang out for 2 hours, have a long lunch, and then practice. I went to get something at the teriyaki place. I was going to go to the Burger King but it is further away. The Burger King has been there for years. I think I first noticed it back in 2002. How long have I been riding the buses around there now? 14 years? That is a long time! You know teriyaki makes me nostalgic. Too bad I didn’t have it with an Orange Bang. I do love my Orange Bang. I don’t eat the food at school after they built the cafe the food there is over priced. The non franchise stuff. They have a Subway there, but I don’t eat Subway much. I’d rather get a stinky beef sandwich from the Walmart. I do miss the Carl’s Jr. I’m pretty sure they are selling over priced pizza by the slice again. I had some left over soda. So I poured the left over soda in another soda bottle. I made sure to wash it out. I felt like a hobo.

When I went back to school I almost got hit by a car in the cross walk. I had the right of way. The light just changed to the walking man. I thought there is a story for ya teacher! *points*

I still had like an hour to burn. I was wasting time writing and listening to that Greg Lee interview again. It’s a nice long piece to listen to while I write. I think I got some writing done. But I think I could have gotten more done.

Then we rehearsed. My other 2 partners felt that we rehearsed enough, so I got to leave early. ^-^ On the bus ride home I thought I don’t wanna be the person who has to memorize lines I want to be the person who writes the script they have to memorize.


You Should see my Scars — May 9, 2016

You Should see my Scars

Song lyrics make great blog titles. Especially since “Bleed like Me” is still my ringtone.

I wore my Harley Quinn shirt again. I wore my hair in 2 odangos one with a red scrunchie and one with a black scrunchie. Red and black get it? I really want to dress up as her, but I’m not sure how I want to make the costume. Because I hardly ever wear odangos my head was itchy all day. Especially where I parted my hair.

In Poli Sci everybody was bummed out because of the early final. Early class early final. Rookies. *chuckles*. Usually that is printed in the catalogue so you know when to take or not take classes. The earliest final I ever had to take was for a math class at CSUF that was held at like 6:30AM. At my school there is a glut of classes held there at 9:45AM for some reason. They scheduled the classes so strangely, and because of that there are a lot of good classes happening at the same time. He wanted us to summarize an article. A lot of people in class did not read it. Perhaps I should not have tried to read it before I was going to watch The Simpsons while listening to Rockapella songs. I can read fast. I just didn’t understand it much.

I met with the department head again. So there is some progression on the major front. Two classes counted towards a journalism degree. One of my classes counted towards nothing. It comes with the territory of taking random classes at other colleges. I need to see how many more classes I need to take for that degree. I’d meet up with a counselor, but it’s the end of the spring semester and people are scrambling to graduate. And the counseling offices are a mad house now. But progress was made so I’m happy. o^-^o

I think my theater teacher likes to hear stories about people getting hit by cars for some strange reason. Maybe that is like her thing? I’m not sure. I thought about this quote from the Seinfeld episode The Andrea Doria. It’s from Jerry to George. “You know, if this tenant board is so impressed with suffering, maybe you should tell them ‘Astonishing Tales of  Costanza’.” She’s never heard Astonishing Tales of (my last name)! I’ve been hit by a car a few times. Not recently thankfully. The worst time was in 1991. I still have scars from it all these years later. Actually I have told this story before to my memoir class almost exactly 6 years ago according to my writing notebook the entry was dated 5-11-10. It was a really popular story. After I finished reading it the class applauded. I thought that was strange they never applauded after my stories. Was it that good? I was no old guy you know. It’s a very long story and I didn’t finish it during class. Or I could do that thing they did in The Office in the episode Grief Counseling when they tricked Micheal and told him the plot of movies to make him think that those things really happened to them. I was thinking about Louise Belcher when she gets really riled up, and gets violent with people like with Millie and Boo Boo. I’d like to dress up as her too. I’m there, but I’m not there I really like it. It’s great! I love it! I’m still speaking a little too softly, but eh. *shrugs* I was there with my Twix bar from the candy lineup. (ok, not really from the candy lineup) That was the only real reason I came to class today. I wanted to ask how long my scene partners want to practice on Wednesday. They should be practicing more. I’m the one with the least lines. Which is to my advantage. Less stuff for me to memorize. And that is not bad! *points* But I still have to miss Card Sharks 😦

It’s Sean Altman’s birthday today. I’m gonna listen to “Follow me to Heaven” and “Indiana”. “Indiana” is my favorite song that Sean wrote, but Scott sings lead on it.

Pizza as a Present — May 8, 2016

Pizza as a Present

I was showing my mom my “Out Cold” CD and telling her that Elliott is close in age to her. She also commented on Sean’s glasses. Which are back in style now. Whenever I see people wearing them nowadays I think of Sean.

I was thinking about the song “Presents” you know that doesn’t need to purely be a winter holiday song it can be about presents in general. Like Mother’s Day presents. Picked up my mom a Mother’s Day pizza. Why not? She likes them and all. When my uncle called (her brother) I told him I bought her a pizza, and he said that they both like pizza.

I didn’t realize that the game Pyramid is almost the same as Password. I can’t believe it took me all those years to figure it out. My mom thought Minute to Win it was a rip off of Beat the Clock. Double Dare and Fun House were a little different since they had a trivia part to mix it up. You know what game I really like? Think Fast because it was physical and mental.


This is your Punishment! — May 4, 2016

This is your Punishment!

I think I finally watched all the episodes of Dear John (US version of the show) Antenna tv has to offer.

I was cooking my breakfast singing the song “Presents” this morning.

Today is Star Wars day. I didn’t see a lot of people at school with their Star Wars shirts and stuff. Why don’t other franchises have their own day like Sailor Moon day?

I was thinking about how some people say theater class is like playing. It’s not that I don’t like to play. I do just not with some of those people.

I need to get caught up on my reading. I haven’t read the chapter for Poli Sci. My mind was wandering in class I was thinking about making more fan art.

That department head helped me a little she told me one of the classes I took count towards a journalism degree. But we need to find out about another class.

I like this I feel like I have immunity now. I could have spent 20 minutes in the bathroom. Not that I would want to though. Bathrooms are smelly! When I get to the building somebody tells me to go and look for something around campus that makes you happy. I’m looking at this with a skeptical eye. I’ve taken enough classes to know that. I may not be a seasoned actor, but I am a seasoned student. I think this is the 3rd time I’ve done this assignment. I did it twice for 2 different communications classes. So whateves I just got a sugar packet from the Starbucks. She doesn’t realize how hyped up on sugar and caffeine I would be when I came to class. Not so much anymore, but who cares. You know what really makes me happy? Emails from my pen pal, but I mentioned that before. Too bad I didn’t have any on hand. I was gonna give a cop out answer and say the music in my MP3 player. I’m just sort of there and I like it! I feel more free and less reserved. I shout out things more even if she still ignores me. What is she going to do? I’d really like to play spotlight. It’s a game where you sing a song and then when you can’t finish it another person can complete it for you or sing a new song. I know the class would love to hear me belt out a few verses of “Cake for Breakfast” or “Follow me to Heaven”. I got my test back. I thought she was going to throw it out. I essentially got a B on it. A “B” on a test I really didn’t study for. Perhaps it was a good idea I didn’t fill it out with joke answers like using Rockapella lyrics. My scene partners want to know why I dropped. I can’t say I really can’t say. The real reason they can’t handle. It really has nothing to do with me being a bad student. It’s not like that time I was failing math last semester. With all those “F”s. It was the atmosphere, and how I was treated in there. Rash decisions and hurt feelings. Plus I have to do the thing I don’t want to do and meet up later at the school next week.

Lesson learned! XoX


Here is one of the few times I’ll mention politics. I’m so upset about what happened with Trump! That all my support is going to Hillary. I might even see if I can get some type of volunteer job for her or something as long as it is not all the way in the city. I’m so riled up about this I might even change my party affiliation. I was never a Republican to begin with anyway. NO TRUMP AT ALL COSTS!


I ♥ George Costanza (sponsored by Vandelay Industries) — May 2, 2016

I ♥ George Costanza (sponsored by Vandelay Industries)

I had a dream about a white hearse and a driveway. Which means I’m moving onto a new phase, and my journey is ending.

I saw my old Poli Sci teacher while waiting for my Poli Sci class to start and thought “Boy did your class suck!”. I forgot how short she is. I think she said she is like 5 feet tall or shorter.

In Poli Sci I found out we are having a cumulative final. I was just going to ask that too. Good thing he answered my question. No gum tricks this time. Good actual studying. He gave us extra credit to do. I’m not sure if I want to do it. It involves contacting my local House representative. Some people were saying he wanted us to contact our senators. Which would be pretty fruitless in a highly populated state like California. Every state has 2 senators. I still know a little about the workings of the US government. I was not paying attention much in class. I think this is the last chapter in the book that is essentially review. Since it’s a different book the chapters are in a bit of a different order. I was working on some new story ideas I got on the bus.

The only reason I didn’t drop theater sooner was because of the play that I had already bought a ticket for. I figured it’d be silly to go to some dumb play I really didn’t want to see in the first the place. Especially if people from class were there and saw me. Which they were. This plan had a lot of holes in it. Then on Monday I had gotten my role assignment. And she was a little off the schedule she set for the class. Like she ever was really adhering to it. *snickers*

Before class I was nervous. I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to hide in the bathroom. So I pulled a Larry David/George Costanza. I couldn’t believe it worked. Really. Nobody was slipped a mickey. I just came back to class like nothing happened. It was strange in a comforting way. I feel a bit more relieved. Since there is really no penalty. I can come and go as I please. She seemed really shocked. I did some pretty good acting on my part.

I explained what happened to my scene partners. I’m not a complete and utter jerk. Even though sometimes my emotions can take a hold of me. I just made up some lame excuse. I can’t really say the real reason. Since that happened to another group one of the people just left and never officially dropped the class though so the teacher is scrambling to find another person.

I was surprised that she told the loud disruptive people to be quiet when some other people were performing.

I was thinking about my last few angry rant blogs George Costanza style! Over the week I missed I really wanted to pull the recording device in a bag trick. I had this idea before. I’m gonna eat some Kung Pao, drink some Bosco and play some Frogger. And donate to the Human Fund “Money for People”.

After all that class nonsense all I really needed was to hit the sauce a little.


The Writing on the Wall — May 1, 2016

The Writing on the Wall

A rejected title was “Big Pet Rag” you know like the Rockapella song “Big Wet Rag”.

I was thinking about that annoying guy in my class. Let’s call this guy Loud Kiddington like the Histeria character, or Kiddington for short in the blog entry. In the spirit of how this guy tells stories IRL. You know how in Histeria when Loud Kiddington yells things.

I remember the first time I met Kiddington and the teacher it was back in August of 2015. The teacher since I had only known this lady for a day I could not peg her much. The only thing I could really pick up on was neurosis. She told us this story about when she was in college about having to make good grades and putting enormous pressure on herself to have a really high GPA. I remember when everybody was introducing ourselves she was already fawning over him talking about how very cat-like he is. She was all like “Kiddington tell your story!” and then told us “You have to hear his story!” I think she feels sorry for him because he is very accident prone or something like that. I just remember thinking something didn’t sit right with me when I met him. Them combined are as much trouble as Double Trouble except they don’t sound like Jack Nicholson. *sings the Double Trouble jingle* ♫Double Trouble Trouble ♫

When I called something out during class discussion she shot me a dirty look. She loved call outs though. Just not from me for some reason. By that time I think she seemed to favored boisterous students more. That was like the 2nd or 3rd class session. I knew I did not want to be in a class with Kiddington. I really hoped that he could not add the class because he needed a special form to add it. He kept trying to add it online, but couldn’t for some reason. But then he did and I was like “Damn!” and “Oh Shit!”.

It was all the special treatment he got. She would just let him continually come into class late. Really late like 50 minutes into an 80 minute class. I think she just loved to hear his long “interesting” stories which ate up a lot of class time. She pretty much let him do whatever he wanted and did not scold him for it.

She cut off my story, but let him come in late and tell his story for the rest of the class period. It was the same one he told the first time I met him. I think she just loves to hear that story.

I remember another time when she declared Kiddington is “theater”! Ok then! It’s sort of disheartening to hear something like that. Her declaring that spoke volumes to the class as a whole. Or at least to me it did.

I was thinking if I was just jealous of the special treatment he got from the teacher. I thought really hard about this. And my answer was “possibly…”. I find this guy immature and annoying. Even if he didn’t get the special treatment.

All the strange things he did and said.

He was very into aliens and conspiracy theories like Buster Baxter, but way more annoying. He would always say about how society is so corrupt. He kept wanting his classmates to give him back massages, and have a massage line. I don’t really like people touching me especially my hair without permission. I guess I’m weird like that.

I remember one time he told this story about that he like to go where his friend worked at the mall and play pranks on him.

I remember one time he was playing with his feet. He was trying to do a one footed spin. That guy almost tripped me trying to do that while I was standing next to him. He was always so fidgety in a hyper way.

I have to say the moment I lost it was when he kept snapchatting in class and wasting a lot of time. And she would not really tell him anything. I was not in her class I was in professor Kiddington’s class essentially, and pretty much all my respect for her flew out the door that day.

Once any class dynamic changes you gotta get your ass outta there because you know it’s not going to end well. It was sort of like the old guy in my writing class. Except that was more of my classmates doing than the teacher’s. They put him on a pedestal. With Kiddington it was all her.

I think according to this article I’m the daydreamer PNFI. Totoro got pissed off. http://wambly.weebly.com/the-24-infp-subtypes.html

I thought I could try to make it work; look at the class from a different perspective. Instead I just spent a month in there being pissed off. After the snapchat incident I should have dropped that class like a hot potato.

I was reading over her class rules on the syllabus and kept saying to myself “What a FUCKING JOKE!” I’ll confiscate your phone in class. No fucking way if your name is Kiddington!

Remember when my internet went out that one weekend and I had to work on my Poli Sci paper? I figured if the internet didn’t come back by Sunday night. I was ready to cut class to write the paper that’s how much I did not want to go. I really wanted to make that excuse.

People say about taking drama and improv classes to make you less shy and improve self esteem, but after this class I feel worse. I feel more self conscious and more reserved.

Maybe that was all that I needed was to get upset so I can save up the money to go to the hobbyist education program. Because cheap and local did not work at all!