Luckily the Hello Kitty backpack was dry. I think it just needed some warm weather and to be opened to dry. So I took it to school today.

I tried to go to bed early. My neighbors were watching tv loudly. I think I got somewhere between 1-2 hours sleep. Plus I had a nightmare so that kept me up for a little while.

I had to wake up at 5AM I caught some of that George and Martha cartoon. I really like it. I woke up so early I didn’t even put a lot of effort into my outfit. I didn’t need to I was just going there to take my test, and then leave. I don’t really get gussied up to go to school anyway.

On the bus ride to school the bus was so crowded. Walking to class I kept getting rocks in my shoes.

I guess since it was the last day the teacher was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or something. He was dressed more casual than usual. Usually he wore a button up shirt, slacks and dress shoes. I didn’t really notice his shoes today.

The test didn’t seem that hard. But perhaps I should have studied more? He wrote a message at the end of the test that said “follow your dreams” or something like that. I was expecting him to give a end of the semester speech like most teachers do. When I was done I turned in my test and told him a Dodger joke and left.

I went to sell back my book after the test. I got $4.25 for the book a good buy back for me. I only paid $10 for it on Amazon not including shipping.  So combined with the $34 from last time. I made $38.25 selling back my books. It felt weird carrying a lighter backpack. The jerky sample guy was not there. I went looking around for the free snacks at school, but I could not find them. 😦 Walking to the bus stop I got more rocks in my shoes. I think I got rocks in my shoes at least 3 times. 😦 So I waited to go catch my bus. The bus was pretty empty all the ride home.

I’m anxiously awaiting for my grade.