Computers, sailors, humidity and Twinkies — June 30, 2016

Computers, sailors, humidity and Twinkies

Found out that computer I bought was a piece of junk. I think I’d be better off trying to get the old one repaired or something. That’s what I get for getting the cheapest one they sold at the store. I tried for 2 days, but I could not get it to work. Took it back and got my money back. I think I need something a little more powerful and expensive with a few more bells and whistles on them. I did return it and got my money back.

I saw some Codename Sailor V manga at the store. Those books are printed on such cheap paper! Compared to the Mixx manga. Even the Sailor Moon ones were too. I think I’ll try to finish up my Mixx collection with used books and even get some used Sailor V books. But I should not be spending money on any of these books anyway.

I don’t know who started this about that living in a humid climate like Florida is good for joint pain because of the humidity in the air. Perhaps it was to convince themselves that living in a humid climate was a good thing? On a different website I read it said a hot dry warm climate is better for things like joint problems. For me when it’s very humid my joints seem to bother me more. A splurge on a non-sexual massage would be good for me.

And I finally found those lime Ghostbusters Twinkies! ^-^



Hunker in the Bunker part 5 (the hunkering) — June 26, 2016

Hunker in the Bunker part 5 (the hunkering)

I did mange to get out of the apartment and get my free taco. What kind of music do you listen to while you eat a free taco at Taco Bell? Why Rockapella music of course! It has to be their old stuff though. World lineup.

Since I’m afraid of the computer conking out on me, and my dad refuses to believe it’s broken even if it is acting strangely even to him. With the money I spent on that new computer for me I could have bought myself some really spiffy secret hobby thing. Being trapped in a hot apartment with a computer that is most likely broken is gonna drive you nuts!

The last day was Friday, and I got to shopping and tried to get a lot of things done.

I just want to say that Kawaii International has gotten boring after they reformatted it back in April They got this narrator who talks in a monotone voice. And what happened to their mascot with the little voice? I liked her. It’s not the same as it used to be.

Hunker in the bunker part 4 (the closed door into summer) — June 21, 2016

Hunker in the bunker part 4 (the closed door into summer)

Well after all that has been going on I’ve seemed to lose my drive for blogging. Hopefully this is temporary.

The painting is still driving everybody nuts! They came on Saturday too and I thought they might come on Father’s Day but they didn’t thankfully.

The building is as tacky as his truck with the glued on flames grill. Gluing metal things onto your vehicle is like a fad. I don’t know why but that is a thing here. A bunch of people have this in the parking lot.

Yesterday they painted the doors and made us leave them open for hours on one of the hottest days on record. And now I’m trapped in the apartment because they painted the walkway and I can’t walk on it for 6 hours. I thought it might happen on taco day.

I think my computer might also be really broken. I need to fight with it to get it work sort of properly.

Hunker in the Bunker part 3 (miscellaneous thoughts) — June 19, 2016

Hunker in the Bunker part 3 (miscellaneous thoughts)

I got my Poli Sci grade, and it’s a “B” so thankfully I don’t have to take it again. Now all I need is math, and classes for my major. I’d like to pack the semester, but I’m not sure. I need to see a counselor.

I think I’ve been inhaling too many paint fumes. I keep wheezing. I think this is some form of punishment. Quite a few tenants got told to leave. We are just stuck here. It’s like the Gwen Stefani song “Red Flag” with the line “this is your punishment!”. We keep getting these strange notices about the painting that make no sense. I need to leave on the 21st I want my free taco! It was funny when I heard people from the other apartments who said the colors they were painting them were pretty ugly.

I’m dealing with some annoying ebayer. I really wanted to sell some things before I moved. Oh well.



Hunker in the Bunker Part 2 (plastic tactics) — June 14, 2016

Hunker in the Bunker Part 2 (plastic tactics)

Like I said before we are pretty much trapped in here. Just my luck somebody bought something I was selling online. So I had to walk to the post office to mail it.

So they painted the building today. I had to sweet talk the painters when they were almost done to take the plastic off my apartment windows. I think they thought everybody had an inner window. Mine doesn’t it’s in the corner. That’s why summer is usually pretty unbearable here. They took them off almost all the windows except the one to my room. I told my mom I had to use what was that fancy acting word I learned again? “Tactics”. Maybe I did learn something?

I saw that new To Tell the Truth and it’s pretty awful! Why do they have a house band? That show doesn’t need a house band. The rule about the lie on Twitter? Then they have this part when after a person is revealed and there are 2 people left they hear another story and have a 50/50 chance of identifying this person. Plus having Anthony Anderson’s mom as score keeper? This show is just trying too hard to be hip. IMHO.


Hunker in the Bunker — June 13, 2016

Hunker in the Bunker

Due to poor communication between the tenants and the owner of the building I only had 2 days to pretty much prepare to be stuck in my apartment for 2 weeks. Well weekdays only. So for I bought a lot of food and stuff. It seems like this guy is just trying to make this place worse and worse. I feel like when George in Seinfeld kept getting locked out of his office to use the handicapped toilet.

The only problem is that there is usually lack of notice. But that wouldn’t be the first time! The last manager who lived on the property would “forget” to give notice about things all the time. I remember the last time they did this and nobody knew what was going on. Power washed the place and other people were complaining a bunch of water got in their apartment.

The only thing I hope for is some mild weather. I would not want to be trapped in a stuffy hot apartment in 109 degree Fahrenheit weather.

So my mom and I decided to give it a fun name. “Hunker in the Bunker”. Why not have fun with it? We’re stuck here anyway.

Earthquakes and Writing — June 10, 2016

Earthquakes and Writing

I got three complements on my writing in a week! ^-^ ♥v♥ This week! I think that has to be a record. At least I think it is. :/ I want to try and get caught up with my writing well pleasure writing. As much as I can since I have to move and stuff.

My mom slept through the earthquake I felt it because I was watching Dear John and eating old crackers. The thing about earthquakes is that you don’t know if they will intensify. I’m always ready to go running out the door. Then I checked online that earthquake was over 150 miles from where I live. I felt it from the West because the tv I was watching faces North. Most earthquakes I have felt here have been felt from the West.

Another Moving Blog — June 9, 2016

Another Moving Blog

So the big news is I have to move this summer from my apartment. It’s ok though my family doesn’t like it here much anyway. I actually I’ve been holding this in I got the info on the 25th of May. I told myself I was gonna focus on finals first and then moving. I thought I could always pack up some stuff I wasn’t using. And get rid of stuff I don’t need by selling it or donating it.

I will not miss the kids who played soccer by my window, all the late night dumpster diving, 24 hour dumpster diving, people from the other apartments taking your assigned parking space, the hot bathrooms lights that you have to turn on the fan to use they are not separate, having a bathroom with no window, neighbors cooking stinky food, by bedroom window being by a dumpster, people fighting and yelling at all hours of the day, and a bunch of other bad stuff.

What will I miss really? Is there anything I will miss?

I think I may have developed claustrophobia here. I remember a few weeks ago I was riding the bus and it was really stuffy inside for some reason. It made me think of the stuffy apartment. I felt trapped in the bus.

I’m just itching to move somewhere else.


Poli Sci Final — June 8, 2016

Poli Sci Final

Luckily the Hello Kitty backpack was dry. I think it just needed some warm weather and to be opened to dry. So I took it to school today.

I tried to go to bed early. My neighbors were watching tv loudly. I think I got somewhere between 1-2 hours sleep. Plus I had a nightmare so that kept me up for a little while.

I had to wake up at 5AM I caught some of that George and Martha cartoon. I really like it. I woke up so early I didn’t even put a lot of effort into my outfit. I didn’t need to I was just going there to take my test, and then leave. I don’t really get gussied up to go to school anyway.

On the bus ride to school the bus was so crowded. Walking to class I kept getting rocks in my shoes.

I guess since it was the last day the teacher was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or something. He was dressed more casual than usual. Usually he wore a button up shirt, slacks and dress shoes. I didn’t really notice his shoes today.

The test didn’t seem that hard. But perhaps I should have studied more? He wrote a message at the end of the test that said “follow your dreams” or something like that. I was expecting him to give a end of the semester speech like most teachers do. When I was done I turned in my test and told him a Dodger joke and left.

I went to sell back my book after the test. I got $4.25 for the book a good buy back for me. I only paid $10 for it on Amazon not including shipping.  So combined with the $34 from last time. I made $38.25 selling back my books. It felt weird carrying a lighter backpack. The jerky sample guy was not there. I went looking around for the free snacks at school, but I could not find them. 😦 Walking to the bus stop I got more rocks in my shoes. I think I got rocks in my shoes at least 3 times. 😦 So I waited to go catch my bus. The bus was pretty empty all the ride home.

I’m anxiously awaiting for my grade.

No More Teacher’s Dirty Looks (cola pants) — June 6, 2016

No More Teacher’s Dirty Looks (cola pants)

I’m going to reflect on my final. Even though today is not my last day; that is Wednesday. So I like to write about what I learned during the semester to be reflective. This is about theater class. I learned about the teacher and that she likes to play favorites and seems to favor the ones who use boisterousness to cover up low self-esteem and insecurities.

The only thing I really seemed to learn in class was a bunch of acting jargon.

Ok so I’m not an actor, but I have some of the same qualities they have or need to have like imagination.

All that stuff about acting classes making you more brave, social and outgoing I can attest it didn’t work for me. I’m still being the same old quiet, apprehensive, shy, introverted and possibly socially anxious me. It’s ok if you think I’m a crazy selfish jerk.

It ruined me from watching any kind of production. I kept thinking “this is a sad scene what are they using for substitution?” I kept looking at them from a technical aspect. I could not enjoy it and it really bothered me!

I learned that I could actually pull off a George Costanza scheme. I have tried a few different ones before, but I didn’t pull them off to this degree.  I had one from The Cadillac and one from The Bizarro Jerry which had worked to varying degrees.

I wrote all that over the weekend.

It was 2AM and I remembered I forgot to curl my hair. I figured I’d make due with the hairstyle I woke up in the morning with I was not going to put extra effort into curling my hair like with rollers and stuff.

I get a text message from one of my scene partners before 7AM telling me to bring my props for the scene. Actually I never removed the prop from my backpack. Before 7 really? At first I thought it was just random text message spam because I seem to get that at all hours of the day. But that reminded me to pack my bell bottoms in my backpack.

I put on some mascara before I went to school. It’s starting to smell a little funny so I might have to throw it out. I wore my button up shirt that I hoped I would not ruin. It was new and I never wore it before. I wore a scruffy shirt under it.

Before I wanted to do anything I wanted to sell my books or attempt to. I sold my acting book for $34! I paid $40 for it online not including shipping or somewhere around there. A +$34 for me and my secret hobby! Too bad they did not want to buy back my old Poli Sci book from the 1st time I took it. I think it’s because the publishers are going to have to print a new one for the incumbent president. So that is $55 down the drain! Oh well! *shrugs*

There’s this guy who set up shop right by the book buy back tent giving out beef jerky samples. Jerky samples!? I asked for a sample of the teriyaki flavor. Three of the five flavors were spicy flavors. I ask how much it is and where can I buy them. He says “the store behind me” which sounds weird. Apparently his partner or who ever else who was knowledgeable about the jerky was not there. He yells “The jerky is $6?!” like he doesn’t know the price of it or something. It was over priced anyway for the size of the bag to the price. My dad hates when I buy overpriced jerky. I get in trouble for that. After I ate the sample I was thirsty. If it hadn’t been for the jerky sample I would not have noticed the cola that spilled all over my backpack. I noticed that the soda was somehow open in my backpack I’m thinking “Please not the pants! Don’t be the pants!”

So I go to the fancy bathroom wondering how much damage the soda did to my backpack as a whole. When I get to the bathroom it’s the pants! XoX @o@ Luckily nobody is in there. So there I am standing over a sink wringing out the pants. My whole backpack smells like cola. My pants smell like cola. Another good thing was that the pants mostly absorbed the soda at the bottom where the bell flared part is. That was because of my short legs my mom had to hem the pants to fit my short legs. So there was extra material there. The waistband was mostly dry so I could use it. I hoped it wasn’t noticeable. That nobody was going to go up to me and tell me I smelled like cola. Luckily for me the pants were made out of a synthetic material like polyester or something and they are black so the cola was not noticeable by sight. I decided to blot the pants with wads and wads of paper towels. As I’m doing this while listening to Rockapella music to calm my nerves. My teacher walks into the bathroom, and greets me. I don’t really notice her since I’m so focused on the pants and the music. I think “I wonder what she thinks of this scene of me in the bathroom blotting pants!?” Then I figure she’s seen worse stuff than this and go back to blotting my pants. She goes into a stall while I’m still blotting the pants. I realize that if I didn’t change my pants soon I’d be late. I go into a stall and debate about wearing the pants. I’m still blotting them in there. It made me think about that story in Seinfeld when Kramer said that he fell in the pants he was going to return. Then I wondered what would a real performer do at a time like this? First they would not be bothered so much about spilling soda on their pants. Secondly they would probably just perform in the soda pants, so that’s what I decided to do. I realize she is in the stall next to me I recognize her purse and shoes. I wonder if she recognizes my shoes? I thought I put them on and wanted to know how moist they were. Like if they were going to make my socks wet. I made sure to leave the bathroom after the teacher left.

I like the phrase “soda pants” it sounds like a line of clothes for kids or teens or something. Remember Soda shoes? When I was in high school they were like knockoff Skechers. Do they still make Soda shoes? Apparently they do!

When I’m getting ready to leave the bathroom I run into my scene partner while reapplying my mascara.

So I’m wearing a light blue button up shirt, black bell bottoms and pink sneakers. It looked like a bad gumshoe cosplay. :/ I was not wearing what I normally wear to class; a cartoon shirt and some jeans. Well the jeans were in my backpack.

When I get there all the females are wearing dresses. I only have one dress and it’s a Halloween costume, and it doesn’t fit me anymore anyway. Plus the 2 skirts I own are very 1980s looking. The girl with the cane says she borrowed the dress from her sister and the shoes from her mom. She said she didn’t really know how to sit in a dress or bend down in one. It brought back thoughts of the 6th grade mini skirt incident. While I sat there in my cola soaked bell bottoms.

My scene partner (the one who texted me early in the morning) told me that me and the other girl were all over the place. Perhaps I should not have watched a large portion of that Webster marathon over the weekend and studied my lines more? And that we were not our characters. I was in my head too much. I think I have permanent residence there. Plus that was my problem last time.

The teacher said that if it looked like you put some effort into making a costume that was good. My group was the 2nd one to perform. I’m not sure how good I did on it. I was not getting a grade or anything on it. Only my scene partners were. But I got through it.

So that annoying guy comes late as usual. The prodigal son of the class. She said he took her class 4 times and never finished any of them. She said that was the 1st class he took with her that he completed. Of course it wouldn’t be him without a story about something that happened to him on the way there or something. He got in a fight or something, and his shoe broke. He said he wanted to recite the lines with an earbud in. He said she could listen to it, and that it was not his lines. I know that trick I saw it on a video. But he gave another bunny ears lawyer performance. So that deserved a round of applause.

I had a feeling that the class was gonna end like my writing class did or something. I seriously thought we were going to have to sign something for each other or something. I even pre-prepared something just in case. She said she wanted a “cast photo”. I just stood wherever. I didn’t want to be near anybody specific or anything. I think my eyes were out of focus. I think I looked like Derpy or something. I don’t fake happy in photos much, and I’m not 5 anymore to do that big toothy grin little kids make. She said we could friend her on Facebook. Not that I would want to or that thought even crossed my mind. Of course she would have a Facebook. She also said to come to her if you need advice about auditioning and stuff. It kinda made me feel like she was trying too hard to be likeable again.

He wanted another group hug except the problem was they were doing it in front of my stuff and blocking me from getting to my backpack. 😦 The other people were saying about how they want to take more classes with her. Ok if that is your deal. Or even audition for school plays together.

That is my “strategery” I used this a lot. I’ve been in college for many years so I know how to game such things. Because most likely you won’t see these people ever again. Unless they are in classes for your major or something. It’s like “speak now or forever hold your peace” like for weddings. What I said was mostly half truths except for the classmate that reminded me of Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99; he took that as a compliment and said that is his favorite character in the show. You know I’m more of a Boyle. So onto the teacher I told her I thought the class was “interesting”. Which was not a complete lie. It was in a sense. This was more like a half truth. I did get a lot of material in there. Of course I didn’t tell her that! I just said that I want to win a Tony for writing and not for performance skills. She told me that I’m a talented writer, and that if I want her to look over my writing to send it to her. She also thought I improved (Which I think I didn’t. I still feel it made me worse.) Ok if you say so. She told me it was nice of me to say in the class for my scene partners. I also told her I’m taking a break from my secret hobby to finish up school. I want to get as much done as fast as I can (within reason) so I can leave the school ASAP. I also think she was trying to hug me or something. She did have her arm around my shoulder while I told her that. Then onto the annoying guy. So here is the gist of what I told him; that he was one of the most interesting and memorable classmates I’ve ever had a class with in all my years of schooling and that I’m very old. Which is true again I get a lot of material from this guy. I said I even remember the 1st time I met him. I described the class and what happened. If I was not in that class for one day I would have not remembered all those things that happened? I was sort of invisible the 1st time I met him. I never noticed how tall he is. We were both standing in mulch. He told me that I was memorable too. Ok, good enough. Not that I was looking for validation from him or anything like that. And I was done with my acting for the day. See? I can act in my everyday life; on a stage or something not so much. I left the class feeling I don’t know weird. I can’t describe it. Not accomplished, sad, happy, relieved, or remorseful.

Then I went back to the bathroom to change my pants. I need to wear my jeans on the bus because my bus pass is in the pocket of the jeans. And the teacher was in the stall next to me again. XoX@o@ I recognized her shoes and purse again.

After I changed back in to my jeans I went home to assess the damage of my backpack. I found her facebook page. It was not that hard. Looking at her facebook page I thought maybe I’ll just book mark it. She doesn’t need to know about my unhealthy obsession with Cookie Jam. I could so tell it was her facebook page she writes like she talks. My backpack reeks of cola. Good thing I have my bubble gum backpack.