I watched that Maya and Marty show yesterday, and it was not very good.

I was running on no sleep. I was uncomfortable all night. I think I got like an hours sleep. I wanted to style my hair in Shirley braids, but my shoulder and elbow hurt so much I could not braid my hair. So I wore my My Little Pony clips instead.

I almost missed the bus too. I didn’t recognize the bus. It was silver. They are orange, or as they call the shade “California poppy”. Occasionally you will see a red bus, but usually the red and silver ones are express buses going to LA. My school is in the opposite direction. I realized that since I wasted money going all over town running away from my theater classmates for a week I’m 20¢  short on my bus card. *facepalm*

For me it was the last day of school before finals. I noticed the parking lot was more crowded than usual. I guess people who haven’t been to class in a long time are making their last ditch effort.

In Poli Sci the teacher came early and we did our study guide review thing. I had a few answers because I did study a little. He made a joke about mooching. He was asking about the Dat Boi meme. He needs to get on reddit or something. I recommend the Outoftheloop subreddit. I really have no idea what that meme is about. Well I don’t really follow memes or anything like that. I only know like the really famous ones. I said because he’s old. Everybody else in the class looked at me like I committed the worst crime of the century. I was not insulting him; I was stating a fact! We are around the same age anyway. I said I was alive the last time the Dodgers won a World Series. If any of them knew their Dodger history it was in 1988; which would make me at least 27. *whispers* I was 4 when that happened. He wanted us to guess his political ideology. By the way he talks and puts all his faith in college. I’d say loyal Democrat.

I was thinking about what I want to have up my sleeve for my last day of theater class.

Somebody in theater class was complaining that somebody said they sounded too valley. The class has never heard me speak valley inadvertently. I think I haven’t got so flustered in there it just slipped out. From my POV I’m usually very quiet and stoic in there.

The teacher said something was going on at USC. But nobody in the class had heard about it. It’s not like the old days when it was hard to get information. It’s not like in the olden days when everything was contraband; medicine, radios, hats, tall socks for boys, and other stuff like that. (When I came home I found out it was UCLA)

After that annoying guy performs his monologue the teacher just walks up to him and hugs him. I was like “What did I just witness here?!” :/ Even though I said nothing I could sense something there, but I won’t say quite what it is. Seeing him ask for a group hug reminded me of a scene from Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad when Amp wants a group hug, that is an obscure 90s reference. @o@ (and if you are wondering I did not participate in it) I won’t have to deal with any of this nonsense real soon. She asked if I wanted to perform my monologue, and I said “no” in a very meek way. I have a special kind of immunity. The “dropped the class and pulled a George Costanza move” immunity. I’m just sort of there as a spectator. She said she was going to make better actors out of all of us. It’s ok I don’t mind. If I did not grow as an actor. It’s me being real with myself and remembering/realizing how much I love writing. She was boasting about how nobody else at the school teaches from the book Audition. Which according to what I read on the internet it is really outdated, and there are mixed reviews on the book as a whole. Since this is probably going to be the last acting class I’m going to take in a while or even ever I’m not too concerned about that. Somebody in the class was saying about taking a different class of hers in the fall. I was thinking about that class because of the red bus and having to wake up at 5AM. I think I don’t want to take anymore classes taught by her.

Nothing like vegging out to at least 3 hours of game shows.

My mom has noticed that I took on some bad habits from that class and I’m just yelling over people now. What? I thought that was desirable and people like that?